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13 Best Quora Alternatives On The Internet

If you have an unanswered question, one of the go-to sources is Quora. It is the best place to be if you need help and no one you ask can give you an answer. You can benefit from thousands of users’ knowledge while sharing your information. If you are looking for more than one website to broaden your vision, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of Quora alternatives that can help make your life, work, or studies easier.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a platform where you can upload news and discuss them with fellow users. It’s also a great place to debate some information in society, a new place to drink or eat, a new store, or a new phone app. You name it; it’s all there! The topics include movies, trading stocks, or sports news, so there is a place for every kind of interest.

It is easy to create an account,t and you can start participating in discussions or even starting your thread with the news you came across.

2. WikiHow

Another great one is WikiHow. Here you can find anything, from relationship advice to travel recommendations, how to care for your pets, or choose the perfect wine. You can browse through the categories on this website and find the Answer to your question.

Like Reddit, you can download it from Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.

There is also a Pro version for this one, so make sure you check that one out as well.

3. Experts Exchange

Unlike the first two, Expert Exchange is used by professionals with technical questions. You can find answers if you are a programmer or an engineer, but most of the topics are for software developers.

You can activate a trial for this spectacular database, and if you are content with it, you can pay for the subscription for the full version.

Aside from the questions you can ask, there are also lots of tutorials on this website to enhance your knowledge.

4. Answer

Just Answer is another excellent platform when you seek advice from an expert. The process is simple, you ask the question, the website matches you with your expert, and they help you with your issue. It can be technical, medical, or legal; you can find many valuable topics there.

You can choose to pay for a monthly subscription or ask only one question. Remember that each category you need has different pricing since the complexity of the problem can also differ.

5. Stack Overflow

If you have a technical question in the programming field, another option for you is Stack Overflow. They have a great feature that allows big or small companies to have a workspace of their own where they can debate different technical issues. It’s a great choice if you need to share information with all the users or only with your team.

So, for all the programmers out there, this one is perfect for you, so you should check it out!

6. Answers

The next platform on the list is a well-known one. Founded in 1996, this one has been through many changes over the past few years. At present, it’s a great information source if you are preparing homework or studying for a test or exam.

Therefore, it’s one of the top choices for students or parents trying to help their children better understand their school assignments.

7. Fluther

Next up in line, Fluther is a free website that pairs your knowledge with the relevant questions. You can browse through the categories, o you a new questions, and receive relevant information from the other users.

Unlike the more technical ones, this one is made for conversations, and the answers you get are usually simply people’s opinions and are not certified. So, you should use this platform if you have a question that doesn’t need technical knowledge and is based on people’s opinions.

8. News360

This platform is similar to Quora or Reddit since it also considers news. It understands your areas of interest and recommends information based on that. Basically, by using this platform, you will save some time for what matters and will be avoiding useless content that crowds up our minds every day.

Another great feature is downloading it on your iPhone and Android smartphone and saving some of the news for offline reading. This will be helpful if you travel a lot by plane.

9. Stack Exchange

On Stack Exchange, you can find many different Q&A platforms based on the topic you need answers to besides Stack Overflow, a child company.

You can find gaming, writing, science, or mathematics, so it would be a great idea to check out the platform.

You can create a profile here and use it for every platform, and you can enter the global search bar for the problem you need advice for and start looking through the results.

10. Ask Fm

This next platform is more of a socializing platform. How it works is that you can anonymously ask a person any question you have for them. Moreover, it’s also a dating site since the topics vary a lot, and it’s a great way to get to know the person better.

You create a profile, and you can also share the link where people can ask you some questions on Facebook or any other social media account you have.

11. Answerbag

You can find answers to most questions on Answerbag as well. The categories are diverse, from legal questions to travel and hobbies; you can click on a variety and browse through the questions or ask one yourself.

It is easy to use, with a simple interface, and you can share your view on an issue with other users.

12. The Answer Bank

Like the other platforms on the list, on The Answer Bank, you can debate social and economic problems, find answers to riddles or quizzes, or even crossword puzzles. You can ask your question or scroll through the questions other users have already requested.

Creating an account is very simple and has a user-friendly interface, so there is no reason not to try it out next time you need an answer.

13. Pinterest

The well-known Pinterest also deserves a place on our list. You can browse through millions of articles full of advice, recipes, and inspiration. You can’t ask questions on Pinterest. However, it’s easy to research until you find your Answer.

There are many articles on how to do different projects yourself, building furniture, cooking or cleaning tips, diet, and exercise, fashion. You can group them all on boards so you don’t lose the necessary information. Everything you need is only a click away.  

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