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22 Best Free Seamless Wood Texture to Download

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials. Whether you are a designer or an artist, you can find endless ways to incorporate wood textures in your designs. Seamless Wood Texture is a beautifully crafted wood texture that contains some of the gorgeous wooden surfaces captured in a picture. A few design assets, such as blog post headers, flyers, posters, etc., can be taken and customized with these high-definition images.

If you need a seamless wood texture, why not try one of these 22 free textures? Whether you need them for your video editing work or want to try something new with your artwork, they’ll give you the variety you crave. So take a look at these options of seamless textures that look realistic and natural through carving and painting techniques, and see which ones suit your needs the best!

The list comprises old woods, white woods, vector textures, dark woods, and wood grain textures. All the 22 wood textures listed here are licensed to be used freely for personal and commercial uses. As long as you have a good grasp of wood textures and how to use them, those listed below will probably be what you are looking for!

1. The Woody Collection

Best Seamless Wood Texture

Among the wood texture packs you will see in this article, this belongs in the popular category. Its popularity is seen clearly, as it is used and preferred by artists and designers for its heavily aged surfaces.

2. Old Wood Textures x10 Vol.4

Best Seamless Wood Texture

A notable mention of this wood texture would be it is a recently released texture. Even though it has not been around for more than two or three years, it’s a balanced look between old-time packs and modern time packs.

3. Wood Grain Texture Pack

Best Seamless Wood Texture

Wood Grain Texture Pack made it to this list because of its adventurous and imaginary looks. It has various features and touches making, which makes it multi-functional. If you are going for a more conservative look, this texture pack is a good pick.

4. Free Damaged Wood Textures

Best Seamless Wood Texture

A set of 5 high-resolution wood textures that have a look of damaged and worn-out wood. If your project has a grungy or edgy feel, you can use this set of textures with no copyright issues.

5. Free Wood Background Set

Best Seamless Wood Texture

A set of nine free wood textures that are all high resolution. If you are designing websites, business cards, and banners, this wood texture is the perfect choice you could go with. The resolution could go up to 1600 x 1200 px. 

6. Freebie: Grungy Wood Plank Textures

Best Seamless Wood Texture

This set of wood textures comes in sets of five wood textures. They will add to your design a rusted or weather-affected floor look. They are very high resolution and have been the designer’s choice.

7. 8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns

Best Seamless Wood Texture


A pack of 8 tileable dark wood texture sets that all give off a dark and mysterious vibe. At the same time, they can also give off a vintage kind of persona. No matter what look you are going for; this texture is worth checking out.

8. 8 High-Res Textures Set

Best Seamless Wood Texture


A set of 8 textures set that have wood, concrete, and stone looks. They all are available in a high resolution and transparent file. Using them will make it easy for you when adding images. Images could be PNG, JPEG, and PAT files. 

9. Light Wood Texture

Best Seamless Wood Texture

Create appealing retro designs with this light wood background – and spend your time on something more enjoyable than looking for suitable textures because this one is already accessible. Let your fantasy and designs go wild while using these wood textures.

10. Dark Wood Background

If you are working on a project that needs a rustic wood texture and looks, then look no more. For any designing project, you can use this texture. It will add a cozy and warm feeling to the designs. 

11. Wood Grain Textures

A perfect fit for the saying that goes beauty has a natural origin. Using this texture will guarantee you a raw wood or log that has an artistic vibe or look. Blame this texture for being the reason people can take their eyes off your design.

12. Deep Dark Wood Background

Another dark wood texture carries a cozy and warm feeling. Using this texture for various designs and projects will bring you a rustic persona. Who does not love rugged and dark-looking designs?

13. Close-Up Tree Bark Texture

As the name describes it, this wood texture has a close-up look of tree bark. It has a diligent and dark look that can be used as both background and central part of your design. A perfectly designed and digitalize texture.

14. Wood and Paint Free Textures

A set of four beautiful wood textures is free for you to use. All textures included are high-resolution wood veneers that you can use for your interior designs. Expect your designs to have a finishing look of natural yet digital features. 

15. Painted White Wood Texture

Are you looking for the best wood texture that goes well with your modern-looking designs? Then this wood texture suits your design perfectly. It is packed with high-resolution textures with a painted white wood background. 

16. Hardwood Brown Background

Looking for an old wood texture, which has a deep look that will make you like you are in the woods? Look no more because this texture will make you feel like you are in Scandinavian countries. A cozy and warm feeling with high resolution may summarize it all.

17. Rustic Plywood Texture

Another one of the old wood textures but has been widely popular and a powerful tool among designers. One look at this texture will make you feel like you are in an old Viking bar. 

18. 3 Vector Wood Textures

Introducing the first vector wood texture in this list. This wood texture is meticulously drawn and provides the best finishing touch for your design. It is a pack of 3 sets of textures that are all hand-drawn. 

19. Dead Tree-Free Texture

The name says it all. This wood texture free for you to use will give a deadwood grain an attractive and charming look. It is an artistic texture that will glue your audience’s eyes to the design.

20. Dark Wood Pattern

An utterly dark look and vibe, as the name suggests. It comes with a set of textures with a high resolution. The highest resolution could go up to 2560 x 1600, and the lowest could be 1152 x 864.

21. Wood texture Patterns

Best Seamless Wood Texture
Best Seamless Wood Texture

A variety of more than 20 wood colors are in this set of wood texture patterns. Examples of them are Mahogany, Oak, Cedar, Walnut, and more. If you are not using Photoshop patterns, JPG files are included too. 

22. Free Basket Weave Textures – Seamless Wood Texture

Best Seamless Wood Texture

Yes, exactly as you read it. It is a set of wood textures with the look of a weaved basket. Its flawless design makes this list because it is free for both personal and commercial use. You can download it in JPG and PAT form.


The touch of using a wood texture to your project, whether it is presentation or design, always leaves a satisfactory result. And those listed above stand out the most.

Sudipta Gupta

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