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20 Best Weather Sites and Apps

The weather is one of the aspects that most concerns us when we plan a trip. Fortunately, new technologies offer us some tools that give us weather forecasts and can help organize our getaways. For this reason, we leave you with a selection of the most reliable weather apps and sites.

1. Weather & Radar

A tool that offers us the weather forecast for eight days and hours. Thanks to its GPS mode, it cannot notify you of different alerts due to storms in real-time. It has data on the probability of precipitation and temperatures. It also offers information of interest for those who like winter sports, such as the state of the ski slopes, the blizzard, and other related aspects.

2. Yahoo Weather

One of the weather apps that offer detailed information with heat maps. You will be able to consult the temperatures, the precipitation, and the direction or power of the wind. It includes alerts about extreme weather conditions, but you can deactivate them. Also, use Flickr to update your Smartphone’s wallpaper by configuring an image that will change depending on the day and the weather.

3. Accuweather

It is one of the best-known and consulted applications since it is usually installed by default on some phones. It allows you to enter several locations simultaneously. If you are traveling, you can simultaneously know the temperatures of the place and those of your usual city. It includes information on the chances of hail or rain on the roads, heat maps, wind speed, and precipitation. In addition, make the predictions two weeks in advance.

4. Forecastsast

With Forecast, you will be able to know the temperature and weather forecasts for fourteen days and every twenty-four hours. It contains detailed information on the probability of precipitation, wind intensity, amount of snow, or maximum and minimum temperatures. You will also be able to consult, through a map, the extreme conditions of the place you want to go and compare the time in two different locations simultaneously. One of the weather apps offers you the possibility of accessing webcams to check the weather anywhere.

5. Today’sday Weather

With this tool, you will know the weather forecast from anywhere. It allows understanding the percentage of humidity in the environment, the chances of rain, the air pressure, and the wind’s direction in a simple way. One of the weather apps includes the possibility of activating notifications, so you don’t miss anything.

6. The Weather Channel Forecast

The Weather Channel forecasts are made up to fifteen days in advance so that you can plan for the long term. It has daily reports with maximum and minimum temperatures and snow, hail, and precipitation alerts. It includes statistical data, graphs of weather conditions, and warnings of severe weather such as storms or gusts of wind. It also contains seasonal allergy alerts and some medical tips to help you cope.

7. Live Weather Line

This app is completely free and is available for both Android and iPhone. The app is very innovative and presents weather updates, so the information it offers is in real-time.

The app is connected to more than 1500 weather stations located in many countries to get these updates. On the other hand, the app also offers a forum where users post the latest weather news.

8. Windytv

Windytv is one of the best applications for weather information. Available for Android and iOS, the app is very precise and offers information endorsed by the European Center for Meteorological Forecasts. That is, its source is authentic.

This app is one of the favorites of athletes worldwide since, thanks to its radars, the information obtained is from many countries. Both surfers and those who practice sports that depend on the wind or snow are followers of Windytv.

9. 3B Weather

This is another great app, according to user feedback. This app offers accurate weather forecasts worldwide; you have to add the location, and you will receive the local weather. It is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS, and it is completely free.

10. Weather

The accuracy rate of this app is satisfactory. It will provide daily and hourly weather updates. You can see the weather forecast for the next ten days, whereas most other apps can’t show it for a week. Also, you can view weather reports from anywhere at any time.

This app supports almost all national languages in the world. You can also find temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

11. The Weather (ILMeteo)

Another best rated by users is The Weather. It is available for Android and iPhone and is a great app due to its free use. The app stands out from the other options for its great intuitive graphical interface the accurate and live weather information. You will receive a notification in case of a weather emergency.

12. YoWindowWeather

If you are looking for more options to check the weather conditions, YoWindow is another good option. This app offers reliable information for Android and iPhone, where you can see very innovative, updated, and original graphics. These graphs will change according to the information obtained from the weather, they are very nice, and you can have specific details of temperature, wind, sunset time, etc. Check the weather for free wherever you go.

13. Meteogram for iPhone

Are you looking for a reliable app where you can check the weather? But do you have an iOS device? Then this app may be for you if you have iOS 11.0 or later versions.

The app offers different graphics and extended weather if you want to see what will happen the next week.


This page is the most agile for many users and works best when working and visualizing the different numerical models and weather forecasts. Its speed in loading the maps and the simplicity in filtering the information should be highlighted. It’s also quite easy to export the maps to GIF for sharing. In addition, it has an area where you can consult a historical map for each year with the hurricanes that have occurred and their trajectory.

15. Wetterzentrale

It is a German website translated into English; it is a classic page for meteorology fans; it allows you to see different models and diagrams that indicate the parameters simply and graphically for a specific place or city. It is highly recommended to take a look.

In Wetterzentrale, you can see maps of all the continents and hemispheres; in addition, a history of many decades of what happened according to some of the models is kept.

16. Worldweatheronline

This website is already many years old and is complete at the level of models, forecasts, and current situations in different places. Here you can see the weather in real-time both in your locality and any other world.

The website also offers a blog section and different tabs where the weather is displayed to schedule your vacations and sports activities.

17. Snow Forecast

This website is especially interesting for snow and winter sports fans like Ski and Snowboard. Here are maps of different areas and countries with forecasts of snow accumulation.

The website offers detailed snow places if you plan a winter trip or holiday to enjoy the snow. You will be able to see the temperatures in real-time and Forecast snowstorms. It is a very complete and interesting website to keep in mind.

18. Stofex

It is a special experimental model for Europe that forecasts severe events on the European continent. Apart from the map with the Forecast, there is a synopsis and explanation of the situation in a very technical way, but interesting to learn some concepts to forecast events with high severity.

19. Windy

It is a complete and very visual page with the ability to add different layers to the maps and forecast monitoring animations. Initially, it was a website very focused on all sports in which the wind is fundamental, but today, being so complete is used by anyone.

20. NHC (National Hurricane Center)

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) website, which allows you to see the forecasts and monitor the hurricanes in the Atlantic and the eastern Pacific, is very useful in approaching a tropical storm or a hurricane.

Now you know the best apps and websites to check the weather. You can select and use the one you like the most or the one that best suits you. You can have them on your Smartphone and travel without any problem.

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