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15 Best Paraphrasing and Rewording Tools in the Market


What is a paraphrase?

A paraphrase is rewording without changing the meaning of the entire text. The term is derived from the Latin word paraphrasis. The act of paraphrasing is called paraphrasis. Paraphrasing means the statement “The signal is red” and can be explained as “The train was not allowed to pass because the signal was red.” Verbum decani is a declaratory expression to signal the transition to the paraphrase.

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrase is meant to express the statement in another appropriate way and is more detailed than a summary. It clarifies the context in which it appears.

A paraphrase is meant to keep the meaning of the context the same and not otherwise so one can also call it a ‘dynamic equivalent’. Biblical paraphrases are the most circulated versions of the Bible available in medieval Europe. Unlike metaphrase, paraphrase indicates the equivalent meaning of the original material. With the evolvement of technology, now sentences can be automatically paraphrased using “text simplification” software.

What are Paraphrasing Tools?

Whenever you write a report, academic paper, article, or another type of content, you need to write it in a different and unique way. This helps you to avoid plagiarism of other’s work. You may be a great writer but in some or another way your style of writing may get mirrored with someone else’s. Paraphrasing tool affirms that your content is original and unique. Authentication and improvisation of your text will be easier in the little time of efforts you take.

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

The paraphrasing tools simply take your statements and without changing their meaning, and paraphrase them into complete articles.

While both the free and premium tool does the task of paraphrasing, the major and important difference between them is the quality of the sentences in a converted edition. In the free tools, the meaning of sentences is almost useless, however, in premium, it is of top class. Paid tools are equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology (NLP). This can be seen as a commercial aspect of the tools but after all, it is fact. One cannot compromise on the quality of his/her article and thus, usually adapts premium mode of tools.   

Here, we will discuss some of the best paraphrasing tools which are frequently used by customers. In view of that, let us see what the difference between article spinners and paraphrasing tools is. Paraphrasing tools convert your sentences into a meaningful different version.

Article spinners do the same but the main difference is, it creates multiple sentences of your original work (up to 1000 versions).  

1. Spin Rewriter

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

The Spin Rewriter was launched in 2011 and thus, is the most experienced player in the market of paraphrasing tools.

The 11th version of Spin Rewriter gives even better paraphrasing efficiency and features. This software contains the Emulated Natural Learning (ENL) technology that generates content equivalent to human quality. ENL is the most advanced technology to date and only Spin Rewriter possesses it.


  • You will have the option of paraphrasing many articles at once with its bulk paraphrasing feature.
  • The tool can be used on all types of devices like mobile, laptop, tablets, desktops, etc. since it is a completely online application.
  • The ENL technology first understands the meaning of the sentences of the content before processing for paraphrasing.
  • Spin Rewriter can paraphrase as many as 1000 articles at a time as compared to some of the best tools in the market.
  • Spin Rewriter has a stock photo integration option that helps add relevant images to the content automatically.


  • It is not suitable for everybody’s use
  • Quite costlier

Cost of Spin Rewriter

  • Lifetime subscription – $497 to be paid one-time to get lifelong access
  • Yearly – $77 per year with 5 days trial for free and a few bonuses.
  • Monthly – $47 is the monthly renewal for Spin Writer.

2. Chimp Rewriter  

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

Chimp Rewriter is an Australia-based tool that enables one to paraphrase the content and generate SEO-worthy content. It the best tool available that uses the Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to date.

It is, without doubt, a much better tool than other low-cost ones.


  • It is the only tool that uses both the Artificial and Natural Language Processing technologies together at your service.
  • One can paraphrase the content in multiple languages. This is an extremely flexible feature for those who are multi-lingual.
  • The most amazing feature is, it can automatically include photos and videos to your content relevant to the subject of the article. So, you don’t have to spend time searching for them. It saves a lot of time.
  • The algorithm used for this tool is the same as used in search engines to identify duplicate content. This helps the writer to avoid plagiarism and duplicate content test.
  • Integration with third-party applications becomes easier with its API software extension.
  • However, one cannot use it online as it is only a downloadable tool for Windows devices. On Mac devices, you have to use it through a Windows emulator.


  • It cannot be used on Mac
  • Limited API for heavy users

Cost of Chimp Rewriter  

  • The first 14 days free trial offer follows few subscription plans for complete access to the tool.
  • Monthly – $15 for 2 device licenses, 1500 monthly API requests, and three bonuses.
  • Yearly – $99 for 2 device licenses, 1500 monthly API requests, and three bonuses.

3. QuillBot

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

 QuillBot is specifically a free paraphrasing tool that is helpful for the students who aspire to gain some experience in their study period. The students get much help from this tool while they are writing a thesis, a scholar, or even an essay.

The paraphrasing process of this tool is supported by the native AI. This result in your article paraphrased on the sentence or paragraph level. QuillBot Premium, if you opt, is a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool with the best rewriter availability that paraphrases a complete article for free. You just have to type your sentence and click the “paraphrase” button to get results.


  • QuillBot offers you the capabilities of Chrome extension.
  • It offers seven different paraphrasing models and you can choose any for you.
  • Unlike the other free tools on offer, QuillBot is equipped with an AI-powered Thesaurus.
  • One can also integrate QuillBot in his/her Google Docs and Microsoft Word which helps to paraphrase directly into your original document.
  • It has a Word Flipper feature that will help you to select the amount of word changing in your paraphrased content.


  • Both free and premium plans have limited character permission.

Cost of QuillBot

  • As a free version, it offers limited usage, say, 3 paraphrasing models with 500 characters. Hence, you have the option of other paid plans.
  • Free – Lifetime free plan
  • Monthly – $4.95 per month
  • Semi-annual – The charges will be $4.15 per month
  • Annual – Annual plan comes with the rate of $3.33 per month.

4. Best Spinner 4 Tool

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

With its huge clientele of over 90,000 users, Best Pinner 4 is arguably the most successful online tool. It is a very efficient online help and it is in its 4th version now.

The introduction of the 4th version also indicates its improvement and progress in technology. The refined version also means that it has upgraded tools from time to time as per the requirement of the customers, so, it is not a surprise that it gains the top spot.


  • Its built-in cloud Thesaurus pack gives rich vocabulary without changing the meaning of your content.
  • This tool can paraphrase or translate your content or article into 14 different languages.
  • It comes with text-to-speech technology that supports you to generate audio for any article.
  • Best Spinner 4 paraphrasing tool gives you 100 paraphrased versions of your original article or content.  
  • You can publish the paraphrased content on your WordPress blogs with the help of the Best Spinner 4 tool, from within the software itself.


  • Some old bugs feature frequently

Cost of Best Spinner 4

  • You can subscribe to any of the three premium plans, however, a free trial is not available but it consists of 2 bonuses.
  • All plans allow complete access to the paraphrasing and API module.
  • Basic – $67/year for 30 monthly audio conversion and translation credits.
  • Standard – For 60 monthly credit $127/year
  • Pro – $297/year for 300 monthly credits

5. Spinner Chief 6 – Paraphrasing Tools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

This Spinner Chief 6 is a customized tool suitable for your PC when you want online support. It has dual usability that makes it a top pick among the paraphrasing tools.

This tool is also equipped with the support of artificial intelligence. This will enable you to cross the hurdle of plagiarism for your article or content.


  • The words and synonyms replacement is supported by its cloud Thesaurus.
  • A click on a button will enable you to perform bulk paraphrasing with ease of flexibility.
  • Along with Artificial Intelligence, the Spinner Chief 6 is equipped with Statistical Replacement Technology that generates content equivalent to that of content written by a human.
  • Spinner Chief 6 can give you a multi-lingual option of about 20 languages.
  • It contains a built-in WordPress submit function that allows you to post the paraphrased content directly on your WordPress blogs.


  • The free version has limited features
  • Price is a bit higher

Cost of Spinner Chief 6  

  • Multiple plans available for personal and team users that give you needed flexibility.
  • The features and access limits are different for different plans which are obvious.
  • Free version – One can sign up for a lifetime free plan.
  • Elite version – One-time $88 payment for lifetime access
  • Ultimate version – with 5 different options as
  • Option 1 – $138 one-time payment
  • Option 2 – $48 per year
  • Option 3 – $25 per month
  • Option 4 – $7 for the first 3 days (thereafter, $52 per year)
  • Option 5 – $7 for the first 3 days and then a $156 one-time fee

For Team Users –

  • Options of a team of 3, 5, and 10 users can be chosen

6. Clever Spinner – Paraphrasing Tools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

It is the cheapest tool without compromising on the paraphrasing quality and one of the best cheapest online services. It has its primarily developed AI by a creator who exhibits natural language processing.


  • Clever Spinner is rich in synonyms and vocabulary
  • Clever Spinner’s AI understands the context before paraphrasing it.
  • Clever Spinner automatically balances the use of active and passive voice while paraphrasing it.


  • Words monthly limit is lesser
  • Internet connection is a must.

Cost of Clever Spinner

  • It is the cheapest tool with the best value and a 3 days trial offer.
  • Upgradation of the plan can be done by a monthly subscription of a $9.90 recurring fee.

7. SpinBot – Paraphrasing Tools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

In contrast to others, SpinBot offers its features and services for free. It is, therefore, the most favorite tool among the students, scholars, and new bloggers who are unable to afford paid services.

The human-like content generation makes SpinBot a satisfactory level of service.


  • It provides a sufficient daily 10,000-character limit for paraphrasing.
  • For using a free version, one doesn’t need to sign up.
  • It is a completely free-to-use tool


  • Content may not be up to the mark

Cost of SpinBot

  • Free up to 10,000 characters per day
  • For higher requirements, one can get premium plans of monthly $10, semi-annually $50, and $75 per year.

8. Paraphrasing Tool by SmallSEOTools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

This is another tool most opted by students, scholars, new bloggers, and even SEO professionals for paraphrasing. Its free service has resulted in a huge user base.

It follows context-based rephrasing religiously and is efficient enough to generate human-like and meaningful content after paraphrasing.


  • The efficient software allows you to import Dropbox and Google Drive content.
  • It is a free tool that offers a paraphrasing limit of 2000 words in a single attempt.
  • Once you avail of free service, it allows you to access its grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool for free.
  • SmallSEOTools allows you to upload files like .txt, .doc, .pdf, etc of your article or content for the paraphrasing process.


  • Not affordable for small businesses
  • Available resources are limited

Cost of SmallSEOTools

  • As mentioned, it is FREE.

9. Content Professor – Paraphrasing Tools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools
10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

Apart from the article spinner, it is also an efficient paraphrasing tool. Due to its best free paraphrasing service, Content Professor is a favorite among scholars and students.

The tool efficiently generates good paraphrased content and because of its web-based nature, one can use it on all devices effectively.


  • It is efficient to generate paraphrase content in multiple spintax formats.
  • To make your paraphrasing easy, it permits you to download your content and save around 100 articles on its servers.
  • It can protect particular keywords and key phrases from paraphrasing.
  • Content Professor generates human-like content using its synonym quality algorithm.
  • It is integrated with Copyscape and Plagium to help keep the generated content plagiarism-free.


  • Requires internet connection
  • Repetitive ideas from one article

Cost of Content professor  

  • It allows up to 5000 characters for free.

10. WordAi – Paraphrasing Tools

10 Best Paraphrasing Tools

This is the tool most widely used by SEO professionals and students. The reason behind this high use is its in-built artificial intelligence.

While the readability of the paraphrased content is amazing, the AI feature understands the context of the original article. The generated content will be matching to the one written by a human.


  • It uses AI to improve the quality and readability of paraphrased content
  • It can paraphrase up to 1000 articles with a single upload
  • It identifies spelling mistakes and does grammar check with the help of its integrated Perfect Tense tool
  • WordAi supports four languages, i.e. English, Italian, French, and Spanish.
  • It enables you to generate content through your Article Forge account if you don’t have any content for paraphrasing.


  • Expensive compared to other tools
  • Progresses slowly
  • No lifetime span

Cost of WordAi

  • It is free of cost with 3 days trial.



If you are in the process of searching for an effective rewording tool, then you must not forget this tool named – The tool comes first to find out the meaning of words used in the content and then put the synonym words one after another keeping the meaning of content the same.

The words and sentence constructed in the new content come awesomely as both are easy to understand.  The content processed by this tool is completely free from plagiarism. It is available in a free version and no one feels difficult to use this one.

Moreover, the content gets a high readability score which gives your website content a good rank in the google search engine.


  • Saves time and energy
  • Provides good quality content
  • Seems human-made
  • Easy to use


  • Does not have the capacity for more words

12. Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool works better to create engaging content. At the initial stage, it takes an initiative to comprehend the meaning of the content and after that, the tool comes to develop unique content.

Generally, the tool makes use of similar words in the content. Sometimes, the tool changes the content creating short sentences. The new content does not seem machine-made content as it has a high readability score with simplicity.  The free version is available but if you like more benefited features, then you can go for a premium version.


  • Most popular
  • Seems human-made
  • Premium and paid version available
  • Completely engaging


  • Free version not comfortable

13. Rewordify


If you want to get amazing results in your content creation, then keeping your eyes closed, you should go for Rewordify. The tool does not bring any wrong concept in the content while rewriting. With an ability to keep the same meaning, it changes the word correctly instead of others.

For easy understanding, the tool breaks the long sentences into short ones. The most important thing is that by using the tool, you get the chance to create a hundred percent unique content. Within seconds, the tool provides you with completely new content that can amaze you.


  • Saves your time & energy
  • Provides readable content
  • Creates 100% plag-free content
  • Suggest users with exact words


  • None so far

14. Rewriter Tools

Rewriter Tools

Most of the users make use of Rewriter Tools in need of flawless content. You can access this tool online free of cost. But you want to get access to its multiple features, then you need to use this tool at its premium version.

When you put the text into the box of this application and click for the option ‘Write’ then and in a matter of a few minutes, the software will start the work of comprehension. After that, the tool supplies similar words to make new sentences in small sizes. The content comes with no plag issue.

It works very fast that you cannot imagine. The most important thing is that the content made by this tool seems human-made. You can use this tool for a premium & free version.


  • Creates sentences like human-made
  • Very creative
  • Provides flawless content


  • At times concept behind the sentences seems wrong

15. SEO Magnifier

SEO Magnifier

For online and offline content creation, SEO Magnifier is one of the best rewording tools that you can use at any time. Undoubtedly, the tool is effective in the preparation of few sample college essays. 

SEO Magnifier also works for plagiarism checking. Whatever the content length you have, you can put it in the box provided online and offline and no matter, within a short time, you will get fresh content.

The content created by this software comes an exact one of the text in the sense of meaning. Even the content is highlighted with short sentences and short-sized paragraphs.


  • Suitable for online & offline
  • Suggests user with unique content
  • saves time
  • Keeps content’s original meaning


  • The free version does not have many features

Writing can many times be a tedious task. It is not easy to consistently think and write. The ideas you collect in your mind must get proper words without which those are meaningless. Over a period of time, writing has changed its form from pen and paper to laptop or mobile typing.

Writing needs a lot of time, hard work, dedication, and privacy to finally take the shape of the final product. The available tools with modern technology have a big helping hand for those who write academically and professionally. It is essential to make your words stand out and be unique. One can take the help of paraphrasing tools to enhance the quality of their writing.

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