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32 Best Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

32 Best Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

A mockup is a model or replica of a structure used for instructional or experimental purposes. A logo mockup is a blank template that one uses to show their designs, just like regular ones but more easily available. It can include n-number of things, like models wearing shirts, jeans, printed designs of products, etc. Well, if you don’t want to spend too much money on your products’ endorsement but want to advertise your business with an appealing logo, these ready-made logo mockups could come in handy. Looks-wise or from any other way, these mockups don’t compromise with the quality; they are as effective and impactful as regular logos we use. And you can have them for free.

I’ve listed and brought to you 32 such brilliant embroidered logo mock-ups to download for free in this article. So now you don’t have to worry about the project cost, model availability, and most importantly, your budget. We understand that it’s very important for people to know about the best possible ways to start a business, and therefore, we’re always there for your help and support.

If you want to enable effective branding, these mockups are going to do wonders for you. So now, without getting lost in words, let’s check out what we have got here.

01. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

A great ‘.PSD’ file, great logo design, looks catchy and attractive. You can choose the photo of your choice. All it takes is Adobe Photoshop.

02. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

Embroidered logo mockup to showcase your logo design in a photorealistic look. PSD file consists of smart objects. All you need now is to use Adobe to replace the existing picture with the one in your mind.

03. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

Create your embroidery logo mockup by placing your logo design on this mockup template. Then, easily change the color of the logo by using the color fill.

04. Embroidered Logo Mock-up   

Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

This latest free mockup PSD template can help you showcase or display your logo uniquely. This ready-made logo mockup template provides you with another way to showcase your design in just a few minutes. Just double-click the top Smart Object layer in the ‘.PSD’ file; you can easily replace the design, just a few clicks to complete.

05. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Embroidered Logo Mock-ups

We have attached a folder containing ‘.PSD’ and ‘.AI’ files; you can download these files to create your patch mockup. Edit the vector path in Illustrator with your shape or color logo, and then adjust the color of the fabric in Photoshop.

06. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Wonderful design with cool catchy colors, add the pictures, and a new logo-mock-up is ready.

07. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

Excellent work of embroidery is seen in the mockup, completely free of cost, choose a picture, and it’s done. 

08. Embroidered Logo Mock-up

The catchy blue color, along with the way the maker presents it, is praise-worthy. A new picture can make it look fresh and fine.

09. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Create an elegant presentation for your designs with this fully customizable baseball cap mockup. All scenes include 3d layers, smart objects and masks, allowing you easily add your design and lets you change the color for most scene objects.

10. Embroidered Logo Mockup

This pack contains 3 Photorealistic Mockups, each for a different effect and material.

Stitched or Embroidered, effect 1500×1400 px3, Fully Layered PSD’s. Easy to edit.

11. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Showcase your logo design with this photorealistic embroidered badge mockup.

In this pack, you will find two ‘.PSD’ files that are the same design, except one of them appears to be applied on top of the folded fabric instead of a completely smooth surface.

Both files are highly customizable and, more importantly, very easy to modify, thanks to the well-optimized layer structure.

12. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Create a realistic mockup of your logo or design embroidered onto a polo shirt. Alteration of the main logo and label are available.

13. Embroidered Logo Mockup

One jpg file (high resolution / 300 dpi). One png file (high resolution / 300 dpi) with transparent background (place your design behind this image). One Layered PSD files with a “smart object” function to insert your design faster.

14. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Embroidered Logo Mockup is an easy way to show your logo designs highlight, and it is a better understanding of how your designed logo will look in reality. In this showcase, we are presenting Free Logo PSD mockups. These PSD mockups are extremely easy to use.

15. Embroidered Logo Mockup

This mockup will help you to get the result for your garment’s embroidery logo design. So feel free to download and enjoy. First, however, you have to edit the vector path in Illustrator with your single-color logo shape, and you also have to adjust the color of the fabric in Photoshop.

16. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Free beanie PSD mockup with embroidered patch. Super High Resolution. You need to add the picture, and that’s all.

17. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Present your logo design in a realistic result. This mockup is a Letterpress PSD logo mockup with a smart object feature to help you replace the present image with your logo design. Easy to replace, double click smart-object, drag and drop your logo inside, save, and done.

18. Embroidered Logo Mockup

The best Logo Mockup on a nice piece of fabric. The logo is editable, meaning you can change the text to show your own, and the file includes a smart objects layer.

19-22 Four-in-one Embroidered Logo Mockup

Obtain the power of a stitching machine and carry out the embroidered logotypes, symbols, icons, and more! Look how realistically-looking threads come together to form one of your future projects in seconds with this PSD mockup.

Use any shape as a basis to let the vector-based effect do its thing. There are two types of fabric included: you can have one of them colored in any shade while the other is available in 2 ready-made options. Concerning the stitches, they can be of any color you like! This effect works as a mockup — insert the required materials, make some adjustments and showcasing is done, all realistic and professionally looking.

23-26 Four-in-one Embroidered Logo Mockup

Create a stunning presentation shot with this free fabric print logo mockup template designed from a real photograph for 100% authentic effect. Nothing works as well for the proof of concept as real print. So if you have a chance to print your branding project or a logo, you should do it! And if you don’t — get the best mockups you can get. To help you with that part, we’re happy to equip you with this high-resolution logo mockup delivering a realistic fabric print effect. These templates are designed using the Liquefy tool and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC+.

27. Embroidered Logo Mockup

Today’s freebie is a nice-looking free jeans texture logo mockup. You can put your designs using the smart object in Photoshop.

Format: Layered PSD

Dimension: 2200 x 1500px

28-31 Four-in-one Embroidered Logo Mockup

Four wonderfully designed logo mockups. All in great looks, catchy, new and fitting. The magnificence of the art is commendable. Every form of attention-seeker color combinations. Simply Wow!

32. Embroidered Logo Mockups

Try presenting your brand identity logos with these impressive fabric logo mockups and make your clients run for more of your designs. These mockups offer burlap, soft and woolen fabric with embossed, printed and embroidered effects for your presentation needs. Just use the smart object layer to add your design and present beautifully.

So, these are some of the best designs that you can get for your logo designs. Embrace them and enjoy your branding.

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