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18 Best Sandboxie Alternatives You Can Use

18 Best Sandboxie Alternatives You Can Use in 2021

A computer is a very important device nowadays. But performing any task on a computer gets affected due to attract of viruses and malware. In that case, every computer user needs to use security tools for the computer like Sandboxie Software. This tool is very popular and lets us know a bit more about the Sandboxie Software.

What is Sandboxie Software?

Sandboxie Software is the most effective and popular tool that makes your computer and laptop protected from malware. Even the software keeps important files, documents, folders, videos, and movies safe. The tool performs scan operations and kills viruses that come through online games and destroys important files.

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

This particular software is very easy to use and one does not face any hassle while using this tool. Most IT companies and professional computer users like to have this application, but the price of Sandboxie Software is very high and for that reason, the users feel difficult to access its licensed version sometimes. Considering this problem, software manufacturers have taken an initiative to introduce some Sandboxie Alternatives that perform similar to Sandboxie.

Before you come to use Sandboxie alternatives, you need to know the best alternative ones and their details. Let us have a look at the below-mentioned details.

1. BufferZone

Best Sandboxie Alternatives
Best Sandboxie Alternatives

When you come to use the best computer-protected software, then definitely, you should get in touch with BufferZone. If you have a buffer zone tool installed on your laptop or computer, you will not have to care about going online to watch a movie or play games. Even you can freely download any kind of application to make your work easy.

Generally, it protects your personal information, files, important document. Apart from that, the tool makes your IP address protected in such a way that no hackers can do their illegal works. Anybody can use this software very easily at any location.


  • Provides the best services for computer & laptop
  • Saves files and important documents
  • Allows you to play the online game safely
  • No virus comes while downloading
  • Free version available


  • Works slowly comparatively

2. Cuckoo Sandbox

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Now you are going to get in touch with Cuckoo Sandbox, which is considered the most fruitful Sandbox alternative. It works efficiently to protect computers and laptops.

Generally, the tool keeps a guard in such a way that in no way, corrupt files enter to damage the operating system. This application works on operating versions like Linux, Android, Mac.

This tool allows you to analyze the system affected by viruses and malware.

The good thing is that with this tool, you can freely download videos and games on your PC.

It is easy to use and a hundred percent authentic. You can rely on this software. No charges you need to pay.


  • Keeps PC protected
  • Compatible with Linux, Android & Mac
  • Secured and Safest
  • Works efficiently


  • Does not support Windows OS

3. Shadow Defender

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

If you do not trust any Sandboxie alternative to protect computers as well as documents, then you must get in touch with Shadow Defender.

The tool allows you to make a safe environment in need of your device. It works on your computer or laptop to detect malicious files and after that, damages the files.

With this software, you can easily and safely keep important files and documents. The tool also keeps hackers aloof from your device.

It is true to say that safe browsing comes to you if you use this software on your device. The maintenance of this software is very easy and hassle-free. It includes a reboot system that cleans your device.


  • Protects files, documents, and device
  • Identifies the malicious files
  • Free to use
  • Works like a robot


  • Need to be cautious while entering into online

4. Enigma virtual box

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Enigma Virtual Box works efficiently to protect your computer and laptop against virus attacks. It has been programmed efficiently and counted as the best tool of Sandboxie alternative.

The most important thing is that you do not have to pay anything and even you do need registration.

This particular software is designed with different taps for easy and simple use. It comes to compresses all the files and saves them in your device safely.

No malware or virus attracts the files and documents preserved in your computer while you download games, videos, and movies. 

You will be glad to know that its working process is very easy and simple.


  • Good protection for computer
  • Free to use
  • No need registration
  • Protects files and documents from malware


  • Needs time to detect corrupted files

5. Cameyo

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Now, this is the most popular and effective undoubtedly. It keeps your computer protected from virus attacks. Even the tool saves the files and documents securely. The tool comes with the name Cameyo.

You do need to take permission before using this software. You can use this software without installation that is a great advantage you will have.

The tool is suitable for both homes and companies. It comes with a great advantage in need of internet browsing.  Having this software, you can come to download videos, games, and many more things safely. The software is free to use.


  • Most popular
  • Protects computer and important files
  • Suitable for homes and office
  • No need for installation


  • It will take time to detect infected files

6.  Deep Freeze

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Deep Freeze is one of the most benefit-oriented software that protects your computer along with documents from viruses and malware. The tool comes to work well on operating systems like Windows and Mac.

Deep Freeze works well on the rebooting system of the computer and then brings it back in the safest zone. It also provides a guard on a hard drive where most of the important documents are kept.

This particular software keeps eyes on all the users’ internet activities. As a result of that, no hackers or outsiders get an opportunity to access your important documents. Its free version is available.

Undoubtedly, the users feel comfortable handling this software and no hassles arise while using a computer or laptop.


  • Keeps a guard for viruses and malware
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Keeps you in a safe zone while surfing the internet
  • Easy to use


  • Takes time to work on your device

7. Firejail

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

If you are habituated to use a Linux computer, then to protect your computer from damages caused by a virus, you must get in touch with Firejail. The reason behind is that Firejail is systemized in such a way that it only works on computer based on Linux.

The installation process is very easy and simple. The tool keeps all your office as well as personal documents protected from damages caused by malware & viruses. Even the software detects the corrupted files and works on them to recover.

The most important thing is that you can safely surf the internet, download videos, games, listen to songs & music if this software is installed.


  • Compatible with Linux OS
  • Provides tight protection for documents and other software
  • Does not allow virus and malware to enter into a computer
  • Allows you to download software safely


  • Not workable for Windows and Mac

8. Spoon

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

If you like to keep your computer or laptop protected by the best software, then it would be the best decision if you get in touch with Spoon, one of the best Sandboxie Alternatives.

This tool tests files, documents, software. Safely, you come to use any app, game, or program.

Simply you can use this tool and no virus or malware affect the device if you do any activity online. It is simple to use on your PC. The tool can easily detect the file which is already corrupted by viruses.


  • Easy to use on your device
  • Works efficiently to protect files and documents even the OS
  • Keeps aloof the hackers
  • Provide support for other software


  • Feel more difficult than others

9. Enigma Protector

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

If you are searching for the safest software for windows-based Desktops or Laptops, you must make your mind for Enigma Protector.

Freely you can perform a lot of activities on your computer safely either online or offline as this software will provide a guard for your device.

No hackers can hack your computer because this tool keeps the password in a safe zone. All your documents and files are preserved securely.

You can use this software free and the software works only on Windows-based computers. Just go online and download this software. 


  • Keeps watch on hackers
  • Puts the files and documents safely
  • Free to use
  • Compatible on Windows version


  • New users feel a little bit of difficulty while operating

10. Bitbox

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

If you like to use free software for protecting your PC, including documents and files, then you should go for Bitbox. This works perfectly on the device based on Linux and Windows OS.

The software provides safe web browsing that will keep IP addresses protected in such a way that no hackers can hack your computer. It will keep your personal information preserved in such a way that no way the information comes to be leaked outside.

Just go online and download the software on your device.


  • Windows and Linux based software
  • Keeps protected IP address of your computer
  • Saves files and documents
  • Free to use


  • The device gets a little bit slow while performing any operation

11.  Hopedot Vos

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Keeping your eyes closed, you should go for Hopedot Vos as the best safety tool for computers as well as the best Sandboxie alternative. The tool works systematically to detect threats and provides security for computers and files with documents.

Nowadays, the tool has become an endpoint security system in need of a good IT environment.

It makes its security highly secured just to protect the IT system from zero-day exploits, phishing scams, and other unwanted threats. Even the software keeps a guard for the threats which come during the installation of any new program in the computer.

The tool protects the files, documents, and software just to save your computer from a sure crush. This one keeps an eye on the internet activity such as downloading songs, movies, and games.


  • Good for IT environment
  • Provides extra protection during installation of a new program
  • Free to use
  • Saves files and software


  • Works slower than others

12. Shadow Defender

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

When you are tired after a long time searching for the most popular Sandboxie Alternatives, one more time you can go for Shadow Defender.  The most important thing is that you can easily launch this particular app because of the no installation procedure you have to maintain.

It is good to know that the software comes with WANs, web browsers, enterprise portals, and even other features. Moreover, it allows you to configure Java, NET, Flash, and some other components.  It includes various templates in need of apps customization like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.   

This software can handle all kinds of threats caused by malware or viruses either online or offline. It is free.


  • Good for customized apps like Firefox and Chrome
  • Keeps documents safe from viruses
  • No installation required
  • Works very well


  •  Cannot restore the corrupted files

13. GeSWall

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

GeSWall is a genuine and unique tool of Sandboxie Alternatives. The one securely saves your computer as well as your documents while downloading an application, chatting, and sharing important documents. It is in the form of a firewall that protects your devices from viruses and malware.

It does not need any installation or configuration. When you use this software, you will feel comfortable which provides you ease. With this tool, you can prevent your computers from rootkits and loggers.

Using this software, you can freely enter into the online zone. Your computer will be completely in a trouble-free zone as no malicious files enter your device. A free version is available.


  • Based in firewall
  • Keeps a guard on rootkits and loggers
  • Does not give any entrance of viruses and malware
  • Keeps documents protected


  • Comparatively, it works slower.

14. Mbox

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

When you like to have a most powerful Sandboxie alternative, then you can go for Mbox. It is good to know that it works like Sandboxie.

Undoubtedly, this particular tool works very well to keep your computer safe and secured. No documents come to be damaged even you enter into online.

Moreover, this software works like a mailbox that keeps your all messages in a single file. It keeps the messages in the file format of RFC2822. Mbox includes file formats like mboxrd, mboxcl2, mboxcl.

This particular software is compatible with Mac and Linux OS. One thing you should remember is that you can use this one free of cost.


  • Most similar to Sandboxie
  • Saves file, application, and even device
  • Works only for Mac and Linux
  • Provides the freedom to the user for online activity


  • Not workable for Windows

15. Deep Freeze

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Deep Freeze is an excellent tool to give strong protection for your computer as well as the files and documents preserved in the device. This tool works on your device in such a way that your desktop or laptop will be in a safe zone even while you are online.

Furthermore, the tool protects your device from attacks caused by malware and viruses. Ultimately, it increases the life of your device.

The software keeps a guard on your hard disk that goes up to 2 TB. Just go online and start to use this one maintaining the proper process. It is free.


  • Provides a glance at the device
  • Keeps good protection on the documents preserved in the device
  •  Provides a safeguard while you are online
  • Provides a guard for viruses and malware


  • Its reviews are not up to the mark.

16. VMware ThinApp

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

VMware ThinApp is the most powerful software just for effective documentation. Undoubtedly, this tool is one of the best Sandboxie alternatives.

It comes very effectively to arrange whitepapers, documents, and other papers. Even the one works well for technical documentation and installation.

The tool is available in many languages and is French, German, English, and others. It allows you to make an initial baseline of the system including software.

No viruses and malware do not harm your device if you put this tool on your desktop or laptop. Apart from that, this one solves the compatibility issues in your device. The tool works without any cost.


  • nExact for documentation
  • Compatible with many languages
  • Provides strong protection for the device from viruses
  • Easy to use


  • The device works comparatively below quality

17. Comodo Time Machine

Best Sandboxie Alternatives (Sandboxie Alternatives)

Combo Time Machine is one of the best Sandboxie alternatives in the present situation and it keeps desktops and laptops safe and secure.

This particular tool protects the device from attacks caused by a virus, malware. It also helps to recover your lost files, folders, and documents. Even you can recover the user-created files and registry system.

The software becomes a very useful tool for software developers and engineers. It is very simple to use as all the features are comfortable to understand.

 But one thing is that the users feel difficult to uninstall this software. You can use this app freely.


  • Safe for computers
  • Brings back lost files
  • Free to use
  • Exact for software developers


  • Installation takes time

18. Evalaze

Best Sandboxie Alternatives (Sandboxie Alternatives)

Evalaze is based on a Virtualization based application that allows you to install any new program. It is exact for the developers who need many programs.

The software works very efficiently to protect your device like desktop and laptop. It also saves programs, files, and documents.

The tool is very easy to use and you can use this tool free of cost.


  • Keeps a guard on your device
  • Detect corrupted files and document caused by a virus
  • Most user friendly


  • Initially, hassle to users

The computer always gets connected with viruses and malware as it runs through the internet and USB device like Pen drives. To keep your device free from viruses, you need to use one of the best Sandboxie alternatives mentioned above.

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