5 Alternatives of Grammarly for Plagiarism Detection

5 Grammarly Alternatives

In the past few years, plagiarism has become a severe issue in every domain. Duplication of content has engulfed the entire academia and the virtual world. Almost every person procrastinates when it comes to writing down content. They try to duplicate content from other sources to save time. 

However, the students and writers are also under pressure to produce content in abundance. For that reason, a plagiarism checker is a great assistance to ensure that the content you have is free from duplication or not. 

One of the most prominent online plagiarism checkers is provided by Grammarly. The tool is prodigious, and it offers great assistance in checking the similarity score. Apart from Grammarly, several other tools are also available in the market. You can use those tools to check for plagiarism. 

In this regard, we have come up with five alternatives of Grammarly for plagiarism detection. Some of these are free plagiarism checkers, while others are paid. 

1. is one of the best alternative similarity checkers to Grammarly. Whether you are a student, blogger, writer, or digital marketer, this free plagiarism checker can help you know how much duplication is there in your content. 

The tool provides a free and premium version. If you regularly check for the plagiarism of content, you are surely on the right track. The tool utilizes advanced deep search technology for detecting the plagiarized words in the content. The tool uses machine learning for determining duplication.

In this regard, the tool carefully examines the structure of the content and then checks the content’s similarity with other sources. It is a free plagiarism tool, but there is a paid version as well. 

2. Turnitin 

If you are looking for a premium alternative to Grammarly, then Turnitin is the option you need to go for. The tool checks similarity percentages in the content from various online and offline sources. They have added all the books, magazines, and other journals into their database.

It helps in knowing how content is being duplicated from other sources. The tool comes with an advanced algorithm for checking the duplication of content. This plagiarism tool also looks at the content by checking whether the synonyms have been replaced or not. It also tracks the sources from where the content has been replicated, and the synonyms are changed. 

3. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is another great alternative to Grammarly. The platform provides the facility for free, and there aren’t any strings attached. The tool is great for students, bloggers, and digital marketers. Smallseotools’ plagiarism detector is highly appreciated by the writers and students for better result generation.

It detects instances of duplication in the content on the go. The user only needs to provide content to the tool, and the rest of the heavy lifting is done on the utility’s end. It is certainly one of the best plagiarism checker tools for users. 

4. Scribbr

It is also one of the most advanced and prodigious tools for detecting duplication in content. It checks the similarity ratio of the content and lets the users know how much content has been duplicated. From students to writers, bloggers, and even digital marketers can utilize this tool to detect the duplication in their content.

The tool comes for free and the user need not pay any charges. It is one of the great tools for everyone out there. Therefore, if you are searching for a tool as an alternative to Grammarly, then it could be regarded as the best tool. 


If you are seeking a great plagiarism tool alternative to Grammarly, then choosing this plagiarism detector could be the best option. It is a great alternative to Grammarly, students, and teachers can use it to check for plagiarism in the content. It is certainly the best tool to know whether there is accidental plagiarism in your content or not. The tool comes with an easy-to-use and simple interface, and there aren’t any intricacies involved while using it.

It highlights the matching text in the content. This plagiarism checker lets you know about the potential source from where the content has been duplicated. It helps you in knowing from where exactly the content is being replicated. 

End Words!

We have enlisted the 5 best alternatives to Grammarly. The user can opt for the option they find the best. It provides the best plagiarism checking facility to assist everyone out there.

All of these tools come with an easy-to-use and simple interface. In addition, the tools come with distinctive features and have the ability to satisfy your needs accordingly. 

In the last analysis, checking for plagiarism in the content is essential to avoid any unfavorable circumstances. All the plagiarism tools listed above are great for detecting duplication in the content. Some of them are premium, while others are free. It depends on your need which one can go as per your requirements. However, the utilities are great for students, writers, digital marketers, and others to know whether their content is free from replication or not. 

Sudipta Gupta

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