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Browser v/s Search Engine – What is the Difference?

Browser vs Search Engine - What is the Difference

Have you ever wondered why Google and Google Chrome are considered two different applications? The basic difference among these two is in their properties as Google lies in Search Engine whereas Google Chrome lies in the browser.

Browser v/s Search Engine

Internet users have to operate these search engines and web browsers daily for their work as the Internet is an extensive reference of data & resources. There is no doubt that we have to often try these two buzzwords but there is still a minute of complication about these buzzwords.

Most users don’t know the contrast between search engines and web browsers. So here is some of the important information that helps you to understand why Google and Google Chrome are considered different.

What is a Browser?

A web browser is a software application operated to retrieve and view data from web pages or HTML files present in servers. Software obtained to access the input present on the WWW (World Wide Web) is called Browser.

Browser v/s Search Engine

It acts as an interface between the websites and the user on the internet. The data is transmitted by operating the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which specifies how text, pictures, and video are delivered on the web.

This data is required to be conveyed and illustrated in a uniform set up so that a person accessing any browser from anywhere in the world can examine and get the actual meaning of data.

Functions of Browser

The several functions of browser are:

Browser v/s Search Engine
  • A Web Browser is the application software that obtains data from web pages and HTML files.
  • Web browsers store in their memories, cache files, and cookies.
  • You can use numerous web browsers from your one gadget by installing diverse web browsers on your device.
  • This is application software that can create a web browser on your own and use it as per your need.
  • Web browsers are using a visual interface to create an appearance on the one who accesses it.
  • Web browsers have one individual blank area to enter the term of your required search. You can enter the Direct URL in the browser search bar or you can find factual websites.
  • Mainly the people are operating a web browser to discover the precise websites.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a sort of website by which one can study the text accessible on the Internet. For this objective, users type for the keywords that are needed to be explored in the search bar.

Browser v/s Search Engine

Search engines can repay outcomes quickly, even with lakhs of websites online by searching on the Internet rapidly and classifying every page they reveal. The search engine scans through its stuff for related web pages and presents them in a list.

The working of the search engine consists of a scheduler that comes from the listing of URLs. That scheduler then determines when to crawl the URL. Crawled pages then head to a parser where crucial data is taken out or organized. These parsed joints move to the scheduler which prioritizes their crawling.

Functions of Search Engine

There are several functions of search engine are:

Browser v/s Search Engine
  • A search engine is a website where the user can browse the texts and data by just typing the terms and they are illustrating the desired outcome on the page.
  • Search engines are executing established algorithms on the backend. As the algorithm is constantly transforming, the outcome illustrates several conclusions based on the algorithm’s up-gradation procedure.
  • Search engines are storing nearly every kind of browsing data and they have their data storehouse system with a database.
  • No downloads of any type of software.
  • Search engines have three segments that are functioning jointly to illustrate the desired outcomes. Algorithms, indexes, and crawlers are three elements of search engines.
  • The search engine’s purpose is more evident when examining the search engine’s working procedure by an easy example.

Key Difference

The main six key differences between Browser v/s Search Engine are:

Browser v/s Search Engine
  1. A browser is an application that enables users to open various websites while a search engine is a protocol where users can scroll for a variety of sites.
  2. A search engine is easier to utilize while a web browser is mixed up as it contains more elements than a search engine.
  3. There are further choices on the internet browser while choices on the search engine are only the suitable ones.
  4. A search engine can be combined with a web browser while a web browser cannot be combined into a search engine.
  5. Search engines do not have their web browsers while a web browser can have search engines.
  6. A browser has to be downloaded on the laptop or a mobile phone while a search engine almost has to be browsed on the internet.

Comparison Table

Here is the simplest comparison table that will ease your complications.

Does not need any search enginesNeeds web browsers
Access web pages and websitesSearches and selects websites
E.g: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, SafariE.g: Google, Yahoo, Bing, NATE,
Application locally installedSoftware system operating on the Internet
Browser v/s Search

Needs for Browser and Search Engine

There is a certain amount of resources available on the Internet. To obtain these resources from the Internet, there are some search engines and browsers for their usage and information accessibility.

Browser v/s Search Engine
Browser v/s Search Engine

Relying upon how it’s utilized, it links the world, leads commerce, nurtures connections, and rides the innovation engine of destiny. These are handily accessible on PCs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The major need is that the browser requires a search engine for the website and the search engine requires a platform to present its website.


The major variation between browser and search engine helps you to use and reveal websites in WWW while a search engine enables you to examine websites in WWW. After going through all this information both search engines and browsers are on the same platform as both possess equal importance. 

Hopefully, after going through this article, your confusion would have cleared out. So, enjoy using the internet and be beneficial by exploring new things.

Sudipta Gupta

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