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36 Best Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design


Many designers tolerate or enjoy bold sans serifs and overly stylish typography which can make them sick, kind of like Art Deco fonts. Still, some beauty lies in curved sans work and medieval-style print glints, while edges are gently rounded with Renaissance work, while a bit of Gothicish opacity works natively into modern work.

Artists of the Art Nouveau movement evolved a visually dynamic style, a type of typography inspired by flowers, vines and floral designs. Its popularity reached maximum gusto in the late 19th century, initially illustrated in magazines and posters. The typographic taste took many forms: long haughty lilies for ladies’ calendars; classically curved letters with bulb-like stems for fashion dressmakers; ornamental flourishes for delicatessens, coffee bars, a shop specializing in the sale.

The best way to minimize going overboard with any particular style is to bring a perfect balance between them. Sometimes creating a balance between retro Nouveau and excessive modern style of fonts make them look class apart. In this article, we wanted to list some of the best-looking and popular Nouveau Art Fonts you can take your inspiration from.

1. Label Art Nouveau – Art Nouveau Fonts

Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design

2. Glassure Typeface V1.0

Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design

3. Gatsby – ArtDeco Font

Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design


Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design

5. Soria Font – Art Nouveau Fonts

Art Nouveau Fonts For Classy Design

6. Elodie – Hand Sketched Art Nouveau Fonts

7. ARGÖ Font

8. Fouster Font, Retro Look Font

9. De Arloy Typeface New Art Nouveau Style

10. Fairy Tales + Bonus

11. Nouveau Never Dies

12. Gallery Modern Font

13. Glassure-Typeface-version-1.0

14. Arlaya Script Art Font

15. Art Nouveau Clip Art

16. Elodie-Hand-Made-Art Nouveau Fonts

17. Francis-Nouveau

18. Mistook Street Art Graffiti Font

19. Dassie-Expanded-Display-Fonts


21. Antiga-Typeface

22. Kade Art Nouveau Vintage Embroidery Font

23. Moonwild-Celestial-Font-Symbols

24. Benaco

25. Bedesau Font

26. Arte Fittre

27. Aquarius A Tropical Font Family

28. Rectory Display Art Deco Font

29. Solente

30. Creative-Vintage-Font-Duo

31. Snowy Floral Color Font

32. Broger-Display

33. Grand Royal Serif Font LS

34. Estonia-Pro

35. Burges – Classic Art deco font

36. Boardley Script – Layered Font

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