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Naturally, you may get confused between and So, you must have a clear conception of these subjects. It is important to know that all these are webmails. However, Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft. You must have prior knowledge about these sites. This small piece of information will give you a clear conception. They have been used in various corporate sectors and other fields. Without wasting any more time, let us try to know about them. It is essential to know individually among each of them.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is one of the most reputed sites that are being used for a long time. It was launched in the year 1996. It was mainly created and designed with the help of HTML. It had numerous uses and qualities.

Key features of Hotmail:

  • The main thing about Hotmail was that users can access their inboxes from any place. It became very reputed within a short period. 
  • It is a free mail service that was launched by Microsoft. Within 1999, Hotmail earned a good number of subscribers. During that time, it earned thirty million subscribers.
  •  In its initial stage, it was under the MSN services and now it is a part of Windows Live. So, it is known as Windows Live Hotmail.

Pros of Hotmail:

Cons of Hotmail:

  • The site must introduce safety policies to get protection against hackers.

What is

It is such a site that can be used as a reliable webmail service. It can be used for the detection of phishing activities. It is a free tool that can be efficiently used for various purposes.

Key features of

  • It is easy and smooth to create an account with Open the site and log into the sign-in part. While creating the account you have to form a new mail address.
  • Now enter the mail address on the new email field. In the next step, you need to click on If you have entered the new values you can click on the next option.
  • After this, create the create password and enter the next option. Then enter your name and other details as required by the site.

Pros of

  • It can be trusted upon by the users.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The registration process is much easier.

Cons of

  • The look or appearance of the website could have been improved. It has an ordinary look.

What is

MSN is also known by the name of Messenger. It is one of the easiest ways to get connected with friends and relatives. Most people are getting well-accustomed to this service. You can easily carry out conversation through this mode. It also shares various news and updates to the users. It is also considered the primary content provider of all sorts of news and reviews. You can keep yourself updated with this mode of the platform.

Key features of

  • It holds the 61st position in the rank of web traffic. Many people regard it as the most reliable source to derive information and news. Under this brand name, you can witness various types of products. Some of them are useful.
  • The modern design language of the site is found to be much better and advanced. You can stay updated with MSN news from the subjects such as sports, weather, lifestyle, food, health, and many more. The list is endless. The top services of are Bing, Skype, OneNote, BingMaps, and many other ones. It is a great thing. You can also experience web-based apps. launched this app in the year 2014.

Pros of

  • It holds a key position in the web industry.
  • It comes with various useful services.

Cons of

  • It is much expensive for the students to bear the cost.

What is and or Microsoft outlook is mainly allowed and applied to receive and deliver mails. You can also use it to manage various data and information. You can also put your tasks and appointments on Even individuals can use it for their convenience. Many organizations have started using this site as multi-user software. It is a free web service provided by Microsoft.

Key features of

  • If you already have an account in Hotmail or you can easily form or create an account in The process will be much better and easier for you. Presently Microsoft is converting all the Hotmail and Live accounts to
  • It is taking a good initiative in this process. You will get to see and experience the best thing. On one side, you will enjoy the experience of the latest technology and secondly, you will have the same email address.

You will feel great to know that is almost the same as the version of Microsoft Outlook. So, no need to involve new techniques.

Pros of

  • It uses a filter and various spam to protect the emails.
  • The display is much better and secure.
  • It is much more compatible than the other ones.

Cons of

  • It contains too much functionality which may be troublesome for the users.

Main differences between and

Although it appears that all these are similar but there is a huge difference that exists between them. Below are the important ones.

  • Hotmail is the primary service that was invented in the year 1995 with the use of HTML patterns. emerged in the year 1997 under Microsoft. It was probably in 2005 or 2006 was announced. was introduced in the year 2012. However, Hotmail is the oldest one out of all the other ones.
  • All four sites have different designs and look. No one will match with one another.
  • If compared to all the four, it will be found that Hotmail became famous and popular among the users within a year. This is because of its easy accessibility features.
  • Originally Hotmail was written as Hotmail. However, this mode of writing is not found on any other sites. Over time, the design of the website was changed.
  • Hotmail will not provide you with the facility of instant messaging as are available in the case of MSN or messenger.
  • and are found to be the same thing. If you log in to either of the sites with your Microsoft ID you will get to see the same mail. But this is unavailable on and
  • If it is a point of user-friendly, it will be found that is much friendlier than the rest of the ones. Microsoft rebranded it. After rebranding, it became much more efficient and better.

Thus the difference between the four exists in the mode of working and its features. All four have a different set of rules that makes them unique and innovative.


  • Which is the oldest one among,,, and is the oldest ones. It was formed in the year 1995.

  • Many people get confused between MSN and Hotmail. Is it true?

Upon purchasing Hotmail Microsoft bought some changes and integrated it with MSN. Thus it came to be known as MSN network. Soon after this, Windows Live became Hotmail. The services were the same but the names were different. It is the fact.

  • Is there any difference between and

Both are the same ones. If you log in to any of these sites, you will get to see the same emails. The difference will lie in respect of the interface. It is the basic distinction between the two.

  • What changes can you notice in

The site will be automatically updated. All you have to do is to notice some changes. These are the mailbox that will hold the original address. It may be found that the account settings are still holding your old email address as the username. If you wish, you can make the necessary changes by following the instructions from time to time. It is irrelevant to think because both have different sets of features. Most of the Hotmail users have already shifted to Outlook. The moment you will access Hotmail you will be directed to Outlook.

  • What are the different parts or aspects of

You can experience various things of These are weather, sports, lifestyle, food, and many more. All the news and information available on the site is authentic. It can be relied upon.

It is evident from the above discussion that the world is changing and so new things and concepts are being evolved. The sites such as Hotmail, somehow opened new avenues before the people. It has given a new mode of working among the corporate people. Each one is perfect in their respective fields, and you can have a special preference among anyone of them.

Sudipta Gupta

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