8 Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

8 Best Wordpress RSVP Plugins

Have you created your website, blog, or online store with WordPress and want to offer your users the possibility of signing up for events? Do you want to start organizing events to publicize your business? You are in the right place! Based on the fact that an agenda or calendar function for WordPress is not the same, where the user only sees a date, then event management, where you can offer tickets or RSVPs and manage the guests, send automatic notifications by mail, and much more. For this reason, I have made a list of the 8 best WordPress plugins for calendars and events (since in many of these plugins, both options go hand in hand).

#1. Amelia – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

Amelia is a next-generation WordPress plugin for quick and easy booking creation, developed with the latest technologies and including the most advanced features, great user experience, integration with WooCommerce and Google Calendar, SMS notifications and much more. . It enables you to provide a seamless, enterprise-grade booking experience for your customers, without investing in branding or making profound changes to your work process.

Among its main characteristics are:

  • SMS notifications for employees and customers, with reminders about upcoming reservations.
  • Programming of additional personalized services.
  • Days with special hours.
  • Custom fields for reservation forms.
  • WooCommerce integration for handling payments, taxes and invoices.
  • Optional step-by-step booking assistant.
  • Detailed dashboard and reports.
  • Calendar and list view.
  • Management of multiple employees, with work schedules and days off.
  • Group bookings.
  • Configuration of the minimum time until the reservation and before the cancellation.
  • Automated and configurable notifications by SMS and email.

#2. The event calendar – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

The Event Calendar is one of the most popular WordPress calendar plugins; used by more than 700,000 users. It has a simple user interface, but it is packed with powerful features to help you better manage events.

This plugin offers two plans: free and premium. But don’t worry, the free version offers you some of the great top features. You can post events with three display modes: month, day, and list. It also has built-in search tools, so your audience can search for specific events on the calendar.

It also helps create event reservations, register guests, and connect to Google maps, all with mobile device support. You can also use a free extension. Event Ticket, for example, allows you to sell tickets and manage event attendees.

However, you cannot create recurring events or show Google Maps in free mode. To do that, you have to buy the premium option for $89 a year.

#3. All-in-One Event Calendar – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

This is another powerful WordPress event calendar plugin that is available for free or with a professional license. This plugin is developed by and is used by 100,000 users. This WordPress calendar is easy to manage with its simple interface and offers powerful features like Timely Network, which allows you to add events in collaboration with your network.’s free plan offers essential features like filtering events and easy sharing. Free users can also create recurring events and display Google Maps, a feature that is only available to premium users on The Event Calendar.

If your website runs events for a small community organization, you can opt for the premium plan that starts at $ 29 per month. With a professional license, you can get additional features like Public Event Submission, Event Finder, Keyword Search, etc. Adding a ticketing extension is a bit expensive, you have to pay an additional $ 59 per year.

#4. Events manager – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

Events Manager plugin is also a popular plugin, currently, it has been installed by about 100,000 users. This calendar plugin offers flexibility and many features even on the free plan.

An easy-to-use interface helps you create multiple events and set them as recurring events. This plugin also allows the submission of public events, so that your site members or guests can create events without having to be administrators. But don’t worry, you have the control to approve or reject it.

Free users can also manage the event venue, for example by displaying Google maps and location images, so your audience can get there quickly. Events Manager also allows you to manage reservations, create multiple ticket types and prices, and also add taxes. However, you must pay for the professional license to use additional features such as the discount manager and PayPal integration. The license costs $75 per year.

#5. My calendar – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

My Calendar is another powerful free option. To date, it has been installed by more than 30,000 users. It also has great accessibility options to help people with disabilities access your calendar.

The plugin allows you to organize recurring events; you just have to define how many times it will occur in a day, week, month, and year. It even allows you to edit the CSS and JavaScript code to customize the calendar to match your site’s design.

If you think that the free features fall short, you can buy the annual license for US $ 49 or the permanent license for $179. With the professional license, you can create an event from a publication or vice versa and use the responsive mode. You can also invite guests or website members to post and receive email notifications when someone submits a new one.

#6. EventOn – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

If you want to have a premium WordPress calendar from scratch, you can use EventOn for $ 24. It is the best-selling event calendar plugin on the Envato market developed by Ashan Jay. EventOn is a plugin with an attractive presentation and a minimalist design that offers premium features. More than 40,000 people use this plugin.

EventOn comes with an abbreviated code generator to make it responsive on mobile. The appearance editor allows you to customize the calendar so that it has the same style as your site. There are tons of calendar display options. You can use a grid, list, or tile and add images, descriptions, embed Google maps, and more.

This plugin also allows you to create recurring events in any period or custom schedule quite quickly. Creating featured events, adding event organizers, and managing event data is easy to do too. However, you don’t get the booking or ticketing features; you have to pay for additional extensions for that.

#7. Tickera – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

If your website is related to an online service (hosting, consulting, online courses, virtual product sales, and the like) this plugin will come in handy. However, if your website is for a restaurant, a hairdresser, etc., it will not make sense to add this ticket system!

In order not to get involved, you can change the concept of Ticket System, for Customer Support. So you will see more clearly what it is about. Thanks to this, you will be able to provide a very good quality of online support.

Thanks to the use of a ticket system, as mentioned above, you will have everything very well organized. But in addition, you will be able to:

  • Improve the channeling of customer service (there are systems that allow you to connect an email, your social networks, the telephone, the WhatsApp, and others, to have all the questions in one place).
  • Personalize the treatment you give the client, since you will know what you have talked about previously (or if you are more than one support agent, you will know what others have talked about with that client before).
  • The customer can see the status of his ticket, at all times, even close it if he has already solved it elsewhere.
  • Tickets can be prioritized according to levels of importance, so you can solve the most urgent before, and thus optimize your time and your results.

And many other advantages that, depending on the type of service you provide, will be adapted to a greater or lesser extent to the customer support you offer.

#8. Sugar Calendar – (Best WordPress RSVP Plugins)

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins
Best WordPress RSVP Plugins

This is another good plugin for your events because it is not too simple or too complex, also because it offers necessary options for an event management website.

Other characteristics of this plugin are that it has a very simple interface, it is a fairly light plugin, it integrates very well with Google calendar, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WPFForms, Formidable Forms, Stripe, and WooCommerce.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this plugin is paid, it offers different prices ranging from $ 29 and each package offers something different. However, it also has a free version that doesn’t have many options.

Features to look for in a RSVP plugin

Best WordPress RSVP Plugins
Best WordPress RSVP Plugins
  • Event management.
  • Recurring events.
  • Day / time of start and end of events.
  • Events of one or more days.
  • Show past or future events.
  • Creation of several calendars (categorization).
  • Post events from the front of the web.
  • Sale of tickets, tickets or event tickets.
  • Manage different time zones.

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