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Top 10 Custom PC Builder Websites

In today’s day and age, every business or brand we see is transferring itself to an online platform, and such is the case for Building custom PCs. You can get your hands on any PC or PC product you want. Below are the top 10 websites for custom building PCs according to our research:

1. Digital Storm

Digital Storm is a privately owned computer manufactured come that started its work in 2002. It is one of the old horses in the market, making them one of the experienced campaigners.

Digital storm sells custom-built laptops, PCs, and workstations. Digital storm has one of the cheapest models starting from 699$.

Digital storm provides its services internationally, which not many websites offer. So wherever you are, you have come to the right place if you want a PC that you only customize.

Digital storm provides us with many PC components to choose from, including technology for veteran gamers.

They also sell computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, etc., along with their custom-built PPCs

The digital storm is highlighted when cooling systems are in discussion. This is because of their complex water cooling structures that are cool to use.

Typically a 3-year warranty is offered by the company, which can be upgraded to 4-5 years.

This company lacks inventory when compared to its rivals. The website has an average stock with limited options to choose from. So there might be a chance that you will not find your desired product on the website.

2. iBuyPower

iBuyPower started its work atin999, making them one of the oldest in the industry. iBuyPower is considered to be among the top brands among custom buildPCsPCs. When enlisting the top 10 websites, you cannot ignore that iBuyPower has one of the best choices on the internet.

iBuyPower is a website for veteran gamers who want heavy setups on their desks.

iBuyPower gives their customers very affordable computers and gives them a choice to add any computer component they like; however, many of their products are very high tech, so we wouldn’t recommend beginners to use this website.

Their website also features an easy builder tool that gives the user a choice to put their specifications quickly. They also sort out the PCs based on which types of games you want to play.

The company typically offers a 3-year warranty plan which cannot be extended, and its delivery time is almost 5-10 days, but you can reduce that by paying for rush delivery.

The company offers a wide range of products for veteran gamers. Still, it has not much to offer when beginners or newbies are in the discussion, so those who don’t have much gaming knowledge will have to face some difficulty using this website.

3. BLD by NZXT

BLD by NZXT is one of the newcomers in the market. Still, they have gained popularity very quickly because of their brilliant website that gives their customers choices of their will for every computer component they want to add to their custom-built PC.

The website offers its customers complete control over the design of its system. They have a very comprehensive PC customization setup that satisfies every one of their customers.

BLD by NZXT has an algorithm for asking questions, and after answering them, the customer gets the results of his own choices, which gives them more freedom.

You can also choose your budget or the game you want to play along with the website’s many parameters.

The customization setup is so easy and helpful that newbies and veteran gamers appreciate the work. They have both PCs and Laptops with many options on them.

The company only has a 2-year warranty that cannot be extended, and they promise your shipping will be delivered in 48 hours. And you have the option to get your product on the same day if you pay 200$ more.

BLD by NZXT has shipping availability in only USA and Canada. Besides that, there is no other country where the services can be provided. The company also takes a whooping fee of 350$ for assembling the PC.

4. Origin PC

One of the biggest names in the market ‘Origin PC’ was developed in 2009 and is still giving excellent services to its customers. They have both low and high-end PCs, but their main focus is on gaming devices and components.

Origin PC also has its own custom PC builder tool that gives much freedom to gamers in choosing their components.

Origin PC also offers to use their computers on finance for an extended period. This feature is not standard on other websites. However, the budget might be a little problematic.

The company has options for every kind of user, from low-end PC to workstations. They have got it all.

Unlike many other websites, Origin PC always has stock availability, so you will get your purchase no matter what your product is.

Origin PC has a 1-year warranty plan for most of its PCs and Laptops, which can be extended up to 3 years.

Origin PC doesn’t provide its customers with low-tier systems. Although they do have a good reputation for the availability of their stock, this is still a problem. Along with that, Origin PC does not give the option to choose your budget, and it might be a problem for many users.

5. AVADirect

AVADirect is another giant in the market, offering many options to their customers. The best part about their website is that they have excellent availability and compatibility with any user. It’s a website where newbies will also feel comfortable hanging around.

AVADirect has an excellent PC building system that requires little effort and gives fruitful results to their customers. You have to add your budget or games you want to play, and the rest is in the system’s hand.

After you have considered your choice, you still have the option to customize your PC more such as Lightning cases or water cooling systems, etc. This will give you more freedom to choose the proper setup.

AVADirect has many options ranging from low end to high end, which gives their customers to build a very affordable computer. Also, AVADirect does not take any fee for assembling your computer.

The only minor problem with AVADirect is its delivery time. But if you are impatient with your product, you can pay extra money for fast delivery. Fortunately, AVADirect, as discussed earlier, does not take any fee for assembling.                                                                                                                                        

6. Maine

Maine is another powerful website for powerful gamers. It has one of the best high-tech computer products on the market. The company is privately owned and provides the latest gear in the market, which many other companies fail to.

The one thing that sets asides MainGear from other companies is that it has the latest gear, such as AMD Ryzen 5000 series processor giving gamers the products they thrive on finding.

The website interface is straightforward, and you can even find complex gaming products very quickly, which are very hard to find on other websites.

The company also sells computer accessories like keyboards, mice or processors, etc.

The company typically offers a 1-year warranty plan for their customers, but that can be extended to 3 years.

Maine also has a problem with newbies or beginners because they do not have sallow-ended gaming gear. So if you want your PC to be low-end, we wouldn’t recommend you spend your time on this website.

7. Xidax

Xidax offers one of the most affordable laptops, or PC’s in the market with well-matched components that give an excellent performance. The company gets its hype for the extended warranty periods that not many have to offer. They offer lifetime warranties as well.

Xidax standouts when warranty periods are discussed among custom building websites. They offer lifetime warranties for their, PPCswhich is unlike many other websites. They also have a 2-year warranty for their laptops which cannot be extended.

Xidax also offers some of the cheapest gaming setups giving many people the chance to play their favorite games on their PCs.

The company also offers quality products on its website too.

Xidax is best known for its warranty periods, but the main problem with Xidax is its stock availability. Mostly you will find your product on Xidax, but in many cases, you might not get the product you want.

8. CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC offers many affordable setups with excellent matching components that enhance the computer’s speed. They have a wide range of computer components and custom-built rigs for more serious gamers. They also have their PC building tool, which helps find the right desktop.

CyberPowerPC gives gamers a great time on their website when finding suitable components. They have even got custom-built rigs which can only be found in some places.

The company specializes in gaming laptops and PCs. They have everything from professional cable management to complex water cooling systems.

The company also offers its building tool for easiness in finding the proper setups. After entering your specifications, the device sorts out the best matches for you according to your preferences. You can also sort out your design according to your budget.

Cyber PC has one ye1-warranty plan with a 3-year service plan and lifetime support.

CyberPowerPC is one of the best websites in the market, and the only thing that CyberPowerPC does not offer is fast shipping; however, you can pay for fast shipping if you are eagerly waiting for your system. Fast shipping will typically take three days to arrive.

9. Falcon NorthWest

Falcon Northwest is one of the oldest markets, offering various options to its customers. They build custom PCs and Laptops to custom cases as well. They have only one flaw they only use online payments, including credit or debit cards.

Falcon Northwest has tons of experience in them. Their primary specialty is to make PCs configurable to the most powerful hardware in the market.

If you need computing horsepower and want your computer to work at a high rate under immense loads, you have come to the right place.  

Along with their computers, they also make custom-built computer cases and water cooling systems that have top-notch quality.

Falcon Northwest has only a 3-year warranty plan and no other exploring options.

The payment method for Falcon NorthWest is one of the things that sets it aside from the rest because the company only offers online payment in the form of credit or debit cards.

10. Build My PC

Build My PC is another powerful website with a wide variety of computer components available. They also provide us with custom building tools, but this one is not as complex then other websites offer. That aside, Build My PC is easy to use.

This company is one of the newcomers in the market, but the response from their customers has been very positive, and they have almost got all of their bases covered.

Build My PC offers a variety of computer components, but this website checks the compatibility of parts from Amazon or other merchants.

The website also offers its custom building tool for providing more easiness to its users, and it is not that hard to use as well. The interface will only ask some critical questions, and then it will sort out the PCs of your preference.

The only minor thing that the user can sense is wrong that the PC builder tool for Build My PC is not comprehensive, and with that, you might have some trouble finding your specific system.

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