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10 Best Romantic Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you’re looking to romance or want to get romanced, these dating apps offer the best chance of finding your true love or someone to go on just one date with, as long as your expectations are in check. Some apps here are also perfect if you’re looking to flirt with someone online and aren’t necessarily interested in meeting up in person.

1. Kindu

Whether you want to strengthen your current relationship or find a new partner, Kindu is an app designed to make dating easy. With hundreds of thousands of singles from around your area looking for their perfect match, there’s no better way to find lasting love than with Kindu. Users can upload a profile photo and basic information such as age, height, education level, employment status, hobbies/interests, and more. This is addition to adding details about what they are looking for in a match (e.g., mutual interests) or dislikes. This makes it easy to filter down results, so you know only those who meet your criteria will appear on your matches list!

2. Touchnote

Touchnote lets you create, send, and print postcards with your custom text or photos from your smartphone. The company will print your image on their postcard paper, which is over 90% tree-free, to ensure a more environmentally friendly way to express yourself. Multiple designs are available to choose from that all fall within different price ranges. You can upload up to 10 images at once in JPEG format (no larger than 2MB), which are then printed out in color on Touchnote’s thick cardstock paper. Each set costs $2 plus 50 cents per additional photo or $1.50 each if you include return postage.

3. Love nudge

This free app can help you get your relationship back on track by providing gentle reminders about typical relationship issues, such as spending time together. From that information, it then offers helpful advice. You can choose your topic from a list of areas where many relationships go awry (time management, communication, etc.) or let love nudge suggest one based on what data it has collected about your relationship’s habits. Either way, every reminder is followed by three actionable tips to improve in that area. This app doesn’t cure all the ills of a bad relationship, but it will certainly not harm you!

4. Tinder

Tinder is one of many romantic apps you can turn to if you want a fast way to find potential love interests if you want a quick way to find potential love interests. The idea behind Tinder is simple: You sign up, choose a few pictures of yourself (most people upload six or seven photos), create a catchy bio about what you’re looking for, and start swiping. If there’s a mutual attraction, then it’s on to messaging. You swipe right to like someone and leave to pass. If someone wants you back (it happens!), you can start a conversation that may eventually lead somewhere romantic or fun to hang out with friends.

5. HowAboutWe

This is an online dating site that helps people set up real-life dates. It’s incredibly straightforward, with no mysterious questions or obscure matchmaking algorithms; users fill out a simple profile, connecting their Facebook accounts to get started. The app lets users search through potential matches based on age, location, and preferences, like seeking new friends or looking for my one true love, in addition to simple browsing by photo. Users who find each other can connect via chat or text message before setting up a date in person. For meeting space, HowAboutWe partners with restaurants worldwide so singles can go straight from matching to dining.

6. OkCupid

OkCupid is a mobile dating application that works by having users answer a series of various questions about themselves to locate potential love partners. The app also provides essential information about your matches, such as age, gender, education level, religion or lack thereof, and relationship status. Users can also interact with each other through a private messaging service. OkCupid’s extensive questionnaires get past first-date awkwardness by allowing users to answer hundreds of questions about their personalities before meeting in person—which means you don’t have to spend time getting to know each other after you match

7. Bumble

Online dating app Bumble has a few unique characteristics, one of which sets it apart from the competition: it caters specifically to female users. Most dating apps allow users to swipe right if they’re interested in somebody and left if they aren’t interested in the person at all. Men who match with women then have 24 hours to make their move; otherwise, that connection disappears forever. But on Bumble, there’s no time limit when it comes to making a match—women have to message first

8. Couple Widget

The Couple Widget is one of the tools that you may include in your collection of romantic bookkeeping tools. Never again will you fail to remember essential anniversaries, birthdays, or other significant occasions. It’s a good idea to set a monthly reminder. However, the Couple Widget is designed to cater solely to the needs of the person you share your life with. Even more, personalization is possible by uploading images of your significant other.

9. Hinge

Hinge is a dating application that utilizes your Facebook profile to provide a highly tailored dating experience. The application helps you to connect with individuals you know (and do not know) via their social network. Instead of scrolling through a sea of online profiles, you’re matched up with potential dates who share similar characteristics with your friends on Facebook. For example, if you have friends who attended NYU or Columbia University, you’ll be shown users from these schools. If nothing else, Hinge makes it easy to see how people in your existing social circle live their lives – plus, it’s a great way to meet new people.

10. Honeydue

To keep the romance alive, sometimes we need to take a few more steps toward a more active relationship with our partners. Sometimes, that means treating your partner like they’re new. Try an app like honeydew, which includes over 100 missions you can complete together. This is perfect if you’re looking to kickstart things in your love life (or even rekindle something that was fading).

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