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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers


If you have started a blog in a fashion niche and want to improve your readership, selecting plugins can be a great idea. In our research, we have found that most bloggers prefer using WordPress to run their sites. There are several reasons for this and one of the major reasons is that WordPress offers a simple and flexible working platform. Another key reason is the plugins offered by WordPress to its users.

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers
Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

Plugins are auto-coded programs that help you enhance your site appearance and customization even if you do not have high-level technical knowledge. Plugins can be installed on your site with a single click and show their effect quite shortly.

In this article, we have come up with the best plugins provided by WordPress that will help you improve your fashion blog online visibility. These plugins are not ranked in any particular order and the effect of each plug-in can change according to your requirements.

1. WP Retina 2X

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

A well-managed fashion blog consists of high-quality and attractive images and you would never want them to be dull and blurry. With the use of WP Retina 2X, you can add high-quality and enhanced quality images to your site without doing too much work.


  • WP Retina creates and shows high-quality image files that are required by high DPI devices. This will enhance your site’s appearance on all devices.
  • It allows you to use different methods of serving the images for your site that include the Responsive images method and the Picture Fill method.
  • When you switch to the premium version of this extension, you will be able to replace the inline CSS background images with their retina equivalent.

2. InstaShow

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

If you are running a fashion blog and looking to share and promote your site to platforms like Instagram, InstaShow can be the perfect plug-in for WordPress to do so. Keeping your blog posts updated on Instagram helps you get better engagement and hence, the importance of this plug-in increases.

This plug-in will allow you to customize your WordPress Instagram gallery widget according to your requirements. It provides you a stunning look to your blog post images.


  • Using InstaShow, you can share your Instagram images filtered by username or hashtags or sometimes both. With several style options, navigating elements, and popup generation features, this beneficial plugin is available in 16 different languages.
  • InstaShow offers you more than 24 adjustable colors and 10 color schemes that will help you customize your gallery.
  • It also provides you with filter options to limit the number of photos that will amaze your audience.

3. VaultPress

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

Whether you are running a fashion blog or have a tech-related blog, having backups are very important for your security and safety. WordPress also provides 3rd party services that are vulnerable, so, you need to be very careful with intrusions and cybercrimes.

For a safe and secure backup service, use VaultPress that will keep you free from any kind of worry regarding your security.


  • VaultPress provides you unlimited data storage as well as a cloud backup for 30 days.
  • It offers a 1-click backup restore option that ranks it 4th in our list of the best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs.
  • It provides you with high-tech security tools that make you free from any kind of worry. With this plug-in in use, no one can steal your unique fashion designs or any other important information.

4. Rank Math

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

No matter how successful a fashion blogger you are, SEO is something you’ll always need to manage properly.

For this, Rank Math is one of the best plugins that WordPress provides its users to manage their SEO optimization.


  • Social sharing
  • Inbound links
  • Connection to Google Webmaster
  • Page direction management

5. Social Warfare

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger, you would have the goal to get more viewers and customers to your site. For this, promoting your site with the help of your regular viewers can be very beneficial.

Social Warfare allows your viewers to share your content to other social media platforms with a single click. It provides some social media platforms’ buttons that enable your readers to share your designs or arts via email, instant messages, or even normal messages.

6. Disqus

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

Disqus has been marked as the #1 audience engagement plugin provided by WordPress. It allows you to integrate a post commenting solution that will make your audience feel a part of the community.

Discuss manages itself according to your website look remaining completely manageable from outside the admin panel.


  • Over 70 language support
  • Compatible with Google AMP
  • Comment shortlisting feature (it allows you to shortlist the comments with marks like ‘recommended’ or ‘shared via social media)

7. Max Mega Menu

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger and manage multiple categories or have to post multiple articles every day, Max Mega Menu can be a gem for you.

It automatically converts your main menu into a mega menu in which you can add multiple widgets or links using the theme editor.

This will help your audience find the content they are looking for without going through your full post information.

8. Google Language Translator

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

The importance of translators increases significantly when it comes to managing a fashion blog. Fashion blogs usually use the language barrier in a different way that sometimes becomes difficult for the readers to get.

Fashion blogs are viewed by readers all over the world and you need to cater to them all with a convenient plugin.

Google Language Translator is a translator plugin that provides an accurate translation and which can appeal to readers for every nook and cranny of the world. Having an accurate language translator like Google Language Translator contributes significantly to increasing your traffic and readership.

9. Gravity Forms

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

If you manage a fashion blog, you will surely have the goal to work with some of the best brands and models.

Let me tell you that attention spans are short and here comes the Gravity Forms plugin in play. Gravity Forms allows you to create both simple and advanced engagement forms that help you tailor each form to suit your topic.

Gravity Forms can also redirect all email addresses from the inquiry form to your MailChimp email account. It will help you inform all your subscribers about your latest posts without bothering to copy and paste the notice to each of the subscriber’s emails.

10. Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

Yoast SEO is the most used SEO plugin of WordPress to manage the SEO of websites. Yoast SEO plugin helps you get a clear idea of how your post is optimized for the Google search engine.


  • It informs you about the Content density of your post
  • It detects the number of keywords in your post
  • It provides you Google’s best readability guidelines that will help your rank higher in the search engine and get higher traffic to your site

These were the top-10 WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers that will help you manage your site more conveniently. Installing and using these plugins will help your site get a better appearance, higher traffic, more readability, and better search engine rankings.

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