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13 Best Wishlist App For (Android and iOS)

A wishlist can make it easy to keep track of the items you want to buy in the future, no matter how long it takes to get your hands on them. Online retailers and local shops have apps you can use to create a shopping list, but the specific features you’re looking for will depend on where you plan to shop and what kind of experiences you want when checking out an item on your list.

1. Wishfinity

When you need to keep track of your wishlist or don’t have time to create a physical list, Wishfinity is an app that can help. It lets you sync with your Amazon account so items can be added via voice search, scanner, typing, or searching manually.

If your friends are trying to figure out what you want for a gift, they can add items to your washboard without needing access to your account. You can plan and prioritize what matters most in case a birthday party is coming up. There are also reminders if there’s too much on your plate so you don’t forget about those things that matter most.

2. Lister

This app makes creating a shopping list, with reminders for when to buy items or check out, more accessible than ever. Additionally, you can add attachments like photos of your favorite items or website links to help you remember what to look for when you hit up your local grocery store.

You may also store things to lists for later use, allowing you to construct customized wishlists or grocery lists from the ground up. It’s all free, so give it a try if you’re looking for a fun new way to organize your life.

3. Monorail

One of the best list apps in this category, the monorail is for any group-gifting occasion that involves people you don’t know well. You can make a wish list from their curated or suggested gift lists or create your own with items from Amazon.

Then invite people to buy in (that link allows them to see what you’ve already bought). It works with Facebook to recommend friends who should be included based on your Facebook activity, but it does require giving them access to personal information.

4. Me Happy

Save your wishlists on Me happy, an excellent app for android users. You can create separate wishlists for anything you want. You can share them with friends and family. You will always have something to give with the Me happy list-saving app.

This app is also very safe because it keeps all your information private and organized. All of your lists are encrypted so there’s no, need to worry about identity theft or anything like that.

5. Giftster

You can use gifts if you are looking for a way to make your lists easily. You can share any list with friends and family through emails, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also print any list and keep it in hard copy. If there is any product you want to get as a gift but do not know who exactly you should get it from, Giftster is perfect for that situation too.

6. Wishexplorer

With wish explorer, you can use your existing wish list and see what other people have put on their list. You don’t need to sign up to use it, so it’s straightforward to straight forward ports photos, prices, descriptions of items, reviews left by users, and things like delivery status or if an item is already in stock at your local store.

7. Wish sprout

The free app is available on both iTunes and Google Play. Wish sprout is similar to Amazon’s wish list feature. Still, it offers more customization users may make wish lists for various events such as birthdays and holidays, write remarks on gifts they want to give or receive, then share them with friends via email or social media.

8. Giftbuster

The concept is simple; it allows you to add items you want to buy to a wish list. The app has a spotless interface with a search option in case you don’t remember whether or not you’ve added something to your wish list or want to look at all your saved stuff.

It also has an option where you can see others’ wish lists, but that feels a bit like advertising. So be aware of that when using it, although it is an exciting feature nevertheless.

9. Wishupon

The smartphone app gives you wish lists for stores in your area, just like a grocery list for meals. It also allows you to write notes on items. You can take photos of receipts and add them to your wish lists, so you know what to purchase next time you are in an individual store. You can share your wish lists with others with similar interests or those who may be looking for gifts.

10. Volo

The free volo app lets you create a wish list of items (or group gifts by category) and share your list with other volo users or people in your contacts who have their volo account. All wishlists are shared publicly, but you can also make them private so only those you share them with can see them. And if someone buys something for you off your list, notifications go out automatically to all involved parties.

11. Elfster

This is a gift register where you may make an unrestricted gift registration system. To share your gift list, you must email your friends a unique link that provides all the details about your wish list. It’s also pretty social, allowing wish lists to be shared on Facebook or Twitter. The service will even automatically notify all people on your list when you receive any gift from anyone on your list.

12. Wishmindr

This is a smartphone app that helps you create a wish list. Users can share their lists with friends, family, or anyone else they’d like. Anything on your wish list by just checking it out or finding it with GPS. There is a barcode scanner to make things easier, so you don’t have to search for your item manually. The most important thing is that users keep track of everything they have wished for in one convenient place.

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