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24 Best App For Engineering Students

Engineering is the discipline that transforms knowledge into something practical for the common good. It encompasses technical, scientific, functional, and empirical knowledge; to invent, design, develop, build, maintain, and optimize machines, tools, systems, materials, structures, and technological processes to offer solutions to the problems that arise in a society, in the economy or industries.

Below you will find a compilation of the best free mobile applications to learn about the main branches of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, robotics and systems. Adjust your schedules to start learning in a dynamic, practical, and simple way. Choose the one that interests you the most!

1. Civil Engineering

With the help of this application, you will learn all the details about civil engineering through readings, images, definitions, etc. The app contains different topics that will help you use knowledge of calculation, hydraulic mechanics, and physics; to take charge of the project, management, design, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructures located in the urban and rural environment.

It includes highways, railways, bridges, canals, dams, ports, airport runways, surveying works, and related constructions. Available for iOS and Android for free.

2. Process Engineering

If you are a student or a professional in engineering, this application will be handy. It is practically a reference book where you can learn everything related to process systems engineering; design, operation, control, optimization, and intensification of chemical, physical and biological processes.

In addition to studying the industries, it covers chemical, petrochemical, mineral processing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, software development, automotive, and biotechnology. Available for iOS and Android for free.

3. Mechanical Engineering

The application works as a manual containing information on the construction of machinery divided by industry. The app offers you a catalog to improve your knowledge of structure. Among the sections, you will find; maintenance, structural analysis, reform, silent block, pinch analysis, torque wrench, turbo expander, etc. Available for iOS and Android for free.

4. Electronics Engineering Calculators

This application will help you build electronic circuits and contains the most used functions in this field and texts, images, and activities. Available for iOS and Android for free.

5. Electrical Engineering

An app designed to teach you everything related to the electrical system in perfect operation, the user will have access to content on electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism and be able to review and apply their knowledge in Physics and Mathematics. It will help you improve your skills in creating, designing, implementing, and undertaking a project. Available for iOS and Android for free.

6. Robotics Engineering

This application provides essential knowledge on the fundamentals of robotics: modeling, planning, and control. The user will learn through a design process explained step by step and complement their learning with methods, detailed examples of how to design the mechanical parts of robots, automated systems, and electrical and control aspects of the design, among other topics. Available for iOS and Android for free.

7. Engineering Drawing Mechanical

The application will help the user learn about mechanical drawing through images and readings. It provides extensive content such as physics, mathematical techniques, and materials science principles. You can also further your learning by becoming involved in designing, analyzing, producing, and maintaining mechanical systems. Available for iOS and Android for free.

8. Formula

This application is aimed at students of exact sciences, mainly engineering. The app offers you an extensive collection of mathematical, physical, and chemical formulas and tools that will help you perform specific calculations, such as tables, alphabets, matrix calculators, and dictionaries. Available for iOS and Android for free.

9. Electrical Engineering Books

This application contains a collection of the best books related to electrical engineering, and with the tools, you can learn straightforwardly. Available for iOS and Android for free.

10. Electronic

Electronic is an accessible electronics app for Android devices. You can solve simple problems thanks to its collection of tools with it. Through electronics, you will be able to determine variables from the simple Ohm’s Law, obtain the heat dissipation of resistors, filters, and diodes, define amplifier parameters, etc. In addition, it has an extensive collection of resources and plugins. It is an excellent tool for electronics lovers and has an average user rating of 4.7/5.

11. Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is another free application to solve minor problems related to fluid mechanics. Through the application available for Android devices, you can calculate the speed of the flow, the flow rate, the percentage of fluid that circulates, etc., along a pipe. It is a handy tool for preliminary calculations.

12. Statistics Quick Reference

Complete tool to learn statistics and probability. The application has a small introductory dictionary that includes the basic concepts and definitions to familiarize yourself with the terminology before getting into the matter.

Each of the topics to be explained is followed by a numerical example to establish knowledge and ensure understanding of the definition.

The Android app can be downloaded for free and has an average user rating of 4.1/5.

13. Material Resistance

We leave you a great combo of applications to solve simple problems of calculation of structures and resistance of materials. Through these applications, available free of charge for Android devices, you can determine the forces and moments to which the beams, frames, profiles, etc., are subjected.

  • BeamDesign: For calculations on beams.
  • Frame Design: For static and linear analysis of 2D structures. It allows analyzing reactions, efforts, and deformations. This powerful app is based on the finite element method.
  • Steel design: For analysis of steel profiles.

14. Thermodynamics

  • Cycles: You can calculate and visualize the Carnot, Diesel, Otto, and open Brayton cycles.
  • Thermodynamics Calculator: (4.6/5) Calculation of thermodynamic properties of water, R134a, ammonia, R12 (freon-12), CO2, and SF6.
  • Steam Table: This allows you to calculate the thermodynamic properties of water.

15. Mathlab Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator (4,4/5) is an excellent application for solving matrix equations, fractions, complex numbers, polynomials, etc. In addition to being a powerful calculator, this application graphically represents functions of many types.

16. MATLAB Mobile

This application allows you to have MATLAB on your Android or iPhone device and access the program’s workspace. It does not present all the options in computer software, but it is still a potent tool.

It is free for all those Matlab users who have a license.

17. Gate Civil Question Bank

This application formulates questions related to civil engineering that you must answer with the help of specific keys. It offers a bar graph tool generated from the trending questions each year and pie graphs developed based on the scores that students receive in each subject.

Themes contained in the application: Math, structures, Water sources, Environment, Transportation, overall fitness, Steel, and geo-technology.

18. Civil Engineering Magazine

Access all the digital publications of the Civil Engineering magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. You can read articles about the latest trends in your area, research, and other information of interest to this profession.

19. Basic Electronics Engineering

This is an excellent application for electrical engineering students since it allows basic calculations and approximates some of the essential theories of Electronics. This app is recommended for student learning and support as material for teachers.

20. AutoCAD 360

Source – Image

An excellent design application that allows you to view, edit and share different drawings from your mobile. Thanks to it, engineers save time in sending and transferring plans and can also see additional 3D files uploaded to the account.

21. EveryCircuit

This is an excellent tool to learn through interactivity and innovation. This app allows the user to build any circuit while performing a simulation and explains how the components work.

22. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This calculator is the most famous scientific calculator and is preferred by engineers. It has the standard functions plus unit and constant conversion functions with a unique design. It is straightforward to use, just like any other manual calculator.

23. Matrix Calculator

This application is one of the best for solving determinants, systems of equations, ranges of matrices, etc. It is not an app that you should use before learning these topics. However, it is excellent for reviewing calculations or doing any exercise you can think of.

What is another of the great attractions of this application? That solves everything for you step by step so that if you have confused something, you can verify it yourself.

24. Symbolab

This is another must-have app. Symbolab allows you to enter almost any equation and solve it. This includes the representation of functions, fractions, inequalities, etc. As in the previous application, it provides us with all the intermediate steps just as a teacher would explain them to us.

It is recommended to have this application for PC because they usually include a lot of advertising and limitations on tablets or mobiles.

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