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13 Best Telegram Bots For Channels and Groups

Telegram Bots

Nowadays, everything seems to be viral quickly. When a movie is released on any platform, you don’t need to subscribe to a particular platform. One of the easiest ways to get the latest movies, web series, and much more. These facilities are being served by one of the most used, Indian popular app Telegram

Best Telegram Search Engine

Telegram is one of the apps that provides you with messaging facilities by having groups consisting of even 5000 members and chatting with a variety of people. It also enables you to share photos, images, videos, or even movie clips up to 1 GB. It is the quickest, fastest, and secure platform for you to share things with your close ones. Firstly, know what bots are.

What is a Telegram Bot?

In Telegram, you will find some of the small programs. These programs are embedded in public channels or Telegram chats and execute a particular function and are known as a telegram bot. These offer a variety of facilities for downloading posts, images, videos, or either saving them.

Best Telegram Search Engine

Now, let us know about these in detail by glancing at the 15 best telegram search engines or bots to find channels and groups.

1. GetMedia Bot- @GetMediaBot

GetMediaBot is one of the Bot that allows you to have downloadable media from any platform. You can directly download videos from Youtube, stories from Instagram, images or photos from Facebook and Twitter, and songs and lyrics from Soundcloud.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can download any media files from all over the internet. You just need to enter it and your query will be solved easily. This helps you to have saved stories, videos, images, or documents required by you.

2. Feed Reader Bot-@TheFeedReaderBot

TheFeedReaderBot is one of the amazing search Bot. It helps you to have updates regarding new posts uploaded by Instagram either Facebook or Twitter. It gives you a notification in the Telegram inbox that lets you know about the updates in various telegram channels and groups.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can easily subscribe to any blogs or website RSS feeds. This makes your telegram inbox notify whenever there is any latest post or blogs on the desired website or platform. This feed is very useful as there will be many feeds that are based on daily updates or usually the latest news.

3. PosterBot- @pstrbot

PosterBot is also one of the helpful Bot. It also helps you to share different social media posts or photos from various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or either Twitter. You can either share it with your friends, family, or different groups or channels. 

Best Telegram Search Engine

It also lends you with facilities such as many modifications and customizations of posts, ads, or keywords. You can also have a variety of appearances in your messages. It also provides social services with RSS feeds in your chats.

4. TriviaBot- @triviabot

TriviaBot is a sample bot made by telegram. It is made by Telegram’s Beta Testers. It allows you to check your performance in various aspects that can be shared by you in the format of stats on channels and groups. These questions must be practical either theoretical.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can easily attain different and multi-choice trivia questions that are present on the bot. You can also make several groups with your friends and compete with them in this multi-choice answers competition.

5. URL Shortener Bot- @LinkGeneratorBot

URL Shortener Bot is one of the best choices if chosen in the case of URL links. You can have a facility to shorten your URL from large links to smaller links. This isn’t changing the location of the website but eases you to remember when needed.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can easily manage these short URLs as the large URL results in unreadability and uselessness as you can’t understand the meaning of the basic location or the purpose of the link. You can forward up to 30 URLs in one go.  

6. File Converter- @newfileconverterbot

File Converter is the one that is helpful for you when you desire to have a conversion of any file from one format to another. You can easily convert audio, video, or photos to text or any other format. You can also convert audiobooks in text format.

Best Telegram Search Engine

It gives you the most appropriate tool of conversion as you can share that converted file in various channels and groups. It currently possesses 579 conversions of 63 different file types.

7. GameBot- @gamebot

GameBot is the one for gamers who are eagerly searching for new games or to compete with many of their friends or with strangers. You can have a free sample game that you can experience and find out if you wanna play it further.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can send these games to your friends or in your channels or groups in which they will be joined by them. You can also use links to play and further forward it to make everyone have fun experiencing them.

8. Dr.Web- @drwebbot

Dr.Web is the one that is the best Telegram Bot for having privacy, security, and safety. It helps you to ensure the safe and secure transferring of your images, videos, links, or blogs. It acts as an anti-virus for telegram bots.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can directly send your files, images, videos, or links via Dr.Web by having satisfaction with the safety of your documents. You can also use this in your channels or groups to ensure the safety of files or links.

9. GitHubReleasesBot- @GithubReleasesBot

GitHubReleasesBot is kind of a chatbox as the depot has a new release of GitHub. GitHub is a used version for collaboration and control as it is a code hosting platform. You can work with others too on the same project. You will be notified every time whenever there is a release of any repository.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can find people with similar work as yours and follow them. Then you will be notified every time they release any repository. This search engine helps you to have the ideas and opinions of various people in your group or channel with whom you are working together. 

10. PollBot- @pollbot – Best Telegram Search Engine

PollBot is one of the kinds of ranking or rating medium for any channel or group. You can easily use this search engine or bot to find out the opinions, thoughts, answer suggestions, or any other things which will have a majority answer of people as the data will be presented through statistics.

Best Telegram Search Engine
Best Telegram Search Engine

You can have various judgments or opinions of the group or channel members or you can predict the things like movies, photos, or links required by them. It will make you and your members satisfied.

11. RateStickerBot- @ratestickerbot (Best Telegram Search Engine)

RateStickerBot is the one that provides you with a collection of casual stickers that will be further explored by you. It allows you to create a set of stickers that will be further forward by you in your channels and groups. Then the members will vote on the set of stickers and you will know the rating of your stickers.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can easily select any of the stickers amongst the collection by clicking it twice which shows you an “Add” button to see that sticker set. You can also share your sticker set with your groups and channels. 

12. Movies Tracker Bot- @movieS4Bot

Movies Tracker Bot is the one for movie lovers. You can easily obtain movies or teasers of new movies. For having them, you need to type the name of the movie or have to search by using “new movies” that will take you to the various channels of the required movies or films.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can also share this movie in your channel or groups either in video or link format. You can forward them and make everybody enjoy watching these movies and films. You can share up to 50 movies or track 50 movies at a time.

13. MemeAutoBot- @memeautobot

MemeAutoBot is the popular one as everybody knows the most viral and trendy memes. You can easily get the memes or you can have generated memes that facilitate you with a little quarrel. You can have simply created memes through this search engine or bots.

Best Telegram Search Engine

You can also create your memes by adding some text or emojis that will be completed within a few seconds and you can share this meme in your groups and channels. You can also make your friend’s or members’ images edited and help them too to create memes.


Telegram is one of the most important and useful apps when used correctly and wisely. The right way will be beneficial for you as it will be there everywhere in your work. You can also use them and enjoy your time having fun, adventure and inspiration. Telegram doesn’t require anything but only a mobile number for signing in.

After going through this, I hope you have got valuable and important things that were earlier required by you. Thank you for giving your precious time in reading the article. Share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members and let them enjoy their leisure time. Have fun!

Sudipta Gupta

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