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Top 25 Sites to Download PC Games For FREE

PC video games enjoy impressive popularity. Not to mention the enormous variety of titles and genres that they present. In addition, there are for all needs. Whether you use Mac, Linux, or Windows or have few resources, there will be a game for you.

Of course, this ease also leaves indecision: where to download? WelDon’tt off the screen because we bring you a list of download PC games sites for free. Get comfortable and about that video game to download so much.

Official pages to download free games

The games may be distributed on the Internet by some companies. This gives them specific advantages compared to other pages: virtual purchases and other services. Official game download sites tend to have streaming and various types of games in one portal.

1. Softonic

We come to one of the great heavyweights on this list. Any Internet user knows this portal, and most veterans will have downloaded Raklion or Mu from here. It enjoys we-earned fame, as it is one of the most reliable and secure sites.

  • The Softonic database is practically infinite. Here you will indeed find the game you are looking for.
  • Their search engine is impeccable. It will show you the searched game plus a brief description of it.
  • Y safe download, without deceptive advertising or malware.

2. Microsoft Store

The Microsoft store itself has a section for exquisite free games. You will find them from the classics (such as Space Pinball) to more current games. In addition, being an utterly official page y, you will not have to worry about doubtful links.

  • The number of games it hosts is impressive.
  • Their catalog is so extensive that there is a game for everyone. From platformers to FPS.
  • Remember that this is a software store, so not all games will be free.

3. Steam

To talk about game downloads, we must necessarily talk about Steam. This portal debuted in 2003, and it has not whinging but improved and grown. Y, I indeed t, here are real gems in its free games sections.

  • It never stops updating itself with the newest.
  • Advertising is related to the gamer world.
  • Short but punchy genre selection menu.
  • Unbeatable search engine.
  • As expected when being paid, if you don’t have the money, you won’t be able to enjoy the best games.

4. AllGamesAtoZ

Entering this page is like going to a toy store: you want everything. It does not matter if you are a retro gamer or you like the most modern ones; here, you will find what you are looking for (and what you are not too).

It ranges from the original 1993 game Doom to the more modern Fortnite. This is the main download page for PC games.

  • Quick access when selecting the desired game.
  • Add a detailed description of the game to download. Many players like this a lot, giving them a clear view of what awaits them.
  • Divide titles by sections and in alphabetical order
  • It has an area for the most popular.
  • Its primary disadvantage is that it is challenging to find the download link within the game.

5. Origin

If downloading current and fashionable games is your thing, you can’t miss this portal. It has various catalogs, so finding the game you need or want won’t be a problem.

  • Extensive and assorted game catalog
  • Constant update to be aware of new titles.
  • Safe and relatively fast download.
  • The site is available in different languages.
  • As a disadvantage, it stands out that you will not be able to download if you are not registered.

Unofficial sites to download free games

Some pages offer platforms to download games; however, they are not official. This means that they do not belong to a company. It is a gamer community dedicated to sharing games. This implies that we will find some advertising and possible short links so that they can have some income.

6. Acid Play

We start with this gem of a page to download games. It is usually users’ favorite due to its extensive catalog and little advertising. In addition, its search engine is super simple and efficient.

  • It allows you to download free games quickly and safely.
  • It has a very intuitive interface, which is very practical.
  • It lacks excessive and annoying advertising. This will allow you to move around it with total comfort.
  • Its only drawback is that it is entirely in English. So if you don’t have a good command of this language, it can be cumbersome.

7. is a legend among veteran Internet users. This portal has the well-deserved fame of hosting more than twenty game categories. In addition, it offers both 2D and 3D games.

  • Its personalized search engine lets you specify what you are looking for very well.
  • Its catalog is completely free and extensive, so you will not have to pay anything.
  • Its most significant disadvantage is that it takes a long time to update. This results in the games offered strictly precisely the most modern.

8. DopeRoms

Playing on PC does not necessarily require playing PC games. More and more users of emulators and ROMs. Downloading these files is usually dangerous; some are incorrect, and not all emulators work.

But among so many pages to download ROMs and emulators, Doperoms stands out for its simplicity and quality. Download the best emulators and relive that retro game you used to play.

  • It has a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • Organized practically to find what you need quickly.
  • Its most significant disadvantage is that the download links are often down.

9. GamesTorrents

Talking about downloads without talking about Torrent is impossible. Downloading games from GamesTorrents gives you a great experience and makes things easy. The program has managed to gain an impeccable reputation. The program has managed to gain an impeccable reputation.

  • It hosts games for all tastes. This includes multi-languages, so downloading a game in your preferred language will be easier.
  • Organize the games, as usual, by categories and in alphabetical order. It also has a section for other platforms (PS3, XBOX 660, etc.).
  • The home page is totally in Spanish. Although many do not care, this is a great advantage when the English language is not used.
  • It has one of the complete search engines on the Internet. It returns varied but precise results and shows different links. It also allows you to customize the search for more specific results.


10. Ocean of Games

This page will be a visual marvel for lovers of the retro look. It is very reminiscent of old versions of Windows. In addition, it has advertising related to its content.

  • It constantly updates, so you won’t get tired of looking at it.
  • It features games of all genres. This, by the above, is perfect if you like to spend time looking for content.
  • Although it is entirely in English, it is straightforward to use if your native language is French.
  • Its biggest drawback is that the search bar goes completely unnoticed by the page’s design.

11. PC Games Download

If you want to download PC games quickly, safely, and effortlessly efficiently, this is your favorite page. You will find a relatively high number of titles that will make you want to download them all.

  • Genres menu easy access and visibility.
  • Organized in alphabetical order to facilitate your search.
  • Effective search engine. Returns accurate results.
  • Unfortunately, this portal has been closed for three years, so the games in its catalog are outdated.

12. Dirty Little Helper

From FIFA to Corruption 209, this portal hosts many games. Their name is not a coincidence; they are always willing to help the gamer who enters their portal. In addition, it has an interface that is pleasant thanks to its simple city. You can have a good time searching without problems.

  • Constantly update. This allows you to download current games without much effort.
  • It also shows you an updated and active list of cheats for the game you are looking for.
  • Its search bar is readily appreciated.
  • If you register on their page, they reward you by giving you paid Steam games.
  • Unfortunately, its search engine is slow and tedious.

13. LoveRoms

The user community of emulator users has been increasing in recent years. Rom download sites abound, but the general public widely accepts LoveRoms.

  • It hosts ROMs from many platforms 8ps1, Gameboy, etc.
  • Organize emulators and ROMs by platforms and alphabetical order.
  • Its search engine is easy to use and fast.
  • We all know that these pages live on advertising, so if you have an active AdBlock, it will not allow you to download.

14. Skidrow-Games

This portal has many games that will catch your attention, leaving you unsure of not knowing which one to download first. Also, the interface itself features an FPS video game menu experience.

  • It contains games for all tastes and genres.
  • Its search engine is efficient in locating the game without so much unnecessary information.
  • It constantly updates its database to keep up with new trends.
  • Unfortunately, the way the games are laid out is confusing. No order is established.

15. Game Jolt

But not everything on this list is big titles like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat. We also have space for fans of indie games. We present this portal that houses excellent indie games that you will love without a doubt.

  • It features both little-known and big-name indie games.
  • Fun and pleasant interface. The interface itself is beautiful to the user’s eyes.
  • The layout of the games is a bit different than usual, but it’s not complicated or confusing.
  • Most of them are “fan-made” games, so you won’t get tired of finding strange and funny titles.
  • Finding big-name games cost a bit.

16. My Play City

Indie games are positioned again on this list. My Play City is a portal dedicated to wholly independent and free flash games. But don’t be fooled by this; there are games of all categories in its database.

  • Lots of practically unknown games. This will allow you to find games that you were unaware of, giving you hours of fun and exploration.
  • It has categories suitable for different ages, which does not make it as limiting as other portals.
  • It allows you to select your language, relatively making the user experience.
  • The search bar will be of little use to you as an indie game page.

17. Uptodown

Uptodown is another of the great known to download. It is another portal that has managed to gain well-deserved fame, as it contains games for all tastes. Not to mention how easy it is to download through this portal.

  • 17 Categories to choose the one of your preference.
  • Update daily to respond to the enormous demand of gamers.
  • Very easy to use. Downloading on this portal is very simple since it does not generate pop-up windows or misleading secondary links.
  • Extensive database. Full of well-known games like FIFA and other more independent ones that will surprise you.
  • Despite the order by categories, it is not in alphabetical order. This, for some users,s makes it challenging to find the desired game.

18. FreePCGamers

Like the other sites mentioned in this list, FreePCGamers offers games in all genres, from action to strategy and racing to first-person shooters. This site also provides the possibility to download free games without quality. Just select the game you like the most and download it directly on your PC without any cost.

  • You will find 11 game categories available to choose from.
  • You will find material on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), although they have not updated their posts for a long time.
  • If you need to search for something in particular, you can do it with its search engine.
  • The page offers a forum with updated content.

19. Home of the Underdogs

This is another one of the best websites where you can find tons of free download games. The good thing about Home of the Underdogs is that it offers many titles to download. Home of the Underdogs currently has over 5,000 games, and the site is updated quarterly. So it is another one of the best sites to download free games for PC.

  • The page is updated quite frequently.
  • It offers specific search engines divided by year, company, alphabet, etc.
  • You will find 12 game categories where the games are very well organized.
  • The site offers a forum, a news section, FAQS, and a contacts section.
  • It does not provide the ability to change the language.


You were searching for another site from where to download free PC games? is another good platform. Take it into account. Most of the games here are free, but they accept donations if you want to collaborate with some money. Here you will have to do good research to find good games as some of them are not so good, but still, we are sure that you will have a good time.

  • You can download their application.
  • You can download games for free and upload them to collaborate with the audience.
  • The page offers not only free games but also books, comics, etc.
  • It provides a section of updated blogs to learn about their news.

21. Good old Games

Good old Games, better known by its acronym GoG, is a site where you can enjoy all kinds of free PC games in its free-to-play section. It is not necessary to be a verified user.

  • You can enjoy a vast library of titles, from the oldest to the newest.
  • Sometimes, the page offers discounts on popular PC games like GTA V.
  • Game names organized more than 2000 forums to discuss specific games.
  • The page is available in 5 different languages.
  • It allows you to download GOG Galaxy only for those who have Windows.

22. Humble Store

With Humble Store, you can have a complete catalog of free PC games from the past and current generations. Nothing better than enjoying its excellent discounts and its free games section. Like other game download sites, you just need to be registered to start adding titles to your library on the site.

  • The page offers games, books, and software. It is a very well-organized site, so you will not get lost.
  • The platform offers games for Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo Switch, etc.
  • You will find more than 12 categories of games to choose from and many new features as the page are updated often.
  • The page offers a list of discounted games, so you know the latest news.
  • They are very active on their social networks, so you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their blog section.


Famous for game sagas like Warcraft, Evil, and StarCraft, offers excellent discounts on several of its paid installments. Although it is not a site to obtain completely free games, you will be able to acquire some at free prices at certain times.

  • It is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile phones.
  • You can communicate with other players through chats and play with them.
  • Creating an account on the platform is very simple and has no cost.

24. Epic Games Store

Epic Games is another site where you can get free PC games. Every week this page places an entirely free play for a limited time. Maybe it sounds like something to you. And it is that this developer is the creator of the popular game Fortnite.

Like Steam, it has an extensive video game catalog of different themes, which is excellent for spending long hours of fun. Also, it is possible to get new releases for free at specific times.

  • You will be able to download Epic Games and those of other developers.
  • Little by little, they will expand their catalog.
  • You can access the store from the Epic Games Launcher app, available for macOS and Windows for free.
  • It offers one of the games from its catalog for free every two weeks so that users can download and try it at no cost.

25. IGN Beta Giveaway

This place hosts premium games that will be allowed to be downloaded entirely free of charge through raffles. It also has paid games.

  • You can access current games with your code if you are a site member.
  • Enjoy games in their beta versions.
  • You can participate in contests to acquire some games.
  • Games are updated all the time.

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