Top 12 Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

Top 12 Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

The term Leaderboard or scoreboard is mainly used in the gaming or sports industry. It is used to indicate rank among players who compete in various games and sports.

The players can be placed in a position to be compared with other players based on their performance. 

Leaderboards can motivate players to make improvements because they provide many with an impression of accomplishment or achievement.

If your website is based on gaming or displaying a scoreboard or points to your audience, you must install a leaderboard plugin on your WordPress website. There are multiple leaderboard plugins available on the internet. 

In this article, I have listed the top 12 WordPress Leaderboard Plugins and their features. You can choose the best one and use it on your website.

1. My Cred BP Group Leaderboard

My Cred BP Group Leader board Plugin lets you create leader boards for your Buddy Press groups built around members’ balances. It is one of the best WordPress Leaderboard plugins.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

The leaderboards are created automatically whenever the group comprises more than one member and can accommodate different leaderboard configurations for various points. 

Leaderboards are cached to stop unnecessary database queries and are updated when a group member gains the points or sheds them.

You can adjust the leader board’s size and the possibility of adding participants to the end of the leaderboard who might not have made it into the set sizes. 

You can set these options universally for all groups, or you can allow group administrators to alter the settings for each group.


  • Leader board based on the current Balance: The leaderboard is calculated on the user’s current balance.
  • Leader board based on total balance: It is based on the user’s total balance.
  • Leader board Based on today’s gains: This will generate a leaderboard based on the number of points that members have earned today.
  • Leader board Based on This Week’s Gains This will create a leaderboard based on participants’ total points accumulated this week.
  • Leader board Based on This Month’s Earnings: This will create a leaderboard based on points earned by members during this month.
  • Leader board based upon Date Range The option will allow the creation of a leader board between two dates.

2. Gamipress

GamiPress can be the most efficient way to make gamification possible on your WordPress website within a matter of minutes. It allows you to display different types of Scoreboards and Leaderboards to the users.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

You can easily define the achievements, organize requirements, and choose from various assessment options to determine each task that has been successfully achieved.

GamiPress plugin adds the benefits that come with gamification for every WordPress website. The plugin lets you include the achievements, ranks, points to your site. 

It is easy to gamify your site in a matter of minutes using this plugin. This plugin lets you build an interactive experience for users. You can reward them with points and achievements and offer various evaluation options once they finish a task.


  • You can create as many kinds of points as you’d like gems, coins, scores, etc.
  • It allows you to display leaderboards in the form of scores and points.
  • Create as many kinds of achievements as you want using Gamipress Plugin.
  • It is easy to set up automated ways to deduct or award points from your users.
  • Determine the conditional requirements that the user must fulfil to be able to unlock every achievement and rank.
  • It has powerful controls to set up your gaming environment in a matter of only a few minutes.
  • Overwritable templates system lets the user modify everything by navigating through the GamiPress theme folder. GamiPress Theme folder.

3. MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards

The MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards Plugin manages various sports team schedules as well as scoreboards. 

There are a variety of short codes and widgets accessible to display tables of plans and scoreboards, schedule sliders, and countdown timers. 

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins
Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

A wide range of display options is accessible via the admin screen to personalize these displays. Displays can be further modified using the stylesheet of the plugin.

MSTW Schedules and Scoreboards replace (MSTW) Game Timetable, Game Locations, and Game Schedules. 


  • It is possible to enter data to play games and display it from a variety of perspectives.
  • Supports scoring boards with the ability to display. Scoreboards can show the results of one game and a table with similar games.
  • A brand new single-game page can be linked to schedule tables as well as sliders.
  • You can add multiple short codes to schedule sliders on a page.

4. MSP – Multisport & eSport

The MSP- Multisport & eSport Plugin is a fully-integrated sport Leaderboard Plugin for WordPress. It is an excellent tool for managing sport and sport teams and tournaments, leagues, and leagues and displays scoreboards to the users. 

The multisport platform lets you manage different sports events, players, etc.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins
Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

It is Created with Visual Composer. The plugin includes more than 90 custom short codes and add-ons that provide you with the full functionality of the most advanced editor for sports and esports for teams, players, and events. 

This WordPress Leaderboard Plugin gathers all the stats for sports and sporting events, calculates the data, summarizes it, and presents them in various ways, including graphs, tables, and circles diagrams.

It includes your esports and sports with the help of the plugin’s modern and easy interface. Create custom statistics for each sport you’re playing.


  • The MSP- Multisport & eSport Plugin comes with Visual Composer.
  • This WordPress Leaderboard Plugin is included with Layouts Builder.
  • It offers 90 exclusive Sports and eSports add-ons.
  • You can display leaderboards of any sports you want.
  • It has an extended WordPress User Interface (UI).
  • The plugin is built on WP Objects.
  • It also has the feature to translate the page content into any language.

5. Player Leaderboard

Player Leaderboard is an open-source WordPress Leaderboard Plugin. The rankings and tables calculated are shown on the back end.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

The objective of the Player Leaderboard Plugin is to compute a ranking regardless of the number of matches played and to display leaderboards of the sports and eSports. 

You can also display leaderboards for individual rankings games, duels, team games. Points are awarded in the event of a double ranking. 


  • Player Leaderboard enables you to configure the competition.
  • It allows you to manage the Player’s Leaderboard and results.
  • You can also calculate the standing and ranking based on the configuration.
  • It shows standing, ranking, and matrix at the front end.

6. CTL Arcade

CTL arcade is one of the most popular WordPress Leaderboard plugins. You can display the scoreboard of the games and sports using this plugin.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

It allows you to include a gaming section in your WordPress website. In this way, your visitors are more involved and stay on the site for longer.

You’ll have the option of adding advertisements bannersat the start of each level and the end of each game. It gives you an additional tool to boost your revenue.

Your players will promote your site and share the game’s content across the major Social Networks, with no extra cost for you.

CTL Arcade allows you to integrate three widgets into your web pages using the use of a short code.


  • You get a game iframe in this plugin.
  • It allows you to rate the game.
  • You can easily create a leaderboard.
  • CTL Arcade will enable you to display preloaded Ads and interlevel Ads.
  • It had Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
  • You get responsive games and Leaderboards.
  • It can show up to 50 scores on the leaderboard.
  • It is easy to install.
  • You get a minesweeper Game for free.
  • It provides you with an option to choose between seven themes.

7. League Table 

League Table is a premium table that was designed to be used with the sport in mind. It is one of the best Leaderboard Plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

However, later it is the Table of choice for an average scoreboard table-maker. The interface is easy and convenient as you can configure the rows and columns, type into the Table’s heading, and then type into the cell. 

The leaderboard table can be sorted quickly with the help of the plugin.

Additionally, you have an advanced option that offers an impressive amount of customization capabilities.

It’s easy to use, and you’ll be able to make a perfect table without reading the instruction manual. It allows you to design beautiful leaderboards of different games and matches.

League Table provides you with 105 table options, 17 cells with 13 options for general use, and a spreadsheet editor to modify the Table’s data. You can creatively depict any table with a multi-column advanced sorting system. 

It is possible to link the row to the dimensions of the pixel table, and the logo display is the only option.


  • It’s pretty easy to use and is much simpler to use Excel.
  • League Table has an accessible set-up facility.
  • It is possible to sort the tables with ease.
  • It comes with a responsive setting based on the device.
  • Widget facility.
  • Add mathematical formulas to the rows, cells, and columns.

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8. Ranking Table

Ranking Table is a premium WordPress Leaderboard Plugin for surveys and quizzes. It lets you view your administrator’s rankings, filter, and export for your scoring-based survey and quizzes.

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

You can add it to any website or blog post with a short code to customize and allow individual scores and category ones.

It was developed by Envato Elite Author. Ranking Table is simple and easy to use on your website to conduct a survey and display the Scoreboards of the participants. 


  • You do not require technical and coding knowledge to use it.
  • The ranking Table Plugin has one of the best support teams.
  • It enables you to conduct survey, quiz, polls, simple questioning, and answering contests to your audience.
  • You get a customizable short code.
  • It helps you to display Leaderboards of the user’s performance.

9. Team Rosters 

The Team Rosters plugin is a Leaderboard Plugin for WordPress, and it helps manage rosters of various teams of sports. 

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

It has roster tables with built-in formats for college, high school professional, and professional teams and customized forms for the baseball roster. 

Administrators can reuse data fields by labelling them differently, which means you can utilize the Team Roster plugin for Office Directories.

The players are placed on rosters of teams with a customized taxonomy of Teams. 

The Team Rosters plugin can collect information about teams, like team names, logos, and colors. The plugin can support teams and players with as many players as is needed. 


  • Team Roster Plugin can manage multiple sports.
  • It provides a well build roster tables for displaying the leaderboard of the sports and individual players.
  • This plugin has Teams Custom Taxonomy that helps you to customize the scoreboard and database of the teams.
  • The plugin supports as many players and teams as needed.
  • It enables you to display the player’s gallery and bio. 

10. MSTW League Manager 

MSTW League Manager Plugin is a leaderboard management tool for several sports leagues, each with different seasons. League can be the Premier League or Pac 12 or a round-robin tournament. 

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

You can use short codes to display a range of league standings tables as well as league schedules, individual team schedules, scoreboards, schedule sliders, and the schedule’s tickers. 

The front-end displays may be formatted using a comprehensive range of display settings and short code arguments. You can also design them using custom stylesheets.


  • MSTW League Manager Plugin can display Leaderboards of the user’s performance.
  • It supports multiple sports.
  • It is effortless to create a leaderboard using MSTW League Manager Plugin.

11. Affiliate WP Leaderboard – WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

Affiliate WP Leaderboard  Plugin lets you display a leaderboard of your most successful affiliates. You can display all affiliates and include their earnings, referrals, and visits. 

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

It is one of the top WordPress Leaderboard Plugin for affiliate marketers. Affiliate WP Leaderboard Plugin has a good user interface design, and you can use it without having coding knowledge. 

It allows you to buy them based on earnings, referrals, or visits. A leaderboard for affiliates on your site is a great method to get affiliates motivated to make more sales for you.


  • Affiliate WP Leaderboard Plugin can be placed anywhere on your website using a short code feature.
  • Easily accessible and beautiful user interface (UI) design.
  • You can display affiliate leaderboards on the widgets section of your website.
  • It also has a PHP function to display leaderboards on your website.

12. AnWP Sports Leagues – WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

AnWP Sports Leagues is a perfect WordPress Leaderboard Plugin specifically designed to display leaderboards and scoreboards of different sports. 

Best WordPress Leaderboard Plugins

It is a full-featured solution to manage any team sports site. Manage games, players teams, rosters, standings, tournaments, and leagues easily.

It is suitable for basketball, rugby, handball, volleyball, baseball, cricket, water polo, ice hockey, and many other sports.


  • It has an intuitive UI design.
  • You can do complete leaderboard customization.
  • Using AnWP Sports Leagues Plugin, you can display statistics of the teams of any sports.
  • It has a feature to calculate the points and scores of the teams automatically. It allows you to customize the colours and themes of the leaderboards.

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