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15 Best Prank Calling Apps For iPhone and Android

Do you have a funny personality and are looking for the next prank to pull on your friends? Prank calling has always been one of the top ways you can get some laughs from your peers. Since we live in a high-tech world, you can forget about calling and changing how your voice sounds. You can instead quickly install an app on your smartphone that will provide you with all the necessary resources to pull all the funny pranks.

They are easy to install, have lots of time free, and can come up with new, creative ways in which you can make a joke with one of your friends. Check them all out in the list below!

1. Prank Dial

This app is available on App Store and Play Store,e and has over 200 million prank calls in the database. You can choose from the scenarios in the app, save the calls for late, and even customize the plan by adding your friend’s name or any other detail to the content inserted in the speech. Download it, give it a go and enjoy the laughter!

2. The Prank App

You can download this app if you want a complete set of pranks. The app, available on iPhone and Android, has funny sounds, the possibility of joke calling and many other features. You can trick your friends into solving a puzzle when a sound and image suddenly appear or use the old prank call or message trick; the sky is the limit when using this app. This one is the best if you are looking for a complete package to fool your friends.

3. Fake Call- Fake Caller ID

This app is fantastic if you want your friends to answer to, well, almost anyone. George Clooney, the President, or Madonna, you choose the person, and they will respond no matter what. This app’s exciting feature is the option for a fake video call, which will make the prank much funnier. This one works on Android, so look it up on Play Stor,e and video call your besties using different personalities.

4. Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call

To stay in the same lane with the fake caller ID, you also have the option for iPhone, ready to download on App Store. It has celebrities and fake characters that will pay a phone call to your friends and get a few laughs out of them. It has a 4 out of 5 rating on App Store, so we think you should try it and impress all your friends with celebrities calling them personally.

5. Ownage Pranks

Next up on our list is another excellent app, featured in Forbes and Newsweek, to name a few significant publications. It is an an-based app that can detect silence and adjust the speech based on the words it gets back. It has a lot of prank scenarios and can be very useful if you want a good laugh.

6. Voice Changer

This app is easy to use and free to download. Just like its name, it can help you change the sound of your voice so that you won’t get recognized easily. This is how you make sure you can adapt the script of your prank based on the reply you get from the other person. Let the fun begin!

7. Boomerang

Like the other apps, this one has a handful of funny scenarios for your prank calls. Based on an AI feature, the app knows when to speak and when to stay silent. It works on iPhone and Android,d and you can get free credits for using the app. Another great feature is that it allows you to record the calls and revive funny situations.

8. JokesPhone

This app is also a great one when you want to have a good laugh. It is accessible to us. You select the prank you wish to do from the list, add your target’s phone number, and the app will do the rest. It’s available on iPhone and Android, so download it now and get on joking!

9. MagicCall

The next app on our list can change your voice during a call so that your friends or family won’t know whom they are speaking to. The great thing about it is that it’s child friendly, so you can also put a smile on your kids’ faces if you call them and do a robot voice or maybe a princess. Get creative and fuel up on those smiles!

10. Pranky

This one works exclusively on iPhone,e, and you can use it to make fun of your friends. The call will be made anonymously and recorded so that you can laugh about it whenever you want. You can choose from many scenarios, see how things unfold for your pranked friend, and share it with the others next time you need a smile on your face.

11. Call Voice Changer

This voice-changing app is free to download on App Store and can help you have a nice laugh with your friends. You can turn your voice into something funny while making the call and insert some funny noises. It has a 4.3 rating on App Store with around 4000 reviews, so we think people love this app for a reason. Check it out yourself!

12. Fake All

The next app on our list comes with new features. Not only can you call your friends using this app, but you can also send them fake messages on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger or, even better, create an entire phoney conversation. Your next prank will be epic if you use this app to take it up a notch!

13. FunCall

Funnell is the best way to alter your voice during calls. It is straightforward to use and has a friendly interface. You need to insert your friend’s phone number, and counter,y and then you are ready to speak to him in a funny voice. The great thing about this one is that you can also make international calls, so there are no borders to the fun!

 14. Fake Call Police

One of the best pranks you may have in mind for your friends is a fake call straight from the police. You can do it by using this app, which is available on iPhone and Android. You can customize the character and use an actual phone number, so there will be no Unknown call to make the prank more accurate.

 15. JuasApp – Prank Call

Finally, JuasApp is an excellent choice if you want to prank call your friends and listen to the recording afterwards. It’s available on Play Store, and you can easily download it, install it on your smartphone and enjoy all the great features the app offers. You can choose from different situations, characters and sounds to plan the ultimate phone prank.

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