Mailstrom vs SaneBox – Which one is better?

Mailstrom vs SaneBox - Which one is better (2021)

Email overload is one of the major causes of stress these days. Our inboxes are filled with all these spam and unimportant mails that it’s difficult to deal with the important ones. With all these unread emails, most people dread looking at the sight of their inbox. If you have thousands of emails waiting in your inbox, it is impossible to clean it all out on your own.

Mailstrom vs SaneBox - Which one is better? (2021)
Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Email management tools like Mailstrom and Sanebox are designed to keep your inbox clean. With these services, you can not only clean your inbox but also organize it. This will allow you to stay sane and focus your energy on things that increase the growth of your business. Let’s be honest, scrolling through all the spam is not going to help your business.


Mailstrom is a free email cleaner that helps you sort out your inbox in just a few clicks. Programs that use artificial intelligence may leave some of you feeling like you are not in control. However, Mailstrom uses human intelligence to make email management for you. Based on your related emails, it categorizes your mails making it easy to go through them.

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to managing inboxes. Mailstrom provides the users with smooth customization options that will help you sort your inbox in the way that you want. You will never have to compromise on your preference when using Mail strom.

On Mailstrom, you can choose when to reply to an email by using the chill function. You can also set a time limit for emails to stay in your inbox by using expire functionality. You can unsubscribe from mailing lists with just a single click. You can also block senders and subjects that you no longer want to see in your inbox.

Human intelligence:

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

For some users, the ambiguity that may come with artificial intelligence services may not be what they’re looking for. As some people don’t want to risk getting their important emails removed, the human intelligence technology that Mailstrom uses is perfect for those. Mailstrom categorizes your emails based on related emails.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

With mailstrom, you would never have to compromise on any feature you like. Your inbox will remain completely in your hands and you can make all the decisions yourself. The features can be customized to your preference. Mailstrom also has tips and guides through which you can learn to use the service as best as you can, based on your needs.

Spam protection:

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Mailstrom can filter spam in your inbox but with its extra spam protection, you can also prevent senders from sending you any spam mail. By simply blocking any sender or any email subject, you will never have to deal with any spam again.

Privacy protection:

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Our password is super confidential information that should never be shared with anyone else. It is fair to worry about losing your privacy if you are asked to give your password. However, Mailstrom uses end-to-end encryption by which the service will never have access to your email password.

Easy unsubscription:

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Subscribing to newsletters is easy but unfortunately, unsubscribing from these mailing lists is so complex that most people just choose to deal with unwanted emails. With Mailstrom, you can unsubscribe with just one click from these subscription mails. You will never have to deal with unnecessary newsletters and promotions anymore.


Sanebox is an email management tool that filters any unimportant emails to a folder called SaneLater. This way, you get a clean inbox containing only important emails. You can always check the rest of the emails in the SaneFolder. SaneBox uses artificial intelligence and determines important emails through previous email behavior.

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

On SaneBox, you can get a review of your unprocessed emails in SaneLater and other folders through the digest feature. This feature summarizes your unprocessed emails making it easier for you to go through them. SaneBox ensures that your inbox is not only uncluttered but also managed. For this, it has featured that filter, categorize and train emails to end up where they are supposed to go. Overall, SaneBox is a complete email management tool that any business or individual can use to manage their emails.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

Having our inbox filled with unwanted emails makes it difficult for us to focus on what’s important. On SaneBox, any unimportant emails are filtered out to SaneLater or other folders of your choice. You can then check these emails later at any time.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

You don’t have to worry about forgetting or missing out on anything important with SaneBox. You will be receiving reminders when a client does not reply to your mail. You can also set reminders for the emails that you want to process later. Or if you want to give your future self a reminder, you send mails to the reminder address.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

With the Blackhole feature, you can train your emails to end up in the trash. If you filter out a new email to Blackhole, it will stay there and will move to the trash folder after 7 days. This way, you can always make sure you have not filtered an important email. However, if your mail is 7 days old, then moving it to Blackhole will directly make it end up in the Trash folder.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

You have filtered out all the unwanted emails. What’s next? SaneBox has a digest feature that will summarize all the unprocessed mails in SaneLater and other such folders. This will help you review and process emails much faster.


Mailstrom vs SaneBox

On SaneBox, the attachments that come with your emails will move to the storage of your choice. You can choose Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, IBM smart cloud, or Box. Now you will not have to deal with large attachments anymore.

Custom training folders

Mailstrom vs SaneBox

With Custom training folders, you can categorize your contacts and separate them into groups. This will allow you to process your emails much faster and quicker. However, it’s recommended that you don’t categorize too specifically, this will make email processing difficult.

PricingFree TrialBasic plan starts at $9.00/moPlus, plan starts at $14.00/moPro starts at $29.95/moSnackplan starts at $7/mo Lunch plan starts at $12/mo Dinner Plan starts at $36/mo
Filtering featuresExtra spam protectionEasy unsubscription from mailing listsCategorizes related mailsFilters unimportant emails to SaneLaterBlackhole feature to train mails to the trashCustomized training folders to categorize related mails
User controlUses human intelligenceUses artificial intelligence
PersonalizationCustomizable featuresCustom training folders
Other featuresSpam protection by blocking subjects and sendersPrivacy protection with end-to-end encryptionDigest feature to make email processing easier attachments can be stored to separate storage of your choiceReminders for future
CompatibilityGmailYahooOutlookAll IMAP supporting email accountsWorks with all email service providers compatible on all devices such as mac, desktop, mobile, or PC
SecurityStores headlines but has access to content passwords are stored using AES encryptionYour emails remain on your server content of emails remains private passwords are encrypted with Cryptography
ProsPuts you in controlFree trialFlexibleKeeps inbox clean makes email management easierHelps in saving time
ConsLimitations on the free trialTakes a bit of time to get used toLack of definitive supportLimited trainable folders
Value for priceBasic Plan Starting from $9.00/mo Unlimited removal You can use one email account You can load 10,000 emails you can use the chill feature, and the expire feature. Plus Starts at $14.00/mo Unlimited removal you can use 3 email accounts you can load 250,000 emails Chill, block, and expire features will be available. PRO Starts at $29.95/mo Unlimited removal of emails you can use about 20 email accounts inbox size will be unlimitedChill, expire and block feature.Snack plan Starts at $7/mo1 email accountFrom optional features, you can use 1 Lunch plan Starts at $12/mo2 email accountsYou can use 5 optional features Dinner plan Starts at $36/mo4 email accountsYou can use unlimited optional features.


Mailstrom and SaneBox are both excellent tools that can prove to be assets for your business. Both services have their own benefits. For instance, the flexibility, and simplicity of Mailstrom can serve as a great tool for your business if what you are looking for is a way to deal with your email inbox faster. On the other hand, SaneBox has some tools like trainable folders and digest features that can help you in achieving the sorted inbox that you want.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. Before making any decision, do extensive research and read this guide and then choose the service that you think will benefit you the most. This guide will help you decide for yourself what service may benefit you the most.

Sudipta Gupta

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