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7 Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

7 Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

After the introduction of Podia in the business market, many similar platforms have made their entry into the marketing field. Podia have got such great fame and popularity that each of their competitors is making regular changes in their services and tools to provide a better experience to their users.

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

We are experiencing quite a tough battle between these platforms to be the best service provider in the field. This tough competition is quite good from the market’s point of view. However, it has also made it tough for the users to select the best among these.

To help you find out a better conclusion of this issue, we are here with the list of 7 Podia alternatives and competitors who are leveling the services and facilities provided by Podia.

In this article, we will be covering the following topics

  • What is Podia?
  • Why is Podia famous?
  • Pros and Cons of Podia
  • 7 Podia alternatives

What is Podia?

Podia is one of the best online platforms that deals with creating and selling online courses, memberships, and digital downloads like e-books and audio tracks.

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

Using the platform, you are allowed to host your course content, deliver it professionally, design a digital storefront, and sell your courses. You can accept payments on your websites via several ways such as by Credit Cards, UPI, PayPal, and Online Banking.

Podia was known as Coach in its early phase and at that time, it offered only a few services to their customers in the field of course creation and marketing.

Why is Podia famous?

Podia has constantly been one of the most used platforms for course creation and selling for decades. The main reason why Podia is famous is its attractive and simple yet effective services. Podia serves its customers with the best they have got.

The major benefits of Podia have been mentioned below in a brief.

  • Manage and sell your digital product in one place

Podia allows you to complete all your selling procedures at one digital place without jumping between different platforms or sites.

  • Nine different tools specially built for you

Podia offers its customers nine different and effective tools that will help you get the most out of the platform quickly. These tools include your website, email marketing, webinars, blog, sales pages, live chat, membership, product pages, and hosting tools.

  • Direct interaction with your customers and leads

Using Podia’s native live chat service, you can easily interact with your customers and leads regarding sales inquiries, business-related discussions, or other things.

PROS and CONS of Podia


  • Easy setup and simple use
  • You will get a clean, modern design of both the storefront and the course player.
  • You can create individual or particular posts for your members using Podia
  • There is an option to embed checkout/buy buttons on external websites helping you get more leads and customers
  • Podia helps you handle EU Digital Goods VAT
  • Podia offers you a live chat widget for better interaction
  • Neither you nor your customers need to pay a single penny for the money transactions you make
  • 24×7 customer support by tech experts


  • The course builder provided by Podia lacks flexibility and also does not support cloud import
  • Podia does not provide you some essential learning tools like grade quizzes, assignments, certificates, course compliance, and so on
  • Podia also lacks mobile support and mobile app feature
  • No premium kits are provided
  • Podia is not capable of building and managing a fully-fledged website
  • You cannot create a standalone community area on Podia

7 Podia alternatives and Competitors

Despite offering all the impressive services and features, Podia is not the best platform for some entrepreneurs. As we read above, Podia also lacks some services and features and that is what makes other platforms raise their name in the market.

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who is not satisfied with Podia’s services, there is a high chance you would be looking for Podia alternatives.

To help you get the best as per your requirements, we are here with the list of the top 7 Podia alternatives and competitors for your online courses, digital products, and memberships.

1. Teachable

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

Teachable is surely the best Podia alternative with over 23 million students, 250,000 courses, and 100,000-course creators on the platform. It has established itself as one of the biggest powerhouses in the online course marketplace.

The major reason for Teachable being Podia’s best alternative is that it provides you with complete control of everything; either you want to build your online courses or manage your customers.


  • You will get a perfect online course creating an experience with Teachable.
  • You can import necessary content directly from Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Teachable allows you to create highly engaging online courses with PDFs, images, videos, and text.
  • You can get auto-created customizable certificates of completion for students after their course completion.
  • Your students can pay your fee in over 130 currency forms via several payment accepting methods such as Stripe, PayPal, and Credit card.
  • Teachable provides you with more flexibility as compared to Podia when in terms of creating your storefront, sales page, thank you page, and so on.

2. Thinkific

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

The second online platform that deals with course creation, course selling, and online study is Thinkific. The best thing about Thinkific is its ultra-wide range of integrations. Thinkific offers you to connect a wide array of app integrations for several purposes such as e-commerce, automation, email marketing, analytics, etc.

Thinkific was introduced in 2012 and since then, it has had over 40,000 online course creators in the whole world. More than $200 million worth of courses have been sold on the platform.


  • Thinkific provides you with a free plan to start with where you can use host courses, interact with unlimited students, receive payments, and much more.
  • You can create and customize courses and quizzes to match your brand quite easily by using the drag and drop builder feature.
  • Thinkific supports all kinds of content formats such as PDFs, Typeform, Surveys, Digital downloads, texts, and videos.
  • You can customize your website with full control using impressive tools. These special tools are designed for inexperienced people who want to create a platform to sell their courses.
  • Thinkific supports more than 100 currencies using all credit cards from anywhere in the world. If you are a student and want to learn, now, money transactions will not be an issue for you.

3. Kajabi

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

Kajabi is a similar platform to Podia but with different features. It is like an all-in-one online course selling platform that allows you to do anything regarding the field.

Kajabi was launched in 2010 and since then, it has recorded over 50,000 platform users and more than 60 million students. The annual turnover of the platform is over $1.5 billion. Kajabi provides you with all that you need to sell online courses, build websites, host memberships online, and create funnels, etc.


  • Kajabi saves you from paying for other platforms like WordPress, Teachable, Kartra, and so on, as it provides you with all the tools and features available on any of the platforms.
  • Kajabi provides you seamless mobile connectivity by introducing its all-new mobile version for both Android and IOS.
  • Kajabi offers you a built-in sales funnel builder and marketing automation tools.
  • You can host high-quality and unlimited video streaming on the platform.
  • You are allowed to create and monetize your online courses, membership site, and digital products with Kajabi.

4. LearnWorlds

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

LearnWorlds is termed as one of the best Podia alternatives because of its unique online course creation system. The main focus of the platform is on providing a seamless user experience and that is why it has provided over 400 ready-made page builder templates using which you can easily get a suitable structure that best fits your brand.


  • You will get robust affiliate marketing tools with LearnWorlds.
  • You can easily create interactive videos on the platform by using interactive elements such as questions, titles, buttons, image overlays, and so on.
  • Using the drag and drop block-based page builder, you will get hundreds of templates that will help you build a fully manageable website in a quick time.

5. Udemy

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

Udemy is now becoming the largest online course selling platform with more than 290 million enrollments in more than 190 countries. You can find more than 150 thousand online courses.

Udemy allows the creators to just focus on creating quality courses by handling all the infrastructures and marketing of the courses.


  • You can create high-quality and engaging courses using the effective course builder in the form of videos and PDFs.
  • Udemy automatically promotes the courses of instructors that allow them to get noticed by students all over the world.
  • Udemy accepts all kinds of payment processes automatically.

6. LearnDash

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

LearnDash is most popular among Fortune 500 companies such as InfusionSoft and major universities such as the University of Florida. It is one of the most reliable Learning Management Systems for WordPress.


  • You can find it as a Plugin available in most WordPress themes.
  • You can create and run a membership site with LearnDash.
  • You can set automated expiration dates for user access to your content.
  • It accepts different payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout.

7. Ruzuku

Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors
Best Podia Alternatives and Competitors

Ruzuku is most known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a straightforward system that gets your courses up and running quickly, choosing Ruzuku can be the best decision without any doubt.


  • Ruzuku offers a simple yet convenient course management system with unlimited data storage to the users.
  • You can accept all sorts of file formats like PDFs, Videos, Texts, and so on.
  • Ruzuku offers acourse healthfeature that lets you know the comment and activity completion rates and data on course progress.

So, these were the best 7 Podia alternatives and competitors that offer you some of the best features in the market to help you sell your online courses, manage websites, and create landing pages.

Indeed, one of these online course selling platforms will surely help you get your work done in the best way possible.

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