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25 Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

The average lifestyle of a person has become more hectic these days. We need to constantly switch between our office meetings, emails, social media messages, personal works, and so on, that we hardly take some time to catch a breath. But it is extremely important for you to find some time to relax and calm your nerves a bit.

Calming Websites
Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Doctors agree that being always ON doesn’t do good for both your physical and mental health. Hence, you need to give a break from your hectic work and give your mind and body some rest. In this article, we’ll look at the top 25 sites that will help you calm your mind and give you some break from your hectic job.

1. Relax Your Mind with Nature Sounds

If you are looking to calm your senses and relax your mind for a few minutes, then better listen to some natural sounds. It is a scientifically proven fact that natural sounds will help you relax your mind as they come with a pleasant pitch. It mostly helps in reducing your stress level. 

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks offers you various nature sounds, including rain, fire, birds chirping, frogs croaking, a silent stream, etc. Just put on your headsets, sit back and relax and wash away all your stress, tension, etc.

2. Be creative and create your own music

Get creative with Incredibox, mix, and match, and create your own song. Choose between different characters Alpha, Little Miss, Sunrise, Jeevan, etc. But some characters are exclusive to apps only, so you cannot use them in the web version.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Incredibox is an interesting website that allows you to explore how various sounds can be mixed to create a song.

3. Have Fun with Mind reader

Mind reader games are always fun and exciting. This mind reader game guesses the number that you think and shows the symbol associated with that number.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

In the Mind reader game, a table of numbers and associated symbols are presented to the user. You will be asked to think of any two-digit number and do some math as explained there and the symbol associated with the answer you get magically appears in the square. Pretty much amazing!!!

4. Take a Break-Enjoy a Virtual Coffee Break       

Everyone likes to have a coffee in the midst of some hectic work. It is not just the coffee that relaxes your nerves, it is the ambience, the noise of people murmuring, etc. Take a virtual coffee break with Coffitivity and bring a coffee shop environment literally to your home or office.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

With Coffitivity, one can choose different coffee shop environments including Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, Paris Paradise, etc. The varied mix of sounds including the plates clanking, people talking and coffee brewing gives a great feeling of a coffee shop environment.

5. Calm Your Nerves and Watch the Coral Reefs 

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Switch to your diving costume and take a virtual dive along Lady Elliot Island or American Samoa to watch the coral reefs. The virtual dive is offered through a stunning high-resolution view. A simple five-minute virtual dive is enough to calm your senses.

6. Cool Your Senses by Playing Piano        

Take a break and relax by testing your music skills and play the piano. You can either play alone or play with other players.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Multiplayer Piano is actually a social music experiment that lets you play the piano with strangers.

7. Weave Silk

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Weave Silk is another art site that lets you weave a wave of silk visually online. There is the minimal effort required on your part as you just need to move your mouse around the screen and the weaving pattern starts automatically.

8. Build Your Own Galaxy

Hop into your space suit and unleash your imagination and start building your own galaxy. With Neonflames, choose a color from the color palette on the left and start building. All you need to do is simply click the mouse on the empty black screen and you can see the galaxy getting built. Now switch colors and make your galaxy more vibrant and colorful.

9. Hear Some Ambient Sounds to Soothe Your Mind

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Are you looking for a quick break to ward off your distraction, then check out A Soft Murmur. Choose between different mixes of background noise from rain, thunder, wind, waves, etc. You can even time your mixes, save them for later, and even share your new mix with your friends.

10. Create Your Own Song 

If you are feeling stressed and want to have a mindful break, then why not try the Song maker from Chrome Music Labs. It is a simple tool that allows you to create your own.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

With Song Maker, you can switch between various instruments, set the tempo, sing a song and sync it with the audio, customize the beats and even save your song for later.

11. Watch Live Cams on the Zoo Life, Cats, Dogs Etc.

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Want to switch into a totally different world of cats, dogs, and elephants, turn on the live cam at Here you can watch nature at its lively best, animal cams. You can explore nature and wildlife along with various other live cams across the world. Switch between 150 different cams and relax your nerves.

12. Play Some Tetris

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

If you want to try some game to bide away your time, you can always rely on this ever-popular Tetris game. It is a tile-matching game that will help you get a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily work.

13. Have Fun with Gradients

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Take some time off from your hectic work schedule and have some fun with gradients. It is a simple website where need to keep clicking on your mouse to divide the screen into gradient sections.

great feeling of a coffee shop environment.

14. Have Fun With “Guess Your Mind”

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Akinator is another fun game that attempts to find the character, celebrity, or animal that you have in mind. It attempts to guess the character in your mind through a series of yes/no type of questions. You will be surprised to see that the genie guessing your mind in less than 20 questions.

15. Play This Exciting Quick Draw Game   

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

Want to challenge your drawing skills, then try this quick draw game from Google. It is a fun and exciting game that challenges you to draw an object, animal, or character in less than 20 seconds. It uses a neural network artificial intelligence in the background to guess what you draw in quick time.

16. Some Useless Web

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

If you are looking to bide away time visiting some of the most useless websites available on the internet, then check out the useless web. All you need to do is click a button and it will transport you through a collection of useless websites like “How to talk to your cat about Gun Safety”, Eel Slap, Smash the Walls, etc.

great feeling of a coffee shop environment.

17. SketchPad       

Calming Websites for Mindful and Beautiful Breaks

SketchPad is a website that provides a platform for users to draw or sketch their ideas easily. There are several tools available that will help you draw your ideas quickly. There is even a calligraphy brush that lets you write your text in calligraphic style.

18. Watch Some Oddly Satisfying Videos

Want to watch some oddly satisfying videos that will help you relax your nerves, then check out this subreddit channel. There is all kind of videos in this channel including relaxing, calming, funny, exciting, etc.

19. Rain for Me

Say goodbye to all your stress by listening to the natural sound of rain from Rain for Me. There is nothing much on the site except for the relaxing sound of rain and only rain. Unwind yourself and take a rain break.

20. Falling Falling     

Falling Falling is another classic art website from the famous visual artist Rafael Rozendaal.

21. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes       

This is another interesting website and the interesting part is that you don’t need to do anything. Yes, for 2 minutes you just stay put, relax and stop everything you do, and do nothing. In simple words, you don’t even touch your mouse, look at the monitor or touch your keyboard for 2 minutes. It is a proven fact that it helps to increase your productivity levels.

22. Pointer Pointer

Just try this website that allows you to move your pointer wherever you want across the screen. Once you hold your position, it will locate its pointer and load an image accordingly. Pretty much interesting.

23. Two Min Fun

Looking to bide your time reading some jokes, cracking puzzles, and answering quiz questions, then Two Min Fun is the right place.

24. Terribly Tiny Tales

Want to listen to some stories, but not interesting in reading hundreds of pages, then check out Terribly Tiny Tales. This site provides you short but sweet stories in less than 2000 words.

25. XKCD Web Comics – Calming Websites

XKCD is a collection of webcomics that is based on various categories including romance, politics, sarcasm, and math, etc.

Final Words

Hope the above list of websites will help you in driving away all the stress and cool your nerves. Please post your comments and suggestions about your experiences with these websites. You can also share your favorite website that you use to bide away some time.

Sudipta Gupta

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