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14 Best People Search Engines To Find Real People

14 Best People Search Engines to Find People

Nowadays the internet has made us so addicted to it that everything you need requires a click. This is so beneficial as this is the most difficult period for everyone to interact physically as coronavirus is spreading and destroying everybody’s life.

After the pandemic, the world seems to be at the lowest stage in economic development as most of the population got unemployed.

This created an urge for the job amongst most of the people. Industries also need to hire employees for the work. There are some search engines to find people for various purposes. To help you out for finding people here are the amazing 14 best people search engines to find people. 

1. Truthfinder

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Truthfinder is a people’s search engine that gives detailed data and its solutions that are nearly identical to your research. Truthfinder is a US-based website that helps you to search for police records of a self, examine court documents, images from social media platforms, contact details, and many more.

It connects with various kinds of people to analyze their backgrounds. It collects data from State, Country, and Federal data references. Truthfinder also has some wonderful methods like changing phones, address analysis, family charts, dark web scanning, and much more.

The US citizens have the best option of this Truthfinder as they can select them and have background backup of all the US population. This search engine is for free and for premium. In free access, you can see basic details like age and location. In extension, the search receives ample time to display the required results.


  1. It provides you with detailed information.
  2. It has vast data records of criminals and court orders.
  3. It originates data from actual sources. 

2. US Search

Best People Search Engines to Find People

US Search is also a famous website for finding people across the US. It contains an easy UI where you only want to enter the main name and surname and you will get outcomes within moments. It has almost been the oldest site which makes this site more valuable and informative. This US Search website is also skilled to discover the location of various people for whom you need the data.

This search engine is also available for free and for premium. In free access, it displays the age, location of the individual, and possible basic results. In premium access, you can find complete information about their contact details and current location details which will cost approx $1.99.

For having full background details, you need to pay an even higher price.


  1. It contains a huge database of records of US people.
  2. It has even faster processing than Truthfinder.
  3. It automatically filters all the information which simplifies the data.

3. BeenVerified

Best People Search Engines to Find People

BeenVerified is the simplest and characteristic set that gives rise to its stand out opposed to other people’s finder search engines. BeenVerified enables you to search about the people using their names, contact numbers, locations, or email addresses.

The search engine fetches you with all the necessary details that are required such as friends & connections, social media accounts, pictures, professional documents, recent address updates, background information, etc. Mobile apps and websites for iOS and Android are freely available for you to collect.

These details can be collected while just signing up or registering to get this basic data. It helps you to have access to this information from all over the globe but there are some limitations for US citizens. If you want further details regarding criminal or court records, you need to have a membership that is $39.99/month.


  1. It contains actual data of an individual.
  2. It contains a huge database of information and is available for worldwide data.
  3. It displays the personal and social records of an individual.

4. Spokeo

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Spokeo is the people’s search engine that displays your components from public documents, white pages records, and social networks. Spokeo allows you to search for people by using email addresses, contact details, locations, or names.

This site comprises details from about 60 social networks, online profiles, photos, dating site profiles, etc. It also acknowledges that it obtains deep web technology proprietary to get the conclusion that usually, search engines do not display.

It is a US-based record that contains the record of US citizens. You can access their records from outside but only of the US population. You can have subscriptions that the service provided contains a premium of 4.95/month in the beginning. It is the best people finder search engine when used for US people details.


  1. It is very easy to use Spokeo as it requires simple steps for accessing.
  2. It provides the best service while connecting with people.
  3. The basic results are very cheap as they are available for free.

5. PeopleFinder

Best People Search Engines to Find People

PeopleFinder is the best people search engine when used for the aim to reconnect with your classmates, roommates, friends, colleagues, or others. It has ranked millions of publicly accessible information which benefits in exact identification of a person.

PeopleFinder provides you with a complete address also while accessing it for free. It presents factual data, which makes the observation of people on site simpler.

For having access to further details of backgrounds, contact numbers, financial details, about relatives, or past criminal records, you need to pay a subscription of $2.95 to unlock these facilities for you. If you are searching for a people search engine that fulfills you with decent information then the PeopleFinder is perfect for your work.


  1. It is available for a reasonable price.
  2. It provides both the social and criminal records of an individual.
  3. It provides a huge database by having collections of other site records too.

6. Peek You

Best People Search Engines to Find People

PeekYou is one of the free people search engines that come up with the details around an individual required by you, that is based on their web profiles, contact details, social media accounts, email addresses, and other public reports.

It also operates its patented technology to fetch you your results from around 60 websites, homepages, news sources, blog platforms, and numerous other sources. It is best for locating relatives, past friends, and past relations.

You can search for required people using web-usernames, phone reverse search, names, or location.

It helps you to find the best about people who are living in the USA.

It also acts decently when you are doing a widespread search of people.


  1. It provides people with free access to their websites.
  2. It provides you with all the data across the world.
  3. It is free to access as there is no signing up or registering on the website.

7. Pipl

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Pipl is one of the most popular and accurate people search engines that help you to find people as per your preference. It works all over the world and provides you with accurate and exact information. The platform lets you effortlessly get professional, public, and communication information.

You can search for an individual using their username, email, name, or phone number. It has a limited search set on the websites that stops you after you have reached the limited accessibility. Before it was provided with free access but nowadays only professional users can use them, companies restricting personal and commercial use.

They have various subscriptions, including both monthly and yearly plans. An annual plan subscription consists of $298/month. You can have 5 users’ accessibility at $198/month/user plan. You can accommodate 10 users at $148/month.


  1. It provides accurate and exact information.
  2. It has social media linking that enhances the detailed information of an individual.
  3. It is available worldwide that helps many users to get the data.

8. Instant Checkmate

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Instant Checkmate is the most popular search engine to find people through advanced search technology. The information is compiled and made in a systematic report to ease you in finding individual data. This is a US-based people search engine that helps you to find out about US people.

You can have details of individual age, contact details, addresses, criminal records and documents related to court, etc. This information is collected from state, federal, and central data sources with the involvement of online profiles also.

You can have all this information only when you have a subscription. You have to pay $19.99 or any other subscription when starting to get that systematic report.


  1. It searches for available data through public sources that make the information to be accurate.
  2. It is best for checking someone’s criminal and background records.
  3. It has advanced search filters that help you to get pure and correct data of people.

9. Intelius

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Intelius is a people finder search engine that allows you to search for people with whom you lost touch like old friends, batchmates, school friends, or other people whom you have met earlier. It gives you the data report for email or reverses lookup, people search details, criminal and property records, background details, etc.

The Intelius is only for the citizens of the US as you can search people of that particular region only. It also has premium access and doesn’t provide any free access to its users. You can have this search report subscription at starting of $29.95/month. This amount gets lessened up by allowing a 50% discount on the first month which results in $15.95.


  1. It has different subscription plans for different purposes.
  2. It furnishes you with great and accurate background details.
  3. It also provides you with the residence data of an individual.

10. Whitepages

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Whitepages is a people finder search engine that allows you to search for information worldwide and consists of about 35 million people every month. This is a great tool as it provides you with additional details or details more than professional or social information. 

You can have additional information that comprises liens & judgment, properties, detailed background & contact report, addresses, family members & affiliates, current contact details, etc. You can perform complete background details of an individual. You can find these details by using their name or location or phone number or address or business.

These details can be obtained on Android and iOS as per their subscription schemes. You can have free access that comprises family members, phone numbers, locations, addresses, etc. You can have premium access that is available only in the US including further full background reports through a subscription of $19.95/month in the beginning.


  1. It is a user-friendly website that allows users to use it easily.
  2. It provides information by including the world search data.
  3. It provides you with accurate and actual information regarding an individual.

11. LinkedIn

Best People Search Engines to Find People

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned service that features some of the professional details search capabilities that help in finding people. You can search for the professionals by typing keywords in search such as names or location, etc.

You can also have a function of filters for refining your searches on your left-hand side. You have to sign up and have access to professional data. You can search information such as the location of one’s working place, their colleagues, their achievements, their boss and departments data. 

This platform also provides you with free access. To have long-term access to it and job-seeking also you need to have a monthly subscription of Rs. 1600-1700.  The premium provides you with additional information regarding a person’s background data with past criminal records.


  1. Accurate professional status of the individual.
  2. It is a global search with all information access.
  3. It provides you with achievements that make you know his/her skills.

12. Quora

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Quora is one of the better options for finding people as it facilitates you with an option of having information about people in the question-answer form. You can easily open Quora and search for the required person, you will get a quick and accurate response.

You can have a profile searching option at the left side menu bar. You just need to fill in the basic details to find the profile easily. You need to have accurate basic information of the person to have his/her details quickly. The chances must be a bit lower as compared to other people’s search engines as the information depends upon the required person’s interest in revealing the information.

You can easily access this for free for basic answers to your question. For further detailed information, you need to have a $5 monthly fee and a $50 annual fee.


  1. You get an accurate answer when the question is asked.
  2. You can get accurate information about the active members on the search engine.
  3. It helps you to have a quick answer.

13. Truecaller – (Best People Search Engines to Find People)

Best People Search Engines to Find People

A Truecaller is a person who finds a search engine through their mobile numbers. When you get a missed call from an unknown number you can have their names through Truecaller. You can search for the name of a person by typing phone number on the search bar.

You can easily find them as the phone numbers are with you and their names on Truecaller are as the names registered on their mobile sim cards. You just need to register your mobile number and have free access to search for one’s name through mobile numbers.


  1. You can have easy contact details that enable you to have the location of a person.
  2. It provides you with the full name of the person you are looking for.
  3. It gives you accurate contact details.

14. Facebook

Best People Search Engines to Find People

Facebook is a people search engine developed by Mark Zuckerberg. He invented this to help people to find each other with their basic details. It is the most popular site on today’s internet as it is known by every single person.

You can search or find people based on their interests, location, the place they work, or the places they’ve visited, etc. You just need to type about one of the details for the required data. It also helps you to find people on this site by linking it with your contact book.

This site can be considered as a social media platform as it helps you to find people by their names and follow them for having daily updates and add them to your friend list.

It is largely desirable for getting together with colleagues, friends, family, and other people with whom you interact. The site also enables you to share your data by uploading images, videos, etc, and ease people to find you.


  1. It is useful to find people worldwide.
  2. It gives you a medium through which you can explore new people in your life.
  3. It contains accurate and correct data of an individual as it has a vast network.


There are various digital platforms available for you to solve the problem of finding people. These People Search Engines are an enormous tool for finding people such as friends, colleagues, relatives, schoolmates, professional employees, and much more.

After going through this article, you can have a vast knowledge about all the search engines and their features. Go through these search engines and collect benefits with them. Enjoy searching and exploring!!

Sudipta Gupta

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