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11 Best Dummy Text Generators

Featured with high-resolution pictures or graphics, any website may look very impressive in designing, but it gains its worthiness only with right and interactive content. The incomplete content makes the website look useless. It is the one of the key reasons, website owners ask the website designers to put copyright-free dummy content on the website.

Generally, without the content, the website looks quite odd. On most occasions, we have seen the designers generally tend to put dummy text using a dummy text generator. With this text generator, you can exactly understand how many paragraphs along with words you need to fit your mock-up. These days the tools used for dummy text are very user-friendly and used by many designers.

What is Dummy Text Generator?

Dummy Text allows web designers or magazine publishers to design best for their website or magazine. Generally, dummy text has no meaning. The dummy text just gets inserted with a purpose to fill out the blank spaces with content.  It is also known as placeholder or filler text. Undoubtedly, the text is effective for online publishing. It does not bring any logical sense in front of you. Dummy text comes as filler text that helps to get you a visual impression of any website.

Why do you need Dummy Text Generator?

A dummy text generator generates free content for web designers. One thing you should remember that the text generated with the help of Dummy Text Generator doesn’t carry any meaning as its prime aim is just to fill up space with raw text. Ultimately, the text has no meaning itself. If you are looking to get an idea of some of the most effective dummy text generators then let us have a look at a few of them.

1. Profesional Lorem Ipsum

Dummy Text Generators

Professional Lorem Ipsum is one of the best dummy text generators. The tool can create random text blocks in need of many customization options. It helps you to break down the content up to 20 paragraphs with 4500 words limit.

In addition, this particular tool also acts as a wiki of everything. It works efficiently for educational purposes.


  • Work efficiently
  • Maximum words length 4500
  • Free of cost available
  • Suitable for educational purpose


  • Not perfect for HTML


Dummy Text Generators
Dummy Text Generators is undoubtedly a better dummy text generator tool with a lot of benefits. It allows you to choose five languages such as Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, and Russian. This tool allows you to create dummy content at any length.

With this tool, the user will have the freedom to use random words. The most important thing is that this application brings you facility either plain text or HTML, version of the dummy text. It can help you save your time as well as effort.


  • Enabled for five languages
  • No word limitation
  • Time saver
  • Suitable for plain or HTML text


  • Not capable of bulk words

3. Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum works effectively as a dummy text generator. It allows the user to choose the number of paragraphs, the length of paragraphs, and words. It is user-friendly and awesomely unique. The tool is very easy to operate and one loves to access it.  

 Cupcake Ipsum is suitable for a desert-related website. It provides a creative approach that brings a good break after all. The most remarkable highlight of the tool is that it has many customization options such as language with content.


  •  User friendly
  • A good option for customization
  • Fun-like


  • Not customized with advanced option

4. Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator has become the most effective tool for random text requirements. It is a very impressive tool in need of random content creation that goes up to 9999 words strength and even you have the freedom to break the words into 99 paragraphs. It allows you to see the changes in the dummy text in the paragraph. 

The tool is very impressive despite having a lack of customization options. It will provide you an option called ‘Advanced Option’ from where you can choose a font style, font size, text-transform, and alignment.


  • Suitable for content creation
  • Works for the words up to 9999
  • Systemized with ‘advanced option’
  •  User friendly


  • Something different from the others

5. WebFX

Now we are going to make you familiarized with the most trendy tool named by WebFX. Many professionals like to use this tool to make their work easy. You should remember that this tool allows you to break down the content according to your requirements.

Generally, it comes broken down in such a way that anyone can use this tool with ease. The tool is ideally best for HTML. Even this one will allow you to create random paragraphs with exact words or sentences. You can add a paragraph with bold and italic tags.


  • Provides the user full freedom
  • Perfect for HTML
  • Brings the best content creation
  • Good for professionals


  • The problem comes in need of filler content

6. Twipsum

Twipsum can be the best one and always on-demand as it works efficiently as a dummy text generator. You will not understand the difference between it and others until and unless you get in touch with this one.

Under this tool, the filler text comes to be generated with a word or phrase according to your choice. It is an ideal one for filler content.


  • Best for filler content
  • Easy to access
  • The text appears in the form of a paragraph


  • Comparatively inactive for web designing

7. Pirate Ipsum

 Pirate Ipsum is another excellent tool to create dummy text for your website. The sentences with language come to be arranged systematically. It is a funny and quirky tool.

It has become an excellent tool for creating pirate-themed dummy text for the website. While reading it out, it seems pretty close to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The layout of the website is undoubtedly impressive and engaging. Apart from that, the tool comes with a pirate-based illustration.

The website made of this particular software comes effective and attractive.  Its fresh and impressive color makes the website more engaging.


  • Perfect for pirate-based dummy text
  • It has an impressive layout
  • Good for all professional and beginner
  • Much more impressive

8. Trump Ipsum

Trump Ipsum is a witty tool and based on US President Donald Trump. This tool is the perfect one to create placeholder content that is good for fake news and legendary dialogues.

The tool works for dedication and attention and the website looks good with the same colors in Trump’s campaigns.

The CTA leads make it great undoubtedly. The users will have the opportunity to set the number of paragraphs.

With this particular tool, users can set the number of the paragraph as the dummy text. It is a basic tool for filters and formatting. It does not work as function-packed but it has a unique touch for leaving anyone in amazement and laughter.


  • Suitable for fake news & dialogues
  • Works better for setting paragraph with words
  • Unique one
  • Most popular and effective


  • It takes more time to generate the dummy text

9. Bacon Ipsum

If you want to make your profession based on a website or magazine, then you should take this software. It will save your time and even makes you energetic for doing the work.

 Bacon Ipsum is a fun-like dummy text generator and it provides you standard dummy text. This particular generator creates dummy text that focuses on different types of meat. The meat is responsible for producing paragraphs that go for the names of several cuts of meat.  The meat and filler option goes for lorem Ipsum words.

Most web designers come to use this tool willingly and they ultimately get benefits from creating dummy text.


  • Fun like tool
  • Creates meat that goes for paragraphs
  • Comes with a filler option


  • Not much more popular

10. Filerama – Dummy Text Generator

Filerama is a much more engaging tool that works well for dummy text. It is a creative dummy text generator that creates placeholder content. This tool allows users to create passages with inline styles, headers, and many more.

The tool comes effective in need of placing text on the new website. This will help you to have the dummy text in the form of HTML. The users can choose the source of text from the TV shows.

Even the users can successfully create unlimited content based on sentences, words, and paragraphs. You can use the function that gives you the freedom to use bold and italic tags.


  • Good for content from movies
  • Comes with inline headers, headers
  • Most popular among the watchers

11. Cheese Ipsum

Cheese Ipsum comes as one of the best dummy text generators. It works perfectly for creamy and melted content for their placeholder. The tool is perfect for website, magazine, and brochure designs.

Under this particular tool, the users will have the benefits to select the paragraphs sized in medium, short and long.


  • Perfect for magazine, website, and brochure
  • It brings paragraph in medium, short and long
  • Good for professional
  • Very popular in the industry

For your website, brochure, or any other design-related job, these are the best dummy text generators and among them, you can choose anyone to make your task easy and comfortable.

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