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5 Best MediaVine Alternatives To Boost Your Income

Mediavine is a company dedicated to management and advertisement optimization. The service automates the advertisements management and drives profits through advertising placed on websites.

But although it sounds fantastic, Mediavine has some drawbacks, for example, to use this service it is necessary to have monthly sessions of 25,000 or unique visitors to your blog. If you’re just starting out, you don’t qualify to use it. Also, another disadvantage is that Mediavine is the one who decides on the amount and type of ads that will be displayed on the site. Therefore, if you are looking for more flexible alternatives, you are in the right place. Find here the top 5 Mediavine alternatives to boost your income.

#1. Ezoic

Google Certified Partner, Ezoic is a service to automatically optimize ad placement and thus increase revenue through Adsense and other online advertising networks. To do this, they use artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

Best MediaVine Alternatives

It also provides improvements in web loading speed, SEO, and user experience, as well as expert suggestions through email communication.

Compared to Mediavine, which is for those who have blogs with visits that exceed 25,000 sessions per month, Ezoic only asks that you have 10,000 visits per month and allows you to have a great income. Well, compared to Mediavine, the Ezoic service provides the opportunity to earn 50-200% or even more.

It should be noted that Ezoic does not require exclusivity, while Mediavine does require an exclusive annual contract, so it is not possible to work with other providers.

On the other hand, Ads on Mediavine usually make the web page work and load much slower. And although Mediavine has managed to improve this factor, only with Ezoic can you achieve the fastest speed for your website.

Several tests support it, thus being able to confirm that the speed achieved with the Ezoic service is the fastest on the market today. From the beginning, this was one of the clear objectives to be achieved and that is how it has been because apart from its great quality service, the speed that can be achieved anywhere is unbeatable.


  • Ezoic has a customer service team available 24/7.
  • Ezoic gives you the possibility to use different payment methods, among which is PayPal.
  • Ezoic makes your income much higher.
  • It has a constant support and monitoring service.


  • In order to use it, you must exceed 10,000 visits per month on your website (this is not bad but for some bloggers this can be difficult to achieve).
  • Its installation and configuration, at first, is quite complex.

#2. AdThrive

Similar to Mediavine, AdThrive is an ad management service, which is also a certified Google partner, although it requires at least 100,000 page views per month to qualify to the AdThrive Edge and you must have at least 750,000 page views per month to qualify for AdThrive Premium. Both are good, but with AdThrive Premium you get a little more personalized help to maximize your ad revenue on your blog.

Best MediaVine Alternatives

According to the Work At Home No Scams website review, most bloggers have reported income of $1,300 per 100,000 page views through AdThrive, “averaging $11 to $13 per 1,000 page views.”

Unlike Mediavine, AdThrive adapts many more blogging topics/niches than Mediavine accepts, which allows many bloggers to lean towards AdThrive. However, that does not mean that AdThrive is not strict when evaluating the sites that request them, one of those requirements is that the blog is operating in America.

After being approved for its quality control, which also includes traffic, you can start working together with AdThrive and have a very good income. They pay monthly with direct deposit.


  • They always pay on time.
  • They are quick to answer questions when you need to send an email.
  • You get certified by Google.
  • It offers a very active community.
  • Excellent customer service


  • 100,000 views can be a lot for a beginner.


If what you are looking for are alternatives to Mediavine, can be a great option to improve the income that your blog generates monthly, with publishers such as Forbes, Hearst, Meredith, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Best MediaVine Alternatives

To increase your chances of high-income combines the experiences of Yahoo! and Bing Network to allow you to have much more income with your website in an easier and faster way. In addition to this, publishers can use the self-service platform to create and customize ad units that display relevant text ads from across the entire Yahoo!

Is profitable to monetize? Yes since unlike Mediavine, does not ask for any minimum traffic. The variety of ads and the reach of Yahoo! and the Bing ads Network ensure that your website is in high demand at all times. So many advertisers participate in real-time auctions to serve only the highest paying ads on their pages.

While Mediavine can lead the way in web monetization, if for some reason your account was not accepted, you can try this very good-looking platform with decent ads and bids.


  • It offers great data capabilities and reports in real time.
  • You do not need to have a minimum number of visits to qualify.
  • Customer control and data protection.
  • ROI and revenue optimization capabilities.
  • Very easy to use and integrate.


  • Your website only needs to receive visits from the UK, Canada and America for you to be able to monetize.

#4. Monumetric

This is another very good option if you have a blog and are looking to make an income. You can add advertising to your blog and the income will be based on the number of visitors you receive on your page.

Best MediaVine Alternatives

This service has a very good reputation among publishers since it offers very good tools that help you to manage and have control over where you want the advertising to appear and you can also choose what type of advertising you want. This means that you can choose who to work with, and according to the ads they offer.

As for the minimum visits that Monumetric requires, you must have at least 10,000 visits to your page per month to be able to join.

Do not worry, you should not do anything since a specialized team will be in charge of placing the ads on your blog. You should only focus on continuing to create content while Monumetric makes sure that each page of your blog displays the correct ad units to the correct visitors.

On the other hand, many bloggers say that Mediavine can be difficult to approve. Of course, it depends on the blog’s niche, traffic, and many other factors. But if that is also your case, you can try Monumetric since it automatically generates dynamic display ads based on its content and the interests of its visitors. Whether you want to display in-article ads, dynamic video ads, or banners within your posts or in your sidebar, Monumetric has you covered.


  • You will receive professional support from the beginning.
  • They place the ad units for you.
  • Greater potential for ad revenue.
  • Wide range of ad units.
  • They work with PayPal.


  • You need at least 10,000 page views per month to join Monumetric (not too bad compared to Mediavine).

#5. Taboola – MediaVine Alternatives

This is today one of the main native ad networks in the world and is an excellent alternative to Mediavine because the payment happens daily, offers good performance, and great support.

Best MediaVine Alternatives
Best MediaVine Alternatives

Instead of products, promotions, and brands, Taboola advertises content from other sites to generate traffic and consequently closed business. Its strategy is to display content on the most visited sites on the Internet, related to what the Internet user is reading, thus generating traffic for advertisers.

And for that, Taboola unites advertisers and publishers (affiliates) in an equation that creates opportunities for both parties.

From one of them, the advertiser gets qualified traffic from people interested in what they have to offer; while on the other hand, the publisher or affiliate can monetize your site and earn money with clicks and impressions. So Taboola is a great way to earn money as an affiliate and can be more interesting than the other options.

The only drawback is the platform’s requirements for new affiliate participation. Although Taboola does not advertise, those interested in participating must have a lot of traffic on their channels and good authority.

Among the differentials is the fact that you can track earnings with respect to the email address (URL) used by the visitor.

It should be notice that Taboola does not have a trial plan or a free plan. The services are activated by subscription on the platform that makes a budget based on the activated modules and installed applications.


  • Safe and constant earnings
  • Greater possibility of conversion
  • Available in multiple languages
  • ROI tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Budget management


  • It does not include activity notifications.
  • It does not suit small projects.

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