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35 Gamer Slang Terms You Should Know

Gamer jargon is constantly evolving. Pay attention to the words, abbreviations, and acronyms you must use to play, communicate, and compete. The best and the only way to not get lost among gamers is to be one of them.

The gamer jargon drinks directly from English and combines the video game universe concepts. If you enter a chat, an online game, or any gamer space without having primary control of words, it is likely that if you do not control the gamer vocabulary, you will not be able to enjoy it very much. If you are a noob, start by studying the primary dictionary.

1. Kite

Indeed, it is about making movements simulating a comet in space. This strategy aims to avoid the melee attack while attacking from a distance.

2. FPS

This means First-person shooter. It refers to a type of game enjoyed in the first person. The core of these games is to run and shoot people or things. Examples: Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo.


This means Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. The interaction between actual participants is massive, and they meet in a unique environment to share. Competition is allowed, but also the exchange of improvements and knowledge. World of Warcraft is of this type.

4. RPG

This means a Role-playing game. It is considered a genre within video games that takes elements from traditional role-playing games, although they are far from being classic role-playing games today. There are different systems and styles.

5. AFK

This means Away from the keyboard. It is mainly used in multi-game chats or online multiplayer games to indicate that you are away at that moment to play or attend.

6. GL & HF

This means Good Luck and having fun, that is, good luck and enjoy. A quick and perfect way to start a game, wishing the rest of the participants the best of luck.

7. GG

This means a Good Game. When everything is over and regardless of the result, if the game has been good, remember to add a GG to express: well played! Professional players also use it.

8. GvG

This means Guild versus Guild. You face a battle between clans or groups in any game that includes this possibility.

9. GJ/Gj

This means a Good job. If your teammates or your team already dedicated a GJ to you, you’re on the right track is the intended abbreviation for congratulating others in action games.

10. Hype

The sagas of the most famous games and those with the most followers cause hype, translating into great expectations.

11. Lag

Suffering from lag is one of the worst experiences sustained in a video game. It is about going late due to the technical conditions of your Internet connection, for example, which does not allow you to play well or at the right place.


Third Person/Over the Shoulder Shooter. These games include Gears of War, The Division, and Mass Effect.

13. 4X

eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate games are a trendy subgenre of strategy games.

14. CCG/SS

CCG means collectible card games, such as Hearthstone. On the other hand, SS stands for “Friendly Fire” or “Stall.” If your teammate shoots at you and you take damage, Friendly Fire. His teammates can drop the FF (loss) when he gets worse to end the game.

15. MMO

This means Massively Multiplayer Online. It is a more general term regarding online games intended for a broad base of players. It covers a variety of genres, such as FPS, RPG, and more. One of the best known, World of Warcraft, is an MMORPG.

16. MOBA

This stand for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The contemporary but prevalent genre is based on controlling a single hero/champion in a team-focused game. The leading exponents are League of Legends and Dota 2.

17. RPG

This means a Role-playing game. It is about games like Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4.

18. RTS

This stands for Real-Time Strategy, a strategy game without pauses. Its dynamic is based on building structures and armies to eliminate opponents before they do.

19. SIM

This stand for Simulation. This genre includes simulated experiences of everything from Farming Simulator and Flight Simulator to Job Simulator.

20. Kappa

It is an emoji or meme used at the end of a sentence to indicate that it is ironic or sarcastic. Its use is standard on the Twitch streaming platform.

21. Aggro

It is a term used to designate the focus of an enemy. NPC’s attention: when a character attacks, it is said, “we have taken the aggro.” It is usually taken over by tanks (characters with more resistance) while the rest attack without taking damage.

22. AOE

He refers to the ‘Area of Effect,’ that is, the area on which the spell’s impact. It is a fairly common term in games that include a role-playing component; margins date back to classic computer role-playing games from several decades ago.

23. B

When a player writes “B” in the chat of MOBA games like League of Legends, what he means is that he is going to return to base to heal, buy, or anything before returning to the attack.

24. EZ

EZ means ‘easy,’ ‘simple.’ It is usually used in a derogatory way in many games to bite the opponent, indicating that the confrontation against him is easy, belittling his way of playing.

25. Noob

It is a derogatory way of referring to a rookie, usually for not respecting older players or not improving over time.

26. Bot

This word comes from robots and is used in online games to refer non-human users.

27. CTF

CTF stands for “Capture The Flag, “a prevalent game mode in multiplayer video games.

28. FFA

It stands for “Free For All” It is a game mode in a multiplayer game where everyone is free to kill everyone, that is to say, everyone against everyone.

29. FTW

It means “For The Win,” which means: For the victory. It is a way of encouraging members of a team.

30. LOL

Lots of laughs, laughing out loud or Laughing out loud; it is a way of laughing out loud, but expressed concisely, easy to use in chats, either written or by voice.

31. N1

It means “Nice One” and expresses that something has been done well. It is a way to encourage someone by saying, “Well done.”

32. GG / GGWP

This means good game, well played. GG is also used in games like DOTA2 and StarCraft to show when one side admits defeat.

33. Leeroy Jenkins

You’ve probably heard the joke LEEEEEROOOOOY JEEEEEENKINS at some point, as it’s one of the most famous internet jokes. You can also listen to gamers calling each other a “Leeroy Jenkins.” This is a reference to an internet video, which saw a player charging into a dangerous situation alone and ruining the whole thing for his team. Therefore, Leeroy Jenkins often refers to a player who tries to be a hero but fails.


Gamer slang means “In-Game Name.” The self-identification part is as tricky as designing your character’s appearances and is taken frequently, so you have to add numbers to the end, making it look silly.

35. LEET / 1337

The short form for “elite” is also an alternative alphabet that uses symbols (leetspeak). It can be used as an adjective.

Some Extra Gamer Slang Terms

  • GJ – Good Job
  • WP – Well Played
  • W8 – Wait
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • STFU – Shut The F*** Up
  • ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • CD – Cool Down
  • RDY – Ready
  • WTF – What The F***
  • OMG – Oh My God
  • JK – Just Kidding
  • IDK – I Don’t Know
  • OMW -On My Way
  • BTW – By The Way
  • NP – No Problem.
  • HF – Have fun. The friendly term is usually written at the start of a game.
  • XP – Experience
  • DC – Disconnect. Gamers often go offline and will reconnect.
  • BG – Bad Game
  • OTW – On The Way.
  • PK – Player Kill.
  • QQ – This is how you write the crying emoji without emojis. The circular part of the Q resembles the eyes, and the hyphen resembles the tears.
  • WTB / WTT / WTS – Want To Buy / Trade / Sell. In business chat, users will use them to denote their intentions followed by an item or service.

There are many more words and acronyms within video games, but these already form a communication tool to face the online universe. We can only say GL & HF!

Sudipta Gupta

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