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Top 10 Best Push Notification Services For You

Top 10 Best Push Notification Services For You

According to Wikipedia, “push technology is a form of communication via the Internet in which the sending request originates from the server, as opposed to pull technology, in which the request originates from the client.”

One of the advantages of these services is that they increase the user retention rate and improve the level of engagement of the brands that are behind each notification.

Next, you will find a list that we prepared with the top 10 best push notification services for you.

1.- AlertMedia

10 Best Push Notification Services
10 Best Push Notification Services

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This is a communication software-focused initially on emergency services. Or, in other words, designed primarily for use by organizations that require highly secure and reliable communication with their employees or associated audiences, delivering encrypted notifications in real-time. In any case, the tool has evolved, and brands such as DHL, Kawasaki, Coca-Cola, or Samsung have already relied on it for their communications.

2.- Beamer

10 Best Push Notification Services

Another tool that we want to mention is Beamer, which -among many other functionalities- allows the sending of push web notifications created automatically from new publications of the site, and without the need for users to be browsing the site at that time.

Among other of its capabilities, we find that of segmenting users by product, geography, user role, profile, language, behavior and more when sending notifications, which encourages engagement and increases participation, thanks to the sending of most relevant information. In addition, it allows including -in the notifications themselves- the logo of the brand, and all this with the simple installation of a WordPress script or plugin.

3.- CleverTap

10 Best Push Notification Services

CleverTap is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that allows you to create engagement strategies to retain users and grow brands. Through the sending of push notifications, it tries to retain users and/or reactivate old ones, with interactive and personalized messages, adapted to the preferences of each user and thus achieving better results.

Disney, Domino’s or Sony are some of the brands that have already decided to trust the tool.

4.- Firebase

10 Best Push Notification Services

Google’s Firebase tool allows you to send push notifications to websites, free of charge, providing a reliable and low-battery connection between servers and devices. In addition, it is capable of easily sending messages through predefined segments or creating its own from demographic and/or behavioral data, in such a way that users can receive content on specific topics. Going down in more detail, it is also possible to send messages at the individual device level.

Some of its clients? They could be, among others, Trivago, The New York Times or The Economist.

5.- Frizbit

10 Best Push Notification Services

Of Catalan origin and founded no more and no less than four years ago we found Frizbit; a marketing tool that helps digital marketers increase their website traffic through the fusion of web (or browser) push notifications and marketing automation technology, in a single, extremely easy-to-use platform and with a friendly interface. Its customization allows the inclusion of title, body text and image in notifications.

As they themselves state on their website, the main customers who enjoy Frizbit’s service are e-commerce companies and the media.

6.- Indigitall

10 Best Push Notification Services

Indigitall is another of the own multichannel marketing software for sending push notifications. Notifications that, as themselves declare on their website, will be interactive, segmented and prepared through the use of their tool. With it (and with its easy and simple user interface), brands will be able to increase loyalty and improve conversions, fully customizing the push notifications sent to each type of user that, incidentally, can be fully segmented and individualized. Indigitall uses AI to automate the sending of notifications based on the user’s interests and their browsing habits. In addition to the web notification service, it also has the in-app notification service.

Of Spanish origin and based in Madrid, some of its main clients are EVO Banco, Starbucks Coffee, Yoigo, Bankinter, ABC or ¡Hola!

7.- Notificare

10 Best Push Notification Services

Notificare is a push notification sending tool that defines itself as a software that allows its clients to reach the users of their website in a simple, practical, fast and simultaneous way, interacting with their audience regardless of the platform that they are using, using -for personalization- rich multimedia elements such as images, web pages, videos, maps or digital coupons.

In addition, it allows you to segment customers using information that is already available to them, such as demographics, location, interests, behavior, platforms and devices, for example.

8.- OneSignal

10 Best Push Notification Services

The US platform OneSignal, founded in 2014, is a tool that offers push messages to websites. Among some of its advantages, it offers functionalities such as A/B testing, advanced analytics, personalization, segmentation and more. In addition, the tool allows to reach audiences in a more specific way, since only the most relevant and personalized messages are sent based on the behavior, demographic information and other data of the user. It has a free plan for up to 10,000 subscribers.

Among some of its available integrations we find those of WordPress, Shopify, Magento or Google Analytics.

9.- PushEngage

10 Best Push Notification Services

PushEngage is that browser push notification platform that helps website administrators engage users by automatically segmenting and sending push messages across the web. Among many other of its functionalities, it allows to segment with precision, perform A/B tests, respond automatically with predefined messages, etc. It includes integrations with third parties, among which, for example, WordPress.

Some of the clients who already trust the American tool are Domino’s, Harvard University or Glamor magazine, for example.

10.- Routee – Push Notification Services

10 Best Push Notification Services

The American Routee is another of the tools we want to mention. Founded in 2015, it is defined as a cloud communications software that distributes advanced solutions for industries around the world. Through its set of participation tools and its alternative communication routes, it enables to reach audiences much more effectively. One of these tools is the sending of push notifications via the web.

Some of its advantages include segmentation, personalization, previewing the message before sending it, and uninterrupted technical assistance.

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