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9 Best Tweening Apps

What Is Tweening?

Tweening is also known as in-betweening. It is an animation process that involves creating middle transition frames between two keyframes. The goal is to make the impression of motion changing from frame to structure.

Keyframes are the frames that appear at the start and end of a smooth change. An animated character, for example, may appear to move parts of its body.

The lead animation artist creates the keyframes and the in-between frames with the help of the middle artist. The process involves much less time and works with existing computer animation.

What Are the Best Apps for Tweening?

Are you confused about the best tweening app to help you achieve your animation goals? Here are our best nine tweening apps for you to try.

1. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate has powerful animation tools that allow you to create web and mobile projects. Animate allows you to design and code your whole project within the software.

Create more graphic shapes with Adobe brushes that blend like the real thing. You can make your characters move in whatever direction you desire by using easy “frame-by-frame” animation. You can create web posters with Adobe Animate. You could still use your drawings to create virtual reality games and videos.

This software may not be available in all countries or languages. They are subject to change at any moment.

Adobe Animate is only available for Windows and macOS at the moment. Additional or membership fees may apply.

2. Callipeg

Calliper is an iPad 2D animation app that provides professional animation tools. These tools are improved for iOS and the Apple Pencil.

This software has many easy-to-use features. It offers custom-made brushes and keyframe animation.

You can export and upload your videos and change the frame rate.

The app is available for $1.99 monthly, $14.99 a year, or $54.99 for a permanent subscription to the App Store.

3. Wick Editor

The Wick Editor is a “free platform for creating animated projects and games.” You can obtain this software on Android, Chromebook, Mac, iOS, iPad, and PC.

The Wick Editor is accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Check out a sneak peek of their upcoming release, including a new code editor and a few bug fixes.

4. Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is a simple mobile device animation program. On mobile phones and tablets, it creates stick figures. It has a free and pro version.

According to their website, both versions have an automatic, custom-made frame for tweening. Still, it has a simple camera to pan, zoom, and rotate around the scene.

It also comes with movie clips. You may use them to create and reuse/loop animation objects in your projects.

The pro version has more features for sound, video export quality, and extra stick filters. And it has no watermarks. Stick Nodes Pro is accessible for only $2.

Stick Nodes is available in English, Español, François, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

5. Glaxnimate

Glaxnimate is “a simple and fast vector graphics animation program.” It is an open-source web program with a custom-made user interface. This app is suitable for graphic images and tweening.

It includes two types: stable and experimental, both containing source code. Glaxnimate is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can access it in English. The ability of Python to alter animations is improved.

6. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom is an award-winning software for designing animations.

Harmony helps an animator create projects from scratch to the final product. It’s a 2D animation software program. The song features the best brush engine, color palettes, and painting capabilities.

You have the power to manage and control sound. It also comes with special effects and a 2D/3D combination. This provides you with unlimited alternatives.

There are three different versions of Toon Boom Harmony. They are as follows:

  • Harmony 21 Essentials-USD 25.50 per month and USD 209.00 per year.
  • Harmony 21 Advanced-USD 64.50 per month and USD 500.00 in a year.
  • Harmony 21 Premium-USD 117.50 per month and USD 954.00 per year.

Unity runs on both Windows and macOS. It’s available in 135 countries.

7. Open Toonz

This is a fantastic tool for making 2D animations. This is an animation program that is both free and open-source. It is suitable for retail and personal purposes.

Open Toonz can change picture styles. Still, it produces affected incident light. Sequence number scanning can be done between animation numbers.

It is suitable for scanning in black and white or color with or without edge detection. You can save the settings for future projects.

This program runs on macOS and higher versions of Windows. It’s available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Persian.

8. Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is an “open-source 2D animation software for macOS, Linux, and Windows.” It uses vector and raster artwork to create high-quality film animations.

Synfig’s vector artwork control features are excellent. It calculates the in-between frames for you.

There are more than 50 layers to pick from in Synfig. They include geometric gradients, filters, distortions, and other effects.

It has many features that make it easy to create powerful animated characters. It has a stable and developed version.

9. Bestsnip Animation Studio

Bestsnip is a web-based 2D animation software. It generates the in-between frames of your keyframes automatically. They allow you to edit curves and change some points. A preview of the prepared video will let you see any potential mistakes. Finally, you can save your video to a resolution of 1929×1080 pixels.

Chrome is the best way to get the desktop version. It has an optimized design that functions appropriately with pens on Android tablets. The mobile version is accessible on the Google Play Store.

These programs can help beginners, experts, and professionals alike. There are various animation software packages for all levels of ability or objectives. These tools can help you bring your characters and ideas to life while also allowing you to have fun.

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