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10 Free Music Download Apps For Android

If you’re looking for music on your Android devices and wish to download them for free, there are a handful of apps out in the Google Playstore for you to download, and we compiled the best ten available.

With plenty of apps relating to music on the Google Playstore, you will find various unique features that some apps have over others, such as the content of music available, the easily accessible interface, and the overall quality of the sound each app may provide to your Android device.

1. SONGily

SONGily provides the ability to download a large variety of songs for free. One, however, has to use its online site called to find it.

Boasting many downloadable songs, it has its original music you can find and download for yourself. It’s great for not just downloading music you already know about but finding new ones to experiment with and discover for yourself.

Sometimes finding a specific cover of a song is hard in SONGily as some pieces can have a large variety of cover artists for them. Possibly even the original body itself may not be available. With a straightforward User interface, it’s easy for anyone to use.

2. TubeMate

Suppose you wish to find a song you’re currently listening to on YouTube but could not download on your android device. In that case, TubeMate will aid you in being able to download any YouTube video and be converted it into audio.

Although it works on any YouTube video, TubeMate is once again an audio-only download app for YouTube. Thus, music videos are generally the preferred videos you should be using to convert to audio files.

Simple and free to use. TubeMate is essentially the app version of the many websites of YouTube to MP3 converters you can find. Still, if you’re using an android, then an app would be far more convenient than a website that does not usually support an android user interface, so it’s necessary if you wish to download Music on YouTube unless one is willing to pay for YouTube’s Premium service.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a sub-app of the top-rated e-commerce service of the same name, Amazon.

Available on the Android Google play store for free and coming with a premium plan that allows for an ad-free experience, Amazon music can easily compete with the other music apps, thanks to its extensive collection of official music from recognized artists.

One doesn’t need to buy any of their premium services if one wishes to download music for free. Amazon Music already offers this feature free of charge for any users regardless of their package plan for Amazon Music.

4. Soundcloud downloader

Soundcloud is a viral music-sharing platform with millions of users uploading thousands of their original music works daily. And while you may be able to listen to those songs for free, you will need Soundcloud Downloader to download any of the pieces you will find, as Soundcloud itself does not offer any feature to download any songs submitted to its platform.

Like TubeMate, Soundcloud Downloader does precisely the same as it says it does, so you can easily compile songs of various artists on Soundcloud for free. However, the only requirement is that your Android device must be rooted. Without it, the app will remain inaccessible, and you’re left with no luck in downloading any music on SoundCloud, but there is an alternative app over it later in the list.

5. Hungama

Hungama is an app that offers a large variety of songs available on its platform. It is entirely free, but it also allows free downloads for every piece. It has a large variety of Bollywood and English songs for download, so one can easily find tons of content to download with this app.

However, while Hungama is rather generous with its selection of music, it suffers from relatively poor customer service. Furthermore, Hungama may not always provide the latest piece in a sufficient time, often seeing delays of at least a month when a music album is officially released elsewhere.

That being said, Hungama offers free services to new users to provide at least some incentive to try it out. But its actual premium services may not be worth the cost, according to many of its reviews. It’s best to stick with the free services of Hungama for now, as there is an excellent variety of choices this app offers without spending a single penny.

6. Fildo

Fildo is an app that allows you to download music completely free, but that’s not all. Its core feature among the variety of other music downloading apps is that Fildo will enable you to download per playlist rather than per song. Fildo is unique amongst the other apps listed on this list.

Fildo thus provides far less micromanagement than is usually needed when one usually uses apps to download music, such as Amazon Music. This allows users to save plenty of time without painfully choosing each song to download and waiting until it’s finished, monotonously repeating the process for the next one. Fildo automates this process and does it in bulk.

Of course, this can take a significant amount of your data and memory space on your android device. It’s best to carefully consider your storage space before using Fildo, as you can easily mismanage your android’s leftover space by simply clicking a few buttons.

7. Audiomack

Audiomack is pretty similar to Soundcloud, both being focused on user-submitted content over high licensed album deals on their music streaming platform. However, while SoundCloud has a large variety of genres, Audiomack has a niche in the Hip Hop fanbase.

In terms of pricing, Audiomack has no prices. It is entirely free, and while Spotify might also be free, it offers a premium service that restricts certain features from its free users. Audiomack lacks any premium option, which means even uploading and downloading music on the app is free as they rely on ad revenue from google ads.

This does come with its downsides. While entirely free, one must be content with the great ads that may interrupt the experience one may try to have while using the app. But for its price, it is a fair trade-off for free features, and if you want a Soundcloud experience offline but don’t have a rooted Android phone for the Soundcloud downloader, then this is just as good as an alternative.

8. Music

Another YouTube video downloader app, much like TubeMate. Having a sleek and elegant design, it’s incredibly straightforward in what it does. It’s easier on the eyes than TubeMate, so if you’re looking for an app with form and function, YMusic is a good choice for just about any user.

You can even listen to audio files without having your main screen turned on, which is a handy way of saving some power and not inconveniently getting returned to the home screen when your phone isn’t in your hands.

9. Jamendo Music

This music downloading app provides users with a large selection of musical content, much like the other apps mentioned on the list. But aside from its variety of collections, Jamendo is entirely ad-free, despite the app and all other services (including downloading music) being completely free.

Although it is no longer available on the Google Playstore, one can download its app through Jamendo Music has a rather simplistic and sleek design in its app and website, and searching modern music is as easy as clicking the spotlight button will provide the user with plenty of playlists.

And if listening to and downloading music isn’t just what you want to do, you can also choose to upload your music after making your account. While rather niche if you’re looking to download music, the option does encourage users to gain recognition and possibly earn money with this app.

10. RockMyRun

Last up on the list, RockMyRun offers high-paced intense music perfect for workout sessions. Many of the Music on this app is meant to be harsh for a workout routine. However, most importantly, the app offers free downloads of all its music available on the platform.

Combined with many energetic music genres like rock, dance, hip hop, and country, this app is marketed more towards a specific target audience than those who like to work out regularly.

Even if you’re not looking to use this app to provide a music collection to pump you up for physical training, anyone can still use it to download its specialized group of music and listen for themselves offline anytime.

You can even adjust the music to match a specific tempo, allowing you to watch your pace while you run. There are much more features here that combine physical exercise with musical listening.

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