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Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify – The best Print On Demand Service

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Digital printing has superseded traditional printing in today’s modern world. This has led to the rise of a new industry: Print On Demand (POD). In this industry, products ranging from yoga mats, phone covers, and much more can be sold out to customers without the maintenance of any inventor.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

POD is a business where a front-end storefront receives an order for a particular printed product, and a back-end POD provider then fulfills this order. All the provider needs to do is upload the custom designs and when the customer makes an order, complete it and make the required sale.

Print-on-demand is an online platform where the seller comes to work with a supplier just for custom-print products according to an order. The products are in the POD system are T-shirts, caps, tote bags, hoodies, pillows, and leggings. Now let us have a complete detailed analysis and discussion on the three system so that you can choose the best of the lot and accordingly come up with the solutions.

How does Print-On-Demand Work?

The POD allows you to design your product, and even you can come to put your design into store Shopify or WooCoommerce.  That means you do not have to store the product in your store by boxes and boxes. Only when an order comes you can take your time to manufacture your product.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

The Print-On-Demand helps you make product images such as T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Caps, leggings, pillows, and other things. On behalf of you, the system of POD allows you to prepare a white label for your store. As Print-On-Demand is a successful and effective system for business online, some companies come forward to help manufacturers in need of product integration. In the present situation, three companies work for POD efficiently, and they are Teelaunch, Printify, and Printful. According to the market research, several people appreciate Teelaunch, and some people go to Printful. On the contrary, Printify works better for POD according to a group of people. 

Judging amongst POD service providers in the huge market is a difficult task. Today, this article will give you detailed information about these back-end POD providers mentioned above.  All these have their strengths and potential.


Teelaunch is a POD company that connects to Shopify stores It takes your orders and fulfills your demand from start to finish. The launch offers a large range of products to print on, from t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, curtains, mousepads, and much more.  Not only Shopify but Teelaunch can also be used to sell on Etsy and Amazon.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify
Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

There is no need for a storefront to upload designed products and receive orders; you need a free Shopify account and relatively easy to install. Teelaunch charges a fee only after the sale is made.  By this, the need for inventory, significant investments, or storage facilities gets eliminated.

How does Teelaunch work?

Teelaunch is an application that works through Shopify. It works to access different products in need of customizing and selling. Under Teelaunch, the products come in different colors and sizes. Once products are ready for the client, you can come to bring them to your store like Shopify. After placing an order, Teelaunch starts to:

  • Make an order within the system
  • Adds the order to the store, Shopify
  • Send the product to the customers
  • Add tracking numbers to the orders’ page

The whole process happens automatically once you come to add Shopify store adding Teelaunch with the designs.

What kind of products does Teelaunch deal with?

If you seek to include the items under the POD system, then you should have a clear concept about the products. Generally, POD works for accessories like tote bags, stickers, mugs, phone cases. Even you can add Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, shoes, tank tops, drinkware, mugs, tumblers, and many more. Kids’ and babies’ option is also available on POD.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify
Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Why is it special?

  • Product options: There is a wide range of products to print on demand is offered- from mousepads, mugs, stickers, etc. They also have a selection of apparel products, venture into original products such as personalized crystals, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Moreover, new products are also added every month, along with the creation of 23 products every second via the Teelaunch app.
  • Print Quality: A decent print quality within an affordable price range is offered. The customers usually get satisfied with the quality that is provided by the Teelaunch team. Third-party is also used by Teelaunch, making the quality a bit inconsistent.
  • Customer Service: Teelaunch does offer customer support, but this area could use an improvement. Their policies are a tad complicated for users to understand. For complaints, users need to reach out to them through email, and they might take a few days to answer even an immediate query.
  • Shipping: Order processing generally takes 3 to 7 days, while the delivery times range from 7 – 11 days within the country.

There is a different time range for international orders for other countries, but generally, it can take up to 3 weeks.


When you come to get in touch with Teelaunch, undoubtedly, the effort from your side is appraisable. The use and installation of this POD are very easy & simple. The price of it is designed in such a way that most people feel comfortable to afford it. This POD provides you great customization, navigation & setup.

This particular POD comes with a low price, but it will provide you higher margin. It has no hidden costs or any extra charges that make users dissatisfied.  Even you no need to take hassle for the shipping because the brand itself bears the responsibility.   It is easy to use, and this one is the perfect one for a newbie.


Indeed, Teelaunch brings a lot of advantages for the product manufacturer, but at the same time, it comes to some disadvantages that are furnished below. Take a look below.

Teelaunch takes more time than the others for shipping processes. It does not provide fruitful customer support to solve the customer’s query.  Even this POD has less control over the processes as it plays the role of outsourced fulfillment. It does not provide live chat options like most of the other POD services.


Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

The price of Teelaunch comes with a reasonable rate that everybody affords very easily. The premium plan starts at $ 8.50, but if you feel uncomfortable with the cost of the product, you can go for a free version.

2. Printify

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Printify is one of the most effective print-on-demand based in San Francisco, USA.  It came into existence in the year 2015. The service of this POD is available in UK, Czech Republic, Germany, and China. With Printify, you can come to deal in accessories, home & living products, and even clothing. It comes to integrate with many popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Wix, and Esty. Here e-commerce means mock-up generators, white-level products, and even packaging & shipping.

How does Printify work?

Generally, Printify allows you to register yourself under its application at the initial stage, and the registration is completely free. That means you don’t have to take burden about a credit card.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

After registration completion, Printify provides you the freedom to browse its product catalog of bags, mugs, phone cases, clothing, and stationery.

Once you have selected a product, you can customize it with designs, logos, photos, and more.

When you complete the selection of products, it will give you the freedom to customize the catalog with designs, photos, logos, and more.

After satisfaction with your product design, you will have the power to add them according to selected stores like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Prestashop, and WooCoommerce. After that, Printify will be responsible for making the product reachable at the customers’ location at competitive prices. Generally, Printify offers domestic delivery, and it takes two or three working days. 

Apart from that, Printify allows you to build a website if you do not have any experience.  But if you have a website, you can come to integrate Printify with WooCoommerce powered store.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Once you have done the registration process, this application will show you the product catalog, orders, discounts, and your store under the navigation. Even this application will give you the freedom to change the product style, sizes, and color. The whole processes of your product integration come efficiently and effectively with the help of Printify.

What kind of product does Printify deal with?

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Printify deals in the products like women’s clothing, men’s clothing, Kid’s clothing, Accessories, Christmas Ball Ornament, Mouse Pad, AOP clothing, and many more items used day to day in everyday life.

Why is it special?

  • Easy to access

If you like to run with Printify in need of business with your product, undoubtedly, you have to sign up. The sign-up process of this POD is very easy & simple. Only with your email and name can you come to fulfill the sign-up process. The most important thing is that you don’t need to pay any subscription fees at all.

  • The facility of mind-blowing integrations

 Printify provides you high-level product integrations. As a result, you will have a facility to sell your product at the highest level. The users of Printify can go for 250 plus products for integrations. Even the integrations come with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Prestashop, and WooCoommerce.

  • Best Customer Support

Printify with its team provides the best customer support for its user. This POD allows its user to complain about an email. Even they can also use the contact number mentioned on its website. Generally, customer support from Printify comes 24/7. The customer support works like Help Centre.


Printify provides lots of facilities to its users, and as a result, most of the users come to be satisfied with this POD. You do not need to pay any fees in need of sign-up. The product will reach the right destination within 2 to 3 days. It allows you to integrate products more than 250, and the integration will be with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, BigCommerce, and Prestashop.

Printify also supports the best customers through a reliable help center. Customer support is available 24/7.


Printify has become one of the best PODs with lots of advantages. But it sorry to say it runs with a bit of bit of disadvantage also. It offers inconsistent print quality. The branding options come with a limited number. Even the mock-up options are minimal.

For making the right decision, you should come to use Printify with its free version. The premium version of this POD comes at $29 monthly.

3. Printful

The print has become one of the most popular PODs in the present situation. It allows you to access all the things in need of selling products like accessories and items online. This particular POD offers more than 200 Printful products daily.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

With the help of Printful, you can come to use the products like T-shirts, dresses, leggings, backpacks, pillows, coffee mugs, and phone cases. Printful also provides retail services for customers who like to use items for themselves. It also has brought an opportunity for online owners in need of earning potential money. This software makes all the processes easy and effective with its custom design, artwork, logos.

Printful offers its platform free of cost, and even the users need not pay monthly fees for minimum orders. It can give you an extra opportunity to use E-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy.

How does Printful work?

Print comes to execute your orders, print your custom design, and delivers the product to the customers on demand. In that case, you need to add the Printful app to your E-commerce platform.

If you are interested in a non-automated dropshipping business, you can do this business through printing, packing, and shipping yourself under Printful. Even you can monitor costs, printers, T-shirts, or other items in shipping packages & postage expenses.

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

When you are under the service of Printiful, you no need to have any tension from your side. When customers come to give orders, Printful on behalf of you delivers orders from your side. The cost you have to pay for the services is unbelievably low as Printiful processes materials and equipment from its source.

By dropshipping with Printful, you still keep the profit your business generates, and you can spend your time on other activities, such as designing, customer service, marketing, and growth.

What kind of products does Printful deal with?

Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify
Teelaunch Vs. Printful Vs. Printify

Printiful runs its business in the USA, Europe, and Mexico. Generally, Printiful deals with T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, leggings, Polo shirts, stickers, phone cases, Tote bags, Drawstring bags, and embroidered aprons. Apart from these, Printiful can deal with a variety of products.

Why is it special?

  • Unbelievable fulfillment – Printful works efficiently to save resources and avoid leftover stock ensuring the products are sold.
  • Customized branding – For your brand promotion, all the credit done by yourself goes to you. Generally, Printful does the work of custom labels, packing and others.
  • Complete automation – The integrations under Printful helps you with automatic orders in favor of your support. This process is easy and quick.
  • Affordable shipping rates – The charges of its services, including shipping, are designed in such a way that people from any background feel affordable.
  • Free to use – This POD is entirely free to use, and you no need to pay monthly or upfront fees, but you only will pay for fulfillment & shipping.
  • Best Customer Support – Printful is based on a customer-based company. The team of Printiful provides customer support by live chat & phone support 24/7. Even you can contact Printful by email.


Undoubtedly, the services of Printful are hundred percent user-friendly. You don’t need to give much more effort to set it up. Even the setup process comes quick. This POD provides you low-risk dropshipping business.

The warehouse of Printiful is available in the USA and Europe. You will have the benefit of getting in touch with a long list of quality products. The printing quality comes with white-label.

The integrations of Printiful work on most popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. You no need to face any problem in need of setting up of this POD.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android. The users will get support 24 hours a week. The most important thing is that the users do not need to pay monthly fees. They have to pay charges when the product comes to be sold. 


Though Printful works superbly for product integration, it has some disadvantages also. With this, you cannot mass edit product variables. The product mock-up images come in a limited number. This application comes with higher shipping fees compared to other providers.

The shipping for delivery takes a longer time than usual. Generally, it takes 4 business days.


This application brings an affordable price for the users. The charge from Printful is $ 8.99 that can make the users comfortable undoubtedly. The most important thing is that the registration.

Points of ComparisonTeelaunchPrintifyPrintConclusion
Price$ 8.50$ 29$ 8.99Teelaunch provides the same services at the lower price
Ratings5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsTeelaunch has been reviewed by 325 viewers, whereas Printful gets 1550, but Printify gets lower than others.
Type of UseFriendlyAt times difficult to operateUser friendlyTeelaunch & Printapplications are easy to use, but Printify needs some previous experience.
RequirementOutsourcedBoth in house & outsourceIn-housePrintify works better than the other two
Delivery Time6 to 7 days2 to 3 days3 daysPrintful has multiple centers in the USA and Europe. Sometimes, the delivery comes in less than 3 days.
Customer supportNot so effectivePositivePositiveThough most of the customers of Teelaunch give negative feedback but even they also agree that Teelaunch is improving fast.
ProductCloths, accessories, Bag, leggings, books,Ball, ornaments, mousepads.Mousepads, Books, Ball, Leggings, Accessories, Clothes, Bags, and ornamentsBall, Shirts, Leggings, Boots, Clothes, Mouse Pads, accessories, ornaments.Almost all products are the same in three categories, but now Printify has started to include more products.
Discount20 to 30%30 to 50%30 to 35%Printify provides more discount

Customers’ say about the product?

”I have been using Teelaunch since six months ago when I thought to make a garment business. Now I get several orders every month. Teelaunch helps me make the product design perfect and attractive, which makes the customers interested in doing the orders. The most important thing is that the team of Teelaunch works the best for pricing”.

Harry, Garment manufacturer, UK.

”According to me, Printful is the best one regarding Print-On-Demand. Two months before, I used Printify, and one day, my best friend suggested I use Printiful. Then I started to use Printful, and it is true to say that now I am satisfied with its services. Apart from that, I am much more comfortable with its price”.

David, Bag Manufacturer, Australia

”I think Printify is the best for the services of POD. I am getting more orders of bags as the bags come with awesome designs under the supervision of Printify. I am just using this POD service provider, but before, I used Teelaunch. Though its charge is higher than the others, it works perfectly. It provides a great discount from time to time, and it reduces its cost comfortable undoubtedly”.

Robert, Reputed book publisher, New York

”Whatever you like to manufacture, you need to promote in need of sale as sale provides profit. More profit allows you to grow your business ultimately. That means profit comes from a sale that is dependent on orders. Orders come from the effective integration with product color, design, and size. Considering all of the things regarding Teelaunch, Printful and Printify, take the best one and do your business fruitfully”.

Sudipta Gupta

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