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CommerceHQ Review: All that you need to know in 2022

CommerceHQ Review All that you need to know 2021

Creating an online store is not difficult. However, when it comes to scaling your online business, it’s not as easy as setting up a store. Fortunately, many e-commerce platforms provide an all-in-one solution to start and scale your business. CommerceHQ is one such platform.

CommerceHQ Review

Despite all the popular competitors, CommerceHQ has gotten quite some fame in the past few years. In this article, we’ll be reviewing CommerceHQ and explore what CommerceHQ is, its features, and its pros and cons. With this article, you will get a deep insight into how CommerceHQ works and if it’s worth the consideration.

What is CommerceHQ

CommerceHQ is an e-commerce platform designed for entrepreneurs to build their online stores. The creator of CommerceHQ initially had a store on Shopify. However, seeing how limited features were on the platform, he built his platform by including all the features he thought an e-commerce platform must-have.

CommerceHQ Review

Since CommerceHQ has been built by an entrepreneur, it consists of all the features and functionalities the competitor platforms lack. The platform is built in a way that entrepreneurs can achieve a higher rate of conversion and great sales volume. Ecommerce owners who use CommerceHQ can easily market their store and work on customer retention with the features provided by the platform.

How does CommerceHQ work?

CommerceHQ is pretty similar to other e-commerce platforms. However, it is more advanced and contains a lot more features. The platform is designed in a way that ensures that everything results in a higher rate of sales and conversion. Building an online store that scales is easy with this platform.

CommerceHQ Review

On this platform, you don’t need any third-party platforms to get more features. Instead, CommerceHQ is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that consists of everything you may need as an entrepreneur to scale your business. You don’t need to pay for third-party apps, nor would you need to pay for themes and other features. There is only a monthly cost that brings you everything you need.

Features of CommerceHQ

CommerceHQ Review

Some of the features of CommerceHQ are,

1Upsell campaignsOn CommerceHQ, you can create upsell campaigns by creating custom discount promotions. This will persuade customers to buy more items from your store.
2Simple navigationComplex options and procedures are a huge turn-off for customers. However, CommerceHQ is a simple platform. For instance, your customer’s cart will remain saved even if the customer leaves the site. The platform also has an accordion checkout page which makes it easy for customers to proceed with their orders.
3Visual Store BuilderAesthetics are the most important part of the business. If your store has a pretty theme, your customer will naturally be interested. With CommerceHQ, you can create an aesthetically pleasing store with drag and drop technology.
4No processing feesLet’s be honest, none of us likes processing fees. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a processing fee to CommerceHQ. You won’t be charged with any extra hidden charges on this platform.
5Exclusive PartnershipsOn CommerceHQ, you can partner with print-on-demand vendors and get special pricing and integration.
6Automated Gift CardsAutomated Gift cards are an amazing way to keep your customers buying from you. On CommerceHQ, you can easily create automated gift cards for your customers.
7Coupon codesBy offering discounts through Coupon codes, you can get your customers to buy more items from your shop. Discounts can also persuade your customers to buy items that would otherwise be expensive for them. This would create a demand for that product and benefit you in the long run.
8Unlimited staff accountsYou don’t have to pay any extra fees if you want more staff accounts. CommerceHQ offers you unlimited staff accounts which means you can have multiple accounts connected to your store without any limits.
9Unlimited ProductsThere is no product limit on CommerceHQ. You can create and put as many products in your store as you wish.
10Unlimited File StorageVideos and images are an essential part of any online store. They convince the users of the legitimacy of the store. On CommerceHQ, you can upload files on your store with no limitations since CommerceHQ offers unlimited file storage.
11Advanced ReportingCommerceHQ provides detailed reports and analytics about your store so that you can keep track of your business.
12Related ProductsWhen a customer is interested in a product in your store, they’ll be shown other related products available in your store. This will allow you to show more products of the categories that the customer is interested in and will result in a higher conversion rate.
1399% UptimeCommerceHQ promises that you and your customers will never see downtime in their store.
14SSL Secure CheckoutThis platform offers SSL secure checkout which means data that your customer enters on the checkout page will remain secure and encrypted.
15Inventory ManagementCommerceHQ ensures that regardless of the size of your inventory, managing it is easy for you.
16Customer ProfilesYou can view your customer’s activity easily with the customer profiles offered by CommerceHQ.
17Pixel ManagementTo leverage your store, commerce HQ offers easy pixel management. Regardless of how many stores you have on the platform, you can manage and add pixels easily.
18CSV Export BuilderCommerceHQ allows you to build your custom CSV reports on the platform without having to upload spreadsheets.
19Unlimited BandwidthWith unlimited bandwidth, regardless of how many customers visit your store, the performance and the speed of the platform will never be impacted.

Pros and Cons


  • Userfriendly – The best thing about CommerceHQ is its user-friendly experience. The interface is entirely intuitive which keeps you from second-guessing every step. You can easily drag and drop any feature you wish. The user-friendliness of the platform allows you to use the platform to its full potential
  • Free hosting – Hosting is completely free on CommerceHQ. You don’t have to pay a penny to buy hosting from the platform for your store
  • Quick setup – CommerceHQ is super easy to navigate. You can set up your store in a matter of minutes. Even if you don’t have any prior experience of setting up an online store, it will still be fairly easy
  • Integration with dropified – Dropshipping is easy with CommerceHQ since it integrates with Dropified. This will allow you to automate your dropshipping business
  • Integrates with Zapier – The integration with Zapier will allow you to connect your apps with your store without any hassle
  • No hidden costs or unnecessary fees – There are no extra costs on CommerceHQ. You will just need to pay each month for the monthly plan and then you can use all the features without having to pay


  • No mobile app – CommerceHQ does not have a mobile app which makes it difficult for those who want to shop with their phone. or for the store owners who may want to manage their store with the app
  • Ticket support – Customer support is based on the ticket system on this platform. There is no way to directly contact support with your phone
  • Expensive monthly plan – The monthly plan of CommerceHQ is a bit more expensive than competitor platforms


CommerceHQ Review
CommerceHQ Review
  • Startup – For the Startup plan, you will have to pay $99. On this plan, you can have 1 store, unlimited products, unlimited file storage, and up to 30,000 sales per month without any transaction fees
  • Pro – You’ll have to pay $299 for the pro plan. On the pro plan, you can have up to 6 stores and 80,000 sales per month with unlimited file storage and unlimited products without transaction fees
  • Enterprise – If you are an enterprise, then you can have more than 30 stores along with unlimited sales per year with all the features included. However, for the pricing, you’ll have to contact the platform to negotiate

Final thoughts

As CommerceHQ is created by entrepreneurs with prior experience in e-commerce, it has been designed to fulfill the needs of every online store owner. This makes this platform an ideal choice for starting an online store. The platform ensures that your store gets the best conversion rate.

Unfortunately, CommerceHQ does have an expensive monthly plan but in the long term, you will be spending a lot less money in comparison with other e-commerce platforms. The reason behind this is, commerce HQ has a transparent pricing model. You will not have to pay any extra fees for any feature. This is one of the reasons why we recommend using CommerceHQ over other platforms.

This platform offers you full control over your e-commerce business. You will not need to use any third-party apps to access any feature since CommerceHQ offers an all-in-one e-commerce solution.

Overall, CommerceHQ is an ideal choice if you are planning to start an online store since it guarantees higher conversions. The platform is quite easy to navigate through, and contains features that are essential for any e-commerce business.

Sudipta Gupta

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