12 Best Meme Search Engines to Find Memes and GIFs

12 Best Meme Search Engines to Find Memes and GIFs-min

Nowadays, people prefer to have graphical conversations rather than textual conversations. On the Internet, many people use to share some of the entertaining posts that entertain the person having a chat.

Best Meme Search Engines
Best Meme Search Engines

When chatting online, it’s difficult to show the people to whom you are communicating, actually what you’re believing. You can’t chuckle at them, spin your eyes, shrug, or smirk. You can’t make them laugh a lot with your cheerful attitude.

This leads to the usage of GIF (Graphic Interface Format) that enables you to have short clips, images, or short videos to express yourself at that time. Now, let us know what memes are and what the best search engines to find these things are.

What are Memes?

A meme is transmitted virally that is an image enriched with text, usually conveying pointy comments on cultural characters, social concepts, or recent incidents.

Best Meme Search Engines

A meme is a pictorial or videography that uses fun, comedy, pranks, etc., to define the feelings and emotions of a particular audience.

How do you search for memes?

Many of you must be eager to have some of the viral memes or the memes required as per your requirement. But the problem is “how can it be done?”

Best Meme Search Engines

Memes are searched online with the help of some of the meme and gifs search engines. These memes and search engines enable you to facilitate or fulfill your requirements.

To comfort you further with your task, here is a collection of the top 12 memes search engines to find memes and gifs.


Best Meme Search Engines

Google for GIFs” was the brilliant idea that was brought by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke in 2013.

The intention was a GIF search engine that can be shared and forwarded to their friends. Their main motive was to give rise to trends in visual messages.

After having millions of users it started allowing users to post and share GIFs on Facebook. GIPHY started obtaining companies and got funded with funds for marketing buildup. Through these, the companies got dealt with more than 200 brands for hosting their recent schemes or offer on their own branded channel.

GIPHY is the most prominent zone for revealing related GIFs for every event. The site carries GIF topics aimed at important cultures. When you register on the forum all GIFs of your choice get compiled into a list.

It is also accessible on the mobile app with the function of GIFs download and put together with the textual writing.

Nowadays, GIPHY has arisen as the top search engine of GIF subjects. Its famous consumer list comprises Pepsi, Disney, and Calvin Klein.

2. Reddit

Best Meme Search Engines

Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, students of the University of Virginia founded Reddit. Reddit’s GIF text is placed in its specific subreddits. A subreddit can be defined as a subpart. There are many variations in the subreddit site that can be about any kind of diet.

The content on Reddit is used to be submitted on the site in the form of texts or links or any image. After registering on the platform, users can search several subreddits of GIFS such as Grumpy GIFs, Animated GIFs, and GIFs on quotes, etc.

The users of Reddit are vigorously engrossed in the gif and also upvote their rage as the people have the right to upvote or devote as per their choices. If you disobey the rules of the site, you will be unnecessarily harassed. Reddit’s officials use their time cooling the site.

3. Know Your Meme

Best Meme Search Engines

Cheezburger Network in 2011 owned a special memes and viral scenes analysis and documents search engine-referred to as Know Your Meme. It is a library for meme-lovers as it has a collection of news, images, news, and memes.

The users who are registered are authorized to submit memes and viral events to Know Your Meme, with the involvement of members in the conversations and study of the materials uploaded. The meme section contains free memes that can be discovered by you when required.

The meme section enables you to browse thousands of memes, spread them, learn about their origin or illustrations and save them on your device. Know Your Meme is a very informational website that works for users with not only crazy but also with important things.

Also, Know your Meme is incredible as it boosts you to know the history of your dearest memes.

You can lead up about who developed a specific meme, how frequently it was forwarded or upvoted, and fun details that no one else had any idea about.

4. Imgur

Best Meme Search Engines

In 2009, Alan Schaaf who was a Computer Science student studying at Ohio University created Imgur which is a very famous meme search engine popular to find specific and special memes. It reached a million heights with its first five months of release. 

It is one of the most used and visited image hosting search engines on the Internet. It represents memes on specific topics or events. It helps to conserve the time of meme lovers by facilitating them with particular memes and saving their research time. Imgur is the best option for cybercitizens to disclose and forward images rapidly.

Imgur is a great place to find popular and joyful memes and images.

It also proposes an instant means for users to submit or forward their resemblances from different references and compose memes.

Users are provided with interactive features like voting, sharing, and commenting on images.

5. GIFbin

Best Meme Search Engines

In 2009, GIFbin, a search engine for memes and GIFs, was introduced with a retro theme-based website on the Internet.

It has a vast collection of GIFs that entertains you a lot by making you laugh aloud and swinging your mood.

You will love it as it contains many color combinations and themes that are like old-school or retro vibes.

These GIFs are organized by both words and numbers. You can search the GIFs by typing their category names and the number belonging to that particular GIFs.

6. Tumblr

Best Meme Search Engines

David Karp was interested in short pattern blogs and was wishing for some of the predominant blogging programs to initiate something like GIFs or memes. He realized that no one else was doing it, so he started struggling with it with Marco Arment, a designer.  He founded Tumblr, a popular topic area for glimpsing personalized GIFs and Memes.

Its blog area comprises gif text from popular pictures and films in the structure of quotations and reactionary gifs. However, this gif society needs the user to register before installing the gifs. It makes you think about the site for hours as it has eye-catching content on it.

You can also follow some of your favorite personal blogs that admired you and made you stay updated on all their GIFs and memes. You can search for prominent topics like films, athletics, inspirational quotes, inspirational content, and comedy scenes.

7. Tenor

Best Meme Search Engines

In 2014, David Macintosh, Frank Nawabi, and Erick Hachenburg founded Tenor. It has increased search options that enable you to obtain particular outcomes. It is a GIF keyboard that supports you to keep it wherever needed.

Tenor is also tremendous if you’re waiting for a super and precise GIF to put into your blog post. You can thin down your search by operating search switches on tenor. It permits sharing of the GIFs instantly from the gadgets to the platform.

It again authorizes accessors to browse from the GIFs search engine and share them with friends through forwarding links or by downloading and sending them messages. It gives an API for the inventors to send the GIFs on different applications or social media.

It also furnishes tenor knowledge by data examination and visualization for the content authors and brand distributors.  You just have to type a word on a search field and the GIF results will appear.

8. Gfycat – (Meme Search Engines)

Best Meme Search Engines

In 2015, Richard Rabbat, Dan McEleney, and Jeff Harris founded Gfycat. The three loved looking and conveying GIFs but were discouraged by their big file length and poor quality. So they created their own meme search engine name as Gfycat.

Gfycat offers GIFs that are in the range between meme, meme, small video, and a GIF. There are lots of classifications in GIFs and memes from heroes to gaming. It also permits you to develop and submit your GIFs and meme videos on their platform.

Gfycat is easily available on PC, computer, laptop, mobile phone, and other devices. Gfycat has around 8 million subscribers with an active account on the website.

9. IMGflip – (Meme Search Engines)

Best Meme Search Engines

Dylan Wenzlau founded IMGflip as he was bored of using other creators’ memes and wanted to have it’s a meme. He created this search engine to enable the users to create their memes. Imgflip is a promising reference along with a big compilation of trendy memes forwarded by its users.

Imgflip is a memes and GIFs forwarding and production website. It quickly gives a fast and rapidly customizing way for users to make memes consuming images in particular folders or from the Imgflip package. You can either collect developed memes on your devices as personal ones or save them on Imgflip for easy forwarding on other social media applications. 

You can upload them on Imgflip to receive people. If your memes get votes then it is featured by shown on the homepage of the website. Amounts of productive and crazy memes can originate from here. Meanwhile, this website is rigged with a chart maker, a demotivational poster maker, and a GIF maker.

10. Free GIF Maker – (Meme Search Engines)

Best Meme Search Engines

Free GIF Maker, you can have almost everything into a GIF. You can submit your images and enhance them with unique effects. You can even attempt the “reverse GIF” feature, which enables you to seize your special GIF and give rise to its fiddle reversed!

With this site, you can roll nearly anything into a GIF, like what the term indicates. Develop unique effects to your images to generate a quick meme. GIF producers introduce a lot of classifications as well.

11. Reaction GIFs – (Meme Search Engines)

Best Meme Search Engines

Reaction GIFs are brief extracts of feelings in a GIF. This website is devoted only to these snippet types of GIFs. They are used to create amazing GIFs that help you to forward them while expressing your views on a particular topic.

You can easily register and create your GIF to express your views to your friends or others. You can search it by searching it on the search field and find it by feeling, by the gallery, by tag, or by keyword.

This means you’ll reveal the nicest GIFs to convey what you’re feeling right now.

12. Memegine – (Meme Search Engines)

Best Meme Search Engines

Memegine is an incredible search engine, possibly the fairest free memes finder that can be used by you. This is a very easy website where you have a lot of memes to prepare to download.

You just have to create a search question and the largely applicable memes that will be expressed immediately. It utilizes some sites such as Reddit as an important authority to pull memes, and then you can download them with comfort.

There is no enrollment or sign-in instructed to operate this action. 10000 memes are enlarged to this website daily which makes it an excellent meme researcher website.

What are the famous memes?

Some of the famous memes are as follows:


Pictorial content dealing via GIFs and Memes is a modern trend for trademarks and producers. Meme and GIFs trading is a decent apparent means to convey any human feelings via the tool of graphic presentation.

After going through these amazing 12 meme search engines that help you to find memes and GIFs that will ease you with your desires for memes and with some of your brand marketing.

Be happy and enjoy scrolling these graphic tools!!

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