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6 Best Rewording Tools When You Need Them

7 Best Rewording Tools in 2021

All people cannot be good writers because they do not have the power of playing with words and a collection of good vocabulary. But they can still be able to draft content by making use of a rewording tool. The rewording tool allows you to create unique content after going through a particular text. The best aspect of the tool is that it saves valuable time and effort. The content re-written by the tool comes engaging with a high readability score and appears flawless.

Best Rewording Tools

The sentence constructed by the rewording tool is not too lengthy and appears short featured with short and appropriate words. Also, the content doesn’t appear puzzled in the case of plagiarism issues. You should remember that there are a lot of rewording tools available and even you can use them free of cost. But before you start using these rewriting tools, you should know about it completely.

What is a rewording sentence tool?

The rewording tool works automatically to create new content. The tool generally is systemized with ENL technology. The tool first tries to understand the meaning of the words used in the content and then chooses their synonym before placing them in the content.

Best Rewording Tools

The tool saves your time as well your energy but the content generated by the tool seems like man-made content. No grammar error and plagiarism is seen in the content. But one thing you should remember is that only the best rewording tools make the content perfect. The reason behind that is the best one includes creative features that will allow you to grab the best content. Just take a look below to know the name of the few popular tools and their work potentiality. 

1. – (Best Rewording Tools)

If you are in the process of searching for an effective rewording tool, then you must not forget this tool named – The tool comes first to find out the meaning of words used in the content and then put the synonym words one after another keeping the meaning of content the same.

Best Rewording Tools

The words and sentences constructed in the new content come awesomely as both are easy to understand.  The content processed by this tool is completely free from plagiarism. It is available in a free version and no one feels difficult to use this one.

Moreover, the content gets a high readability score which gives your website content a good rank in the google search engine.


  • Saves time and energy
  • Provides good quality content
  • Seems human-made
  • Easy to use


  • Does not have the capacity for more words

2. Article Rewriter Tool – (Best Rewording Tools)

Article Rewriter Tool works better to create engaging content. At the initial stage, it takes an initiative to comprehend the meaning of the content and after that, the tool comes to develop unique content.

Best Rewording Tools

Generally, the tool makes use of similar words in the content. Sometimes, the tool changes the content creating short sentences. The new content does not seem machine-made content as it has a high readability score with simplicity.  The free version is available but if you like more benefited features, then you can go for a premium version.


  • Most popular
  • Seems human-made
  • Premium and paid version available
  • Completely engaging


  • Free version not comfortable

3. Rewordify – (Best Rewording Tools)

If you want to get amazing results in your content creation, then keeping your eyes closed, you should go for Rewordify. The tool does not bring any wrong concept in the content while rewriting. With an ability to keep the same meaning, it changes the word correctly instead of others.

Best Rewording Tools

For easy understanding, the tool breaks the long sentences into short ones. The most important thing is that by using the tool, you get the chance to create a hundred per cent unique content. Within seconds, the tool provides you with completely new content that can amaze you.


  • Saves your time & energy
  • Provides readable content
  • Creates 100% plag-free content
  • Suggest users with exact words

4. Rewriter Tools – (Best Rewording Tools)

Most of the users make use of Rewriter Tools in need of flawless content. You can access this tool online free of cost. If you want to get access to its multiple features, then you need to use this tool at its premium version.

Best Rewording Tools
Best Rewording Tools

When you put the text into the box of this application and click for the option ‘Write’ then and in a matter of a few minutes, the software will start the work of comprehension. After that, the tool supplies similar words to make new sentences in small sizes. The content comes with no plag issue.

It works very fast that you cannot imagine. The most important thing is that the content made by this tool seems human-made. You can use this tool for a premium & free version.


  • Creates sentences like human-made
  • Very creative
  • Provides flawless content


  • At times concept behind the sentences seems wrong

5. SEO Magnifier – (Best Rewording Tools)

For online and offline content creation, SEO Magnifier is one of the best rewording tools that you can use at any time. Undoubtedly, the tool is effective in the preparation of a few sample college essays. 

Best Rewording Tools
Best Rewording Tools

SEO Magnifier also works for plagiarism checking. Whatever the content length you have, you can put it in the box provided online and offline and no matter, within a short time, you will get fresh content.

The content created by this software comes an exact one of the text in the sense of meaning. Even the content is highlighted with short sentences and short-sized paragraphs.


  • Suitable for online & offline
  • Suggests user with unique content
  • saves time
  • Keeps content’s original meaning


  • The free version does not have many features

6. Quillbot – (Best Rewording Tools)

Now we are informing you of one of the best rewording tools and it comes with the name, Quillbolt. Undoubtedly, the software works great and is capable of delivering good results.  The tool, at the initial stage, comprehends the whole text and then takes steps to rewrite the content using short-sized sentences with paragraphs.  

Best Rewording Tools
Best Rewording Tools

Most of the students, as well as professionals, like to use this particular tool as this one saves time while rewording. As the tool comes with AI, removing unnecessary words and adding perfectly meaningful words the final drafted content gets a high readability score.

The tool put the exact words removing unnecessary words just to clear the meaning. The software also breaks a long sentence into several short sentences. Quillbolt is very popular and trusted by business professionals, students, and even bloggers.

You can use this software with its premium version that allows you to rewrite content up to 10000 words.


  • Fast and effective in operation
  • Premium version available


  • Not suitable for more than 10000 words

Go through the details of the software and one can make use of any of the tools mentioned above as per the requirement.

Sudipta Gupta

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