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23 Best Text Editors – For Coders, Web Designers, And Writers

23 Best Text Editors - For Coders, Web Designers, And Writers-min

A Text editor is an essential tool for people doing coding, writing, and web designing. It helps you to write precise and correct code and texts. Coders without a text editor are just like a pen without ink. 

Text editors come with a simple UI, and they are fast to load. It does not require a high amount of disk space. Moreover, most text editors are free to use. Some text editors include paid versions, but they aren’t expensive.

It allows you to edit various programme languages such as HTML, Java, C++, Ruby on rails, Pythons, etc. By using text editors, you can increase the speed of the coding. 

Various Text editors in the market come with limitless and numerous features. We all prefer to get the best product so that we do not regret it afterwards. Choosing the best text editors or any other softwares is quite a challenging task, and once you choose the right product, you will benefit from its features. 

I’ve listed the top best collections of Text editors. By the end of the article, you will be able to pick the perfect one from the best 23 Text editors.

1. Visual Studio Code

23 Best Text Editors

Visual Studio Code (or VScode) has been a massive hit for developers since its debut in 2015. The developers have made an enormous effort to build a solid community and give users all their required features.

It is an open-source project that you can directly download onto macOS, Windows, or Linux at no cost. This editor for code is customizable and, as its counterparts Atom and Sublime Text, 

VS Code also comes with several extensions and free packages that you can download to include additional features.

Visual Studio Code makes for an attractive Text editor for developers of all levels because it’s faster than other editors available. Users can also clear away all the mess by selecting Zen Mode. Zen Mode, which removes the menus and other things that aren’t connected to the editor.

Features of Visual Studio Code:

  • The editing is fundamental in it.
  • Intellisense is an upgrade to auto-complete and syntax highlight. It gives coders brilliant ideas for the proper completion of variables and functions when coding.
  • It also has the option to debug in the editor itself.
  • A variety of extensions are available to improve the editor.
  • Essential editing tools: Find and replace multi-select and auto-save, and more.
  • Users can perform quick navigation of files between folders and icons.
  • Supports refactoring options, such as the Extract Method and extraction variable
  • Terminal integrated
  • Multiple projects at the same time
  • Integration with other tools via the TASK feature
  • Snippets of code to type repetitive patterns
  • Themes with high contrast, zoom feature tab navigation, as well as keyboard navigation.

2. Sublime Text

23 Best Text Editors
23 Best Text Editors

Sublime Text is among the top text editors. The interface is sleek, elegant, and easy to navigate, has a non-distracting writing mode, and split editing. This editor sets the standard in code editing and gives the best user experience.

Numerous keyboard shortcuts allow you to accomplish many functions without difficulty, including opening documents to hiding or showing the sidebar, going to a particular line number, opening the spell-checker or spell checker, etc. It’s all done without hassle using this text editor.

It provides a trial version for trial purposes, after which users are charged $80 (not an enormous amount for additional features) to continue using the program. 

It is important to remember it is per user instead of per machine, which means that users can use this text editor with many operating systems and computers.

Features of Sublime Text:

  • Sublime Text gives you a chance to, at a minimum, be able to test it before you decide to invest.
  • Text editor runs cross-platform and is compatible with multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • It supports split editing, which is helpful to manage and edit files that are next to one another. Additionally, you can open multiple windows and then place them on various monitors.
  • Sublime Text is highly user-friendly as well as effective shortcuts.
  • Users can customize almost everything in Sublime Text, especially when talking about menus and shortcuts. Modifying the settings to open files within one window (new tab) is highly suggested.
  • It has some fantastic themes for communities.

3. Atom Editor

23 Best Text Editors

Atom Editor is an open-source electron-based, cross-platform platform with a particular focus on developers. The developer community contributes themes and plugins similar to WordPress and other open-source software. 

It provides clean collaboration tools, including a stylish editor and incredible tools for ensuring your projects are in order. Its software is beneficial for remote teams and requires a space dedicated to projects that need to be shared in real-time. 

Atom Editor also includes the GitHub package that is included. It allows you to make everything you need in just one interface from the stages to branches.

The Atom text editor is strongly recommended for developers looking for a collaborative tool with an editor. This tool lets you work together with other developers and view the changes happening right before your eyes. 

A large community supports the text editor. It is open-source and allows users to select from a variety of themes and packages.

Features of Sublime Text:

  • Cross-platform solution.
  • The editor is ideal for collaboration with other individuals since all can complete editing and designs in real-time.
  • The GitHub package is for integrating and managing pull requests and solving conflicting merges.
  • Find new themes and packages.
  • It is easier to modify code.
  • Multiple panes to allow side by side comparison as well as editing the code.

4. Espresso

23 Best Text Editors

Espresso is a single-window, low-cost web editor that allows for rapid code editing and other capabilities.

Espresso is a no-cost open-source application that allows you to organize your company into three distinct sections. The program comes with Workstation as well as Drag-and-Drop workflows as well as Files and Publish sections. 

Its functions are dependent on the requirements and needs of a variety of developers. However, this is contingent on the developer’s expectations as well as working style.

Features of Sublime Text:

  • Secure speeds of static sites
  • Ease of use, flexibility, and reuse in dynamic content systems.
  • Great infrastructure.
  • It elevates the languages that you are familiar with, creating content that is not dependent on servers.
  • You can experience the benefits of auto-building using unbeatable Live Preview integration where you require it the most.

5. Notepad++

Notepad++ is an open-source Free text editor with a Tabbed interface for documents, with macro support plugins. 

23 Best Text Editors

It also has an autosave feature that saves files automatically before giving you the choice of saving them in a different storage location.

Numerous programmers use Notepad++ to open whenever they require quick access to codes and paste snippets of code taken from FTP clients (without waiting for their IDE’s load time).

Notepad++ comes with a highly compact package that contains powerful editing tools and is designed to use less computing power than the typical editors for Text.

Features of Notepad++:

  • Notepad++ is available for free.
  • Translation facility that can translate into various languages.
  • The multi-view editor highlights syntax and folding.
  • Tools for customizing.
  • Auto-completion settings ensure that you can finish tasks such as parameters, words, and functions without repeatedly typing them.
  • The multi-document interface allows you to manage multiple projects.
  • Plugins that enhance the functionality or integrate with other software.

6. Brackets

Another open-source source is free text editor Brackets is a product created by Adobe and allows users to take information like shades, gradients, fonts, and measurements straight from PSD files in pure CSS. 

23 Best Text Editors

It’s a must-have program for every UI designer since Brackets is about making it easier to create in the browser. It is specifically designed to help frontend and web designers. 

Brackets offer an array of software for codings, such as live visualization of the site that you’re creating and changes that are reflected in real-time. The no-cost Text editor provides a more contemporary open-source software for web developers who are creating websites.

Features of Brackets:

  • It is somewhat integrated into PSD files.
  • The text editor is linked to GitHub.
  • Many extensions are offered to customize interfaces.
  • Brackets is a cross-platform application that can use on any operating system.
  • Live preview feature.
  • Inline editors.

7. Coffee Cup – The HTML Editor

CoffeeCup’s HTML Editor offers simple HTML editing that takes your web design experience to an entirely new level with its unique tools for tag references as well as code completion.

23 Best Text Editors

The software includes sophisticated text editing to code and manages web design with $49 per year for one-time use. There is, of course, a no-cost trial is offered, but the capabilities are pretty watered-down.

There are many components to benefit from immediate updates to the various elements of your website. This Text Editor is compatible with a range of responsive web themes too.

Features of Coffee Cup – HTML Editor:

  • CoffeeCup offers a no-cost version as well as a trial for free.
  • One of the most influential text editors with themes.
  • The FTP connection lets you create a website from anywhere, choosing the webserver and hosting web service.
  • CoffeeCup is an editor for Text that is visual, that comes with a standard split-screen view and an interactive preview that lets you see what code your code generates in the frontend.


The gorgeous interface that we have listed is Coda is designed perfectly for all Mac enthusiasts who are looking with a built-in terminal and an inspector that comes and an interface that allows you to edit remote and local files.

23 Best Text Editors

Coda cost 99 dollars for one copy, and it becomes less expensive per copy if you purchase more copies simultaneously. Furthermore, Coda is very reminiscent of the other Mac products available currently.

Coda Text editor has been in use for a long time. Coda2 is the Version you’d install. It has distinctive features, such as the ability to index locally and the CSS Override to edit live websites.

Features of CODA:

  • A one-click wildcard token is used when using the Find and Replace tool.
  • Modern interfaces from all text editors, and one of the cleanest also.
  • Fantastic tools for highlighting syntax as well as a range of languages.
  • Particularly specifically for Mac users.
  • Easy file management, with the ability to edit your files remotely using FTP and Amazon S3 servers, or even access local files and then publish them online.
  • New tools, such as CSSoverriding or Panic syncing passwords.

9. VIM

Text editor Vim is one more advanced editor of Text first introduced in 1991. It isn’t the most user-friendly. It requires some learning curve and the willingness to learn the latest features—text editor.

23 Best Text Editors

It has a very steep learning curve, which means that users need to invest a lot of time learning its keyboard shortcuts to master. In simple terms, it is possible to claim that it will pay off ten times more productivity if you invest an effort to master VIM.

Supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac, Vim is a reliable and stable editor that works with various well-known tools. It is designed to be used through an interface for command-line commands (CLI) and a stand-alone application.

Features of Vim:

  • Vim offers plugins to expand on Vim’s text editor.
  • There is a robust online community to learn details about the extension, brand new scripts, tips, and other tools.
  • Open-source and free.
  • The oldest editors for Text with the most powerful features. Most robust features and significant popularity.
  • Simple integration with a variety of tools that meet your design or business needs.
  • Vim supports a variety of programming languages and a variety of types of formats for files.
  • The software is easy to use on all computers because it runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

10. Bluefish

Bluefish is a mighty editor for Text and code targeted at web developers and programmers with a variety of options for creating websites and scripts and programming code. 

23 Best Text Editors

Bluefish supports a wide range of Markup and programming languages. Bluefish is compatible with every platform Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Bluefish is a Bluefish software editor for code that is light, quick, speedy, and efficient.

It can support multiple interfaces for documents and multiple projects, as well as powerful search and replace capabilities, multiple-threaded file opening, recursive access to a remote file, editing on full-screen customization for programming languages, Zen coding, multiple encryption options, and unlimited redo/undo capabilities including site download/upload and the inline spell-checker. It also supports almost all programming languages.

Features of Bluefish:

  • Basic editing
  • Light to use
  • It’s a quick Text Editor and can open up to 500+ files at once.
  • Allows users to work on multiple projects simultaneously and then restore the individualization of each project
  • Support for custom programming languages with features such as auto-completion or auto-tag closing
  • Multiple encoding support
  • Auto-retrieval of documents in the event of a power outage
  • The snippet is a feature that can activate.
  • It comes with a spell-checker, which checks the string and comments, but it doesn’t need to write code. It is aware of the subtleties of programming languages.
  • Character maps are available to search for particular characters.
  • Full-screen editing
  • Redo/Undo functions
  • Translated into 17 different languages


UltraEdit is also a good choice for editing text. The paid version gives you access to the free upgrade to any future versions, along with the regular UltraEdit editing tool. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs; you could install the software across all 3.

23 Best Text Editors

After you’ve got these upgrades and enhancements, you will also have FTP and comparison tools and the option of finding. 

For the text editor that is the primary one, UltraEdit is well-known for being fast and flexible with attractive themes to make life simpler for users.

Features of Ultraedit:

  • Can handle large text files.
  • Port to various programming languages.
  • 3 for one license.


TextMate is only compatible with macOS. It is available as a free download, but you may also choose a premium upgrade at $59 for a single license. In this case, you must pay for each seat separately for your entire team.

23 Best Text Editors

Textmate is compatible with every programming language as well as an application to work with XCode projects. It appears to be a basic editor, but it has many features packed into a tiny package. (Like finding tools for search and replace as well as autocompletion and board management)

Its software allows you to make multiple insertion points for editing and trading codes in large quantities. In addition, you will receive the list of all versions modifications, and you can go back to earlier versions should you need to.

Features of Textmate:

  • An advanced tool for file search. It comes with both paid and free versions.
  • Lightweight, with a clean and straightforward interface.
  • Provides bundles that can be customized for every aspect, whether switching languages or changing the workflow.
  • Option to create macros to increase productivity and get rid of repetitive tasks.


23 Best Text Editors

Created using Lazarus integrated software, this open-source text editor is extensible, making use of Python add-ons. Cuda is an open-source general-purpose as well as a sophisticated text editor. It’s fast and comes with an intuitive user interface.

Features of Cuda Text:

  • All editing and basic editing options.
  • The syntax is the highlight in a variety of languages.
  • Code tree.
  • Multi-carets and multi-selections.
  • Code folding.
  • Find/Replace.
  • Auto-completion.
  • Whitespace that is not printed.
  • Support for a variety of codes.
  • Customizable hotkeys.
  • The project manager manages the projects.


23 Best Text Editors

The latest version is 26.3. Emacs is an open-source text editor compatible with GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac. The editor is an open-source and flexible editor.

Features of Emacs:

  • Different editing tools.
  • Modalities for editing that work with the content.
  • Syntax colouring and documentation that is built-in.
  • Full Uni-code support.
  • Newsreader and Mail.
  • Debugger interface.
  • Project Planner.
  • Various debugger packages.
  • Loads dynamic libraries.

15. BBedit

BBEdit is restricted to Mac. It has various innovative features. However, it is also trying to appear simple, similar to the word BB. Integration with Git and auto-completion are outstanding attributes of BBEdit.

23 Best Text Editors

The software offers syntax highlighting, quick lookups, and editing windows that can be separated and moved in a row next to each other for simple editing. At present, BBEdit has a single-user license priced at $49.99. You can also upgrade to the latest version for less than $49.99.

Features of BBedit:

  • Split windows.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Integration with Git.
  • Auto-completion.


23 Best Text Editors

Context is a free application that allows you to edit text with Multilanguage support. It’s free and accessible source software written in the Delphi (object pascal) language.

Features of Context:

  • Basic editing options for all.
  • File Compare.
  • Code templates.
  • Customizable help files for every file type.
  • Explorer for files with favourites list.
  • Export to HTML/RTF.
  • Project workspaces provide support.
  • Exporting the configuration that is stored in the registry.
  • Capturing console applications that standardize output.
  • Editing position remembering across files.

17. Light Table

Light Table offers quick feedback that allows you to fix mistakes in real-time, look through code, and review the documentation related to it. Abstractions are created in an environment for execution that provides immediate feedback.

23 Best Text Editors

To prevent the need for programmers to experiment as writing code, the developers developed software that can visualize the modifications a programmer performs in real-time.

The software initially had only support for Clojure, but the framework was updated to support Python and JavaScript. The amount of time required to program could be reduced by 20% using the program.

Features of Light Table:

  • Open-source
  • Inline evaluation
  • Plugin manager.


Komodo Edit seeks to provide something powerful yet easy enough for novices to comprehend. It’s free and open-source, which means that beginners can get started on more manageable tasks to complete. Komodo Edit is available for download on both Mac as well as Windows versions of Komodo Edit is available for download.

23 Best Text Editors

Its developer’s tools, such as code profiling and unit testing, are highly beneficial when you need these advanced tools. 

Komodo IDE includes full support for all frameworks and languages, making it a great option to develop web applications. In addition, the upgrade is free since it’s an open-source project.

Features of Komodo Edit:

  • Multilanguage Editor.
  • Auto-Complete & Calltips.
  • Unit Testing, Print Debugging.
  • Live Previewing.
  • Project Wizard.
  • Dependency Detector.

19. VISUAL STUDIO CODE – Text Editors

Visual Code Studio is an editor for text developed by Microsoft.

It is now popular with developers who don’t care that it’s a Microsoft product, in any case. 

23 Best Text Editors

Similar to Atom or Sublime Text, it also has a wide selection of extensions and free software available for download from its marketplace to provide more features – and the code editor itself can be altered.

Visual Studio Code has its debugger and terminal. It supports linting and is compatible with all sorts of tools for controlling source code. 

They believe that it’s one of the top IDEs that cater to Python developers, as it provides a variety of completes and displays on the fly pop-ups that display the documentation of methods and classes.

Features of Visual Studio Code:

  • Get beyond syntax highlighting and autocomplete by using IntelliSense.
  • Debugging code in the editor. Connect or launch your apps running and then debug using breakpoints, call stacks along with an interactive console.
  • Push and pull on the host SCM service.

20. NETBEANS – Text Editors

NetBeans is among the most popular efficient code editors utilized by web developers. It offers a variety of distinct features those other editors do not offer. As with the majority of editors for text, NetBeans is also a free and open-source program.

23 Best Text Editors

It’s a great program that can develop numerous desktop apps, mobile apps, and web-based applications. NetBeans can be used to develop applications using a variety of programming languages, such as PHP, C++, JavaScript, and many more.

Features of Netbeans:

  • Apache NetBeans is more than just a text editor.
  • It provides editors, wizards and templates to assist you in creating applications.
  • Apache NetBeans is available on any operating system.

21. FROALA – Text Editors

Froala is the next-gen WYSIWYG HTML Editor, which is simple to integrate for the developers, and its clean design makes you feel excellent. It offers a high-performing JS text editor that is easy for developers to use.

23 Best Text Editors

Froala has 170+ Bootstrap-based design blocks to help you build beautiful modern websites. You can use it for free in your mobile and web projects. 

Also, the powerful API is designed to make the text editor easy to interact with and customize. Froala’s editor is available in every framework, and it supports backend technologies that make the work even easier for the developers.

Features of Froala:

  • It is the most sophisticated and gorgeous WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor.
  • Simple and efficient design.
  • Froala’s collection comprises more than 170 Bootstrap designed modular design blocks that are ready to be used to build stunning contemporary websites.
  • It’s Open Source and free to incorporate into your mobile or web project.

22. Editpad Lite – Text Editors

EditPad Lite is a simple Text Editor that comes with Complete Regular Expression support.

23 Best Text Editors

It is a valuable yet straightforward text editor that runs on users of the Microsoft Windows platform. 

EditPad lite comes with all the necessary tools to edit plain text files, including the complete set of searches and replace tools that utilize powerful regular expression engines.

Features of EditPad Lite:

  • Tabbed interface that allows you to work with a variety of files. Large files and long lines help.
  • It has complete Unicode support, which includes complex scripts and right-to-left scripts.
  • It allows editing text directly with Windows, UNIX, and Mac text encodings (code pages) and line breaks.
  • Unlimited redo and undo for any open file, including after saving.
  • Automated backups and work copies ensure that data is not lost.
  • A powerful search-and-replace feature that can be used with real search terms and regular expressions that may be used across several lines.

23. jEDIT

JEdit is a program for editing code that wrote in Java. The open-source program has hundreds of plugins and macros. 

23 Best Text Editors

It provides a vast collection of plugins maintained by a global developer team.

Features of jEdit:

  • Built-in macro language & extensible plugin architecture
  • This coding program for PC lets you copy and paste unlimited clipboards
  • It is possible to download plugins with the assistance of plugin management.
  • Register information is stored during editing sessions.
  • Auto indent feature, as well as syntax highlight for more than 200 languages


I hope that the list above of Text Editors can help you in your development efforts. It all depends on the usage situation, so choose the most suitable one for your needs. 

The Text editors mentioned above offer a user-friendly experience and strive to provide the user with the best programming experience.

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